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I looked out my window as the plane was landing. I didn't want to get off. I was the last one to leave. I went through the small hallway, into the huge crowd. I was swept into a big bear hug. "Bella!" I looked up to see my brother Emmett. I smiled.

"Emmett, I can't breathe."

"Oops." He pulled away from me. I saw my dad, Charlie.

"Hey Dad."

He smiled. "I'm really glad to have you back kid." He pulled me into a hug too. We all climbed into his cruiser (he was Fork's chief of police) after getting my luggage. Before I knew it we arrived at the small house, I used to live in.

My room looked familiar. The walls still painted a deep purple. The only thing that has really changed was my bed and my desk.

I unpacked my things as I filled Charlie and Emmett in on my life, they filled me in on their's.

I enjoyed all their amusing stories. Especially one about teaching Emmett to drive. Charlie is afraid to be in the car with him now.

"So Emmett, how's college life?" I asked.

He looked uneasy all of a sudden. "Actually… Something came up… And…"

"Let me guess, you're failing." He shook his head. "You got kicked out?"

"Kind of close."

My eyes widened. "Dropped out?" He stayed still, I smacked him gently. "Emmett, mom's going to kill you!"

"Wait till you hear why he dropped out." My dad said bluntly.

"Why?" I scolded.

"Because I was bored." He said sheepishly.

I rolled my eyes. "You're retarded."

"You can't tell mom." He pleaded.

"When will you then?" I asked.

"When I come up with a better excuse for why I did it." I laughed.

"Fine, but you have to pay me fifty dollars if you want my to keep my mouth shut." I stuck my hand out. He shook it.


Today was my first day of school, and I was extremely nervous. I woke up to find Emmett watching the news in his boxers. I shielded my eyes. "Oh god! Cover up!" He flexed his muscles.

"See, I thought I looked pretty damn good."

"At least put pants on!" I yelled. He went up stairs and came back down in basketball shorts. I said silent thanks. I poured some cereal, and ate it. Then I headed out the door.

"Rock the school Bella!" Emmett shouted as I opened the door.

"Will do!" I shouted back.

I climbed into my truck. It was actually Billy's – one of Charlie's friends- but he gave it to me.

I pulled into the parking lot after a couple minutes. Everyone stared at me as I got out. I went into the office and got my schedule. In first period, a short girl with short hair that stuck out all of the place, came up to me. "Hi I'm Alice Cullen." She gave me a hug. I was a little surprised.


"You're new right?"

I nodded. "Yes." We exchanged classes, and found out we had all of them together except biology. I was glad I would have at least one friend. At lunch, she towed me by the arm, to a table where a blonde sat.

She introduced herself to me. "Hey, my name is Rosalie." She smiled. "You're Bella right?" I nodded.

"Yes." I felt my pocket vibrate, and I pulled my phone out. I got a text message from Emmett.

How's ur day so far?

"Ooo who's Emmett?" Alice said flirtatiously. I shrugged.

"Uh, my brother." I raised my eyebrows.

"Wait, Emmett Swan?" Rosalie asked.

"She's had a crush on him since sophomore year." Alice said quickly. Rosalie nudged her hard. "Ow!" She yelled.

"Speaking of crushes." Rosalie whispered. A boy with blonde hair, and who looked a lot like Rosalie sat down at the table. Alice blushed, and shot Rosalie a death glare. "This is Jasper." Another boy sat down, he was gorgeous. He had bronze tousled hair, and sparkling green eyes. "And Edward. Jasper is twin brother, and Edward is Alice's stepbrother." My gaze shifted back to Edward who was staring at me now. "This is Bella." She told them.

"Nice to meet you." Jasper said.

Edward shook my hand. "Hey."

"I still can't believe Emmett has a little sister. How come I've never seen you before?" Rosalie asked.

Everyone turned to me. "Well I just moved back here." They all looked confused. "A couple of years ago, my parents got a divorce, and Emmett stayed here to finish high school, and I moved with my mom. I decided to come live my dad again because my mom had to travel with her new husband."

"Oh." Alice said.

I noticed during the rest of lunch, different girls kept glaring at me. I tried to ignore them, but I couldn't.

Alice walked with me to Biology. I waved goodbye to her, when we got to the door. I walked in. "Hello Ms. Swan." The teacher boomed. I hurried on over to his desk, and I was given all the necessary papers. "You can sit down next to Mr. Cullen." I felt my heartbeat quicken.

Bella. You barely know him.

I looked around the room, and spotted Edward sitting at a lab table. I gathered my stuff, and walked towards him. He was talking to a girl named Jessica, in front of him. I felt my heart sink.

I sat down and he turned and smiled at me. Jessica grimaced. "Edward?" She called. He looked back at her.

"Sorry." He muttered.

"It's okay." She leaned in and kissed his cheek. I turned my head not wanting to intrude on their privacy. "Anyways so Angela likes Ben but.." I drowned her out.

The teacher started class, and we had to write notes, without talking. Jessica turned back in her seat, but not before glaring at me.

After class, I saw Rosalie down the hall waiting for me. I started making me way there, when I landed flat on my face. Immediately I heard Rosalie coming towards me. "Edward! You ass!" I stumbled to stand up. And saw Edward and Jessica and various other people laughing.

"Sorry." He laughed.

I couldn't believe he tripped me. I felt tears in my eyes. I started running down the hall

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