Rukia's Pride

This was without a doubt the most painful experience Rukia had ever faced in her life. Hueco Mundo was nothing compared to this, she thought as a hiss slipped from between her grated teeth. She wanted to curse all men and most certainly the one who's very actions had landed her in this predicament! Oh, the pain easily be worth the product of her labor, but Rukia was too enveloped in sheer agony to comprehend much else at the moment.

Legs parted, she heaved another mighty push, only to fall back against her pillows and her husband's arm. Rukia was torn between the need for his comfort and the desire to pull his bottom lip over his entire head so that he too might experience her pain.

Another push came and went in the same fashion. Screams of death-like agony died on her lips, as she had not enough air to complete them.

A calloused and yet gentle hand grasped hers. She crushed the hell out of it. Still, he did not protest. He knew his young wife better than to speak at all during the next few moments. Only after the child's arrival would he be able to speak without fear of his life. Wisely, the worried and nervous man held his tongue.

Finally, the moment came. The child was born. Rukia's screams ended as the babe's crying began.

Rukia had previously believed that no person could ever be so alert and so exhausted at the same time, nor some complete… so entirely filled with joy and rapture in spite of such pain.

The child continued its healthy wails as Isane announced its gender.

"A boy!"

The true meaning of pride presented itself to Rukia in the form of that tiny male child. Briefly, she wondered how someone so small could cause so much pain. That thought was quickly dispensed by pure love as Isane placed the child in its mother's arms.

She could not help but marvel at the new life she held. The wonderful life they had created. He was truly an incarnation of their love; their bonds to each other made tangible.

Ever so lightly, Rukia brushed her fingertips over her son's soft, black hair, deeply enjoying her first chance to caress her son.

"He looks like you," the man whispered, pleased. Gingerly, he bend to kiss his newborn son's forehead, his lips stopping to brush against those of his wife as he stood once more.

The child quieted at his father's touch and the sound of his mother's gentle coo. He wiggled slightly against her bosom and stretched his tiny arms, opening his eyes to gaze at his new world in astonished wonder.

Rukia could not help but to smile even wider. Her son had his father's beautiful, misty, grey eyes.


I purposely didn't mention the father. Well, I haven't mentioned his name yet. I have given enough clues that you should be able to figure it out. :) I may continue this. I haven't decided yet. Please review and let me know what you think!