Chapter 4

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Gregory gazed out the car window as he sat in the front seat next to Mila who was currently driving to some unknown destination. She still hadn't told Gregory where they were going and why but Gregory didn't question it as he knew that Mila had her reasons for not saying anything and he had a feeling he would find out where they were going soon enough. Gregory's assumptions were correct as Mila pulled the car into a fishing harbor and parked in the parking lot. Mila indicated for Gregory to follow her and he obeyed as the two got out of the car and Gregory followed Mila towards one of the docks. Mila led him onto the dock and stopped when they reached a certain large fishing boat.

"Fisk!" Mila called, "Fisk, where are ya?"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!" A male voice said from inside the cabin of the boat, "You're an impatient woman, you know that?"

"I know."

Within a few short moments, a man stepped out of the cabin of the boat and Gregory instantly knew this man was a fisherman as the man turned to Mila, "You always choose to come during my down time" the man, Fisk, said and he spotted Gregory, "Who's the kid?"

"This is Gregory" Mila replied, introducing Gregory, "His father is a business friend of my brother. They're here for a few days and I thought you'd like to show Gregory what it's like to be out in the ocean all day."

"Now why would he want to know about that?"

"Because he's made friends with Moana."

"Has he now?" Fisk then turned to Gregory who had remained silent throughout their whole conversation, not wanting to draw attention to himself. "This true, boy?"

"Uh… yes, sir." Gregory managed to reply.

"You're a lucky lad."

Gregory lightly nodded, not exactly liking the attention being drawn to him all of a sudden. Fisk turned back to Mila and began talking to her about some sort of arrangements and Gregory took the opportunity to glance around the area. Fishing boats came in and out of the harbor with fishermen hoping to either catch something or they were already bringing in their findings from earlier today. Nearby was a small patio diner serving mainly fish of course and Gregory could just smell the deep fried fish and burgers being cooked inside. Next to the restaurant was a fishing supplies shop selling from casual dock fishing with a fishing pole to equipment for fishing boats.

It was then that Gregory happened to spot a few people who looked slightly familiar to him somehow. He had no idea how but they just did. The people he had spotted were two men and one of them looked as if he had a headache judging by the way he was rubbing one of his temples with his hand and the other just looked about ready to take a much needed nap. Gregory watched the two men make their way through the harbor for a few moments before realizing whom the two men were. They were the same drunk and violent men from last night. Gregory kept a close eye on the two men as they made their way towards the diner and seated themselves down at an empty table. Gregory wanted so bad to know what the two men were talking about as it seemed to be important judging by their body language and the way they looked around once in awhile as if they were expecting somebody important to show.

Gregory was then suddenly brought out of his thoughts from Mila saying his name and he turned back to her.

"Gregory," Mila said, "I'm just going aboard for a few moments to help Fisk prepare for his departure. Wait out here I won't be long, take a look around if you like."

Gregory just simply nodded and Mila smiled at him as she climbed aboard Fisk's fishing boat and headed inside the boat's cabin while Fisk busied himself with a few tangled nets on deck. Gregory took the opportunity to hopefully get closer to the two men and maybe hear what they could possibly be talking about. He kept his eyes on the two men as he managed to keep to the sides without being noticed by the two men and he attempted to look casual as he neared them. Gregory spotted a menu board posted on the diner wall and Gregory pretended to read it and it was close enough to just barely hear the two men's conversation.

"… Be here any minute now I'm sure." The first man said.

"That's what you said ten minutes ago." The second man argued.

"It's not my fault he might be running late, he spent almost the whole night searching for those stupid creatures of his. Who knows when he could get here?"

"I could have spent the morning sleeping and getting over this damn hangover. Why did you let me drink so much?

"The drinking was your idea, I just came along for the ride. And I'm regretting it as we speak."

"Next time lets think this stuff through first before we plan on doing anything that involves beer."

Gregory almost felt as though this whole idea was stupid as there was nothing really interesting they were talking about. He considered just walking away and forgetting about it but just before he chose to do so, a third man walked into the harbor and headed straight for the two men, taking no notice to Gregory as he walked right past him.

"I se you two numb skulls made it here alive." The newly arrived man said.

Something was definitely familiar about seeing that guy but Gregory couldn't quite place it, as he hadn't been able to get a good look at the guy when he had walked by. Gregory wondered if he could somehow get a better look at the guy and he casually maneuvered around the diner so as not to get noticed by the three men. He was finally able to casually make his way around the diner and conceal himself behind a nearby wall close enough to where the three men were sitting.

"I see you two idiots were only able to do half of the job I assigned you to," the familiar third man said, "You almost could have caused my neck to be on the line for that."

"Give us a break, man" the second man replied, "You're having us help you search for fictional creatures."

"The correct term is 'vampire'."

That single word peaked Gregory's interest and he strained to listen in.

"Yeah, yeah, 'vampires'. Right," the second man said.

"I still don't understand why we're doing this," the first man began to argue, "How can you even think that vampires exist? 'Dracula' was just a story you know, not a piece of reality."

"You wish it was a story." The third man simply replied.

Gregory attempted to look around the corner to maybe sneak an undetected peek at the newly arrived man and he silently sighed in relief when he found that all three of them were angled with their sides facing Gregory. Gregory took the chance to try and look closely at the third man's face and he studied it as best as he could from the side. The man had shaggy looking dark brown hair and he looked like he hadn't properly showered in days. His clothes looked slightly tattered and his big black boots looked in a state of rough condition. Gregory noticed that when he spoke, he had somewhat of a Scottish accent and the familiarity of this man began to get clearer and clearer and Gregory wished he were having a nightmare.


What was Rookery doing in the Bahamas? He should be back in Scotland and in that mental institution where he had been placed some time after the ceremony of becoming human. Somebody must have let him out and there sure wasn't any family that Gregory knew of that Rookery had or would even think of letting him out of the institution. It was then that Rookery must have sensed he was being watched as he turned to face Gregory and Gregory quickly concealed himself behind the wall before Rookery could get the chance to see who it was. Gregory decided that now was probably a good time to get out of here as he spotted Mila beginning to step out of the boat and he quickly made his way over to the boat. Gregory sneaked a look over his shoulder and spotted Rookery just in time to see him turn the corner to where Gregory had been hiding. Unfortunately, Rookery looked up and spotted Gregory quickly walking away and Gregory turned back so as not to make eye contact with rookery as he finally neared the fishing boat.

Mila soon spotted him and she smiled as he approached, "I see you've been doing some sightseeing," Mila said, "Get a good look around?"

"Uh… yeah," Gregory replied as calmly as he could, "Yeah, this place is pretty cool."

"Well I'm glad you see it that way. Now c'mon and get aboard, times a wasting."

Gregory nodded as Mila stepped back onto the boat first and Gregory followed soon after. As Fisk began to maneuver the fishing boat out of the harbor, Gregory held onto a nearby pole for support as he glanced back at the docks only to wish he hadn't. Staring back at him was Rookery standing not too far from where the fishing boat was previously docked and Gregory silently gulped as the fishing boat finally made its way out of the harbor and out into the wide open sea.