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Isabella stared disbelievingly at the scene before her: Baljeet standing with an all-powerful attitude over the apparently lifeless corpse of Ferb. Fragments of telekinetic creations, and shimmering patches of fire and scorch marks revealed that a battle between the two had most definitely taken place, and it made Isabella wary. Baljeet then noted her presence, and smiled in a strange, sadistically confident way. He turned into a cloud of dark swirling smoke, and rushed towards Isabella, appearing behind her. Isabella shuddered.
"My, my, my…" Baljeet practically hissed out, putting his hand on her shoulder with a dark chuckle, "What have we here?"
"What did you do to Ferb?" Isabella spat, shrugging off Baljeet's hand, and turning to face him. The two began to circle each other carefully, Isabella with a wary determined look and Baljeet with a look somewhere between deep interest, and mock seductive.
"Ah… come on now, Isabella, it is what Ferb did to himself, don't fall into the same trap he did. Not the same mistakes," Baljeet levitated a few inches and floated over to Isabella, putting his hands on both of her shoulders and looking deeply into her eyes.
"W-what mistakes?" Isabella asked, reaching into her pocket, where she felt a piece of flint and a piece of steel, ready.
"Getting in the way," Baljeet replied, looking over her cautiously. Isabella quickly stepped back in horror. She then withdrew the flint and steel, and struck them, creating a small spark. Her powers clutched the spark, and it burst into a flickering flame midair that rested on her open hand. The fireball then lunged at Baljeet, who leaped out of the way and somersaulted across the field, taking a more aggressive stance.
"That was a foolish mistake, my dear, now you are in the way…" Baljeet spat out, drawing out a deck of cards with a large golden eye on the back, and a myriad of smaller symbols on every one of them. They rose, and began to circle Baljeet like the rings of some mysterious planet as he rose high above the stadium, and faced Isabella with a determined look. Isabella quickly lifted her hand and a large pillar of stone rocketed her to the same level, followed by several decent sized hunks of turf and rock.
"Come on now, Isabella dear… You could always join me you know…" Baljeet said, examine his fingernails in a bored air as he droned onto Isabella. After ducked a flying rock, he merely shrugged, "Alright then. Pick a card!" The swarm of floating cards lunged at Isabella, who dived off of the pillar of stone and rolled back down to the ground on alternating gusts of wind. She snapped the flint and steel together, and struck a card that held curly, gold text with the word Effervo.
"Oh, nice choice, haven't gotten to use that one yet," Baljeet mused, opening his palm as the destroyed card rematerialized in his hand. He then crumpled it up in his hand, and when he opened it again, a swarm of several thousand furious wasps lunged itself at Isabella amid Baljeet's mad cackling.
"Ah!" Isabella screamed, lunging sideways to avoid the onslaught of wasps. Fire again flew forth from her hands as she began to fill the air with it, scorching down the insects in droves as they swarmed blindly around for her. Isabella then lifted both of her hands and used her powers to heave something heavy up from below the field.
One by one, all the sprinklers in the field began to burst open, spraying jets of water upwards and surrounding Baljeet in a massive bubble, which rapidly froze. Baljeet remained smiling with a cocky grin as his frozen form plummeted to the ground, and cratered the field. Isabella sighed and wiped sweat off her forehead before running over to the unconscious Phineas.
Then a ferocious cracking noise split across the arena, and the glass shattered in a fantastic display. Baljeet turned back into a furious storm of black smoke and rushed at Isabella under the cover of the shards of razor-sharp ice, slamming her into the bleachers with a mighty roar. Isabella stumbled, brightly colored stars popping in her vision. As she regained consciousness, Baljeet had withdrawn his wand with a darkly determined look.
"Stop getting in the way!" he shrieked, and began to crack swipe the wand towards her repeatedly. Lightning crackled and thunder roared forth from the wand, sending the bright blue-white bolts shrieking towards Isabella. A large rectangle of earth was called forth by Isabella, but it was shattered in an instant and thrust her back into the wall of the arena. Quickly, a gust of wind also then beat Baljeet back, giving Isabella time to breath.
The two combatants re-entered the field, breathing heavily. Both were incredibly exhausted by their over-use of their powers, but neither would give in. Isabella began to throw fireballs with increasing desperation, and Baljeet could only summon walls of dark energy to deflect them. After a bit of this lazy pace, Baljeet realized he had a trump card… or rather many of them.
Brandishing his card deck again, Baljeet floated into the air and floated amongst the swirling mix of cards, before choosing three of them and throwing them like shurikens at Isabella. She somersaulted out of the way, but it was useless; the cards were doing their job.
The firs impacted the ground and burst into a cloud of sleep-inducing gas, which appeared to have a mind of its own and rushed towards Isabella. As she became progressively intoxicated, another turned into sentient vines which began to wrap her up, ankles to shoulders. The final card transformed into a ransom note for some items Facilier and Baljeet required, and where to deliver them in return for the now unconscious Isabella. Smirking darkly, Baljeet lifted the limp form of Isabella, and shot out of the arena.

Phineas groaned, attempting to lift himself off of the hard floor. Two of his tentacles shot out and lifted his body for him, adjusting him into a sitting position.
What happened? Phineas thought to himself, rubbing his temples as he gazed around the room, his vision blurry for the moment.
A mechanical sounding voice spoke into his head: We were attacked, by a former friend of yours, Baljeet.
Thanks for the update, Phineas responded, jumping a little before remembering the tentacles had access to his thoughts, and you blacked out with me?
Unfortunately, we do not know the outcome, they responded. Phineas then stood of his own fruition, the back two tentacles providing support whilst the other two examined the room with him. Ferb lay unconscious on the ground as well, and he rushed over to his step-brother's form.
"Ferb? Ferb?" Phineas asked frantically, lightly slapping his brother. After no response, one of his tentacles lowered itself to his level.
Perhaps I can be of assistance… it said, and quickly the finger-like tips on it transformed into a small taser-like device. Ferb was quickly jolted awake by an electric shock, and looked around manically.
"Where is that little piece of…" said Ferb before he checked himself, quickly seeing the destroyed arena and the absence of Baljeet. He stood up, and frantically began to search around.
"What are you looking for?" Phineas asked the tentacles also examining Ferb's actions with immense curiosity.
"I saw someone right before Baljeet defeated me, I think it was Isabella," Ferb said. Suddenly, six of the spirit-like figures who originally had summoned the group to the school appeared, and using their own powers warped the pair into a large meeting room.
"The two of you are the only connection we have to this man," one of them said, his voice deep and thundering.
"For years now we have watched from the heavens as Dr. Facilier has recruited pawns in his games, but so far none of them have proved successful," another rumbled out.
"Yet it would appear this friend of yours has succeeding in kidnapping one of our students, it is imperative you get her back," the third spoke.
"Or what will happen?" Phineas asked, looking at the assembled men.
"She will become a sacrifice to the ancient spirits to the Egyptian gods, or as Facilier puts it, his friends on the other side," the fourth told Phineas.
"Do not think that we will send you there without help however, we do possess the ability to give others power," the fifth replied.
"In doing so, your friends will be at your side for the conflict," the final figure stated, and with a sudden flash of blinding light, a massive portal opened. Buford, Candace, Jeremy, and, much to the gang's dismay, Irving quickly rushed through. Buford was wearing what looked like a fully-body suit of armor that had a giant horn sticking out of the top. Candace did not look much different, though it was quickly explained she could turn invisible and summon force fields. Jeremy had the ability to turn into a ghost and had ecto-plasmid type abilities (A/N: Totally /not/ a Danny Phantom rip-off), and Irving could control all things electronic and shoot lighting out of his fingers. The gang quickly welcomed the new teammates, and turned as the guardians of the school resumed their talk.
"We can teleport you directly in front of Facilier's lair, but be warned, he and his two new apprentices will be await you," The first said.
"Wait, two?" Phineas asked, unsure he had heard correctly.
"He was able to convince my sister the joys of being an evil sorceress far outweighed normal life," Jeremy said, confused at this. Candace snorted, but only got an equally confused look from the rest of the group.
"That, and they have been very well trained at man's most moral vices and weaknesses, only if you are truly steadfast in your paths of righteousness will you even be able to make it through his twisted maze of traps and games," they all said in unison, "We trust you will be able to proceed however. BEGONE!" With another blinding flash of bright-blue light, the gang was teleported in front of an ancient cemetery. In the dead center there glowed entrance light by torches with an eerie purple flame. The gate to the cemetery creaked open, welcoming them. With one final nervous look, the group entered the maze to meet the first trial.

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