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I turned my head and looked out the window as I waited for an ultrasound technician to come in. A single tear rolled down my cheek.

"How can I be pregnant? I just took a test, it was negative. And I just had my period, that's impossible."

"You shouldn't rely on home pregnancy tests. They aren't always accurate. And if you are pregnant, that was the egg implanting itself into the uterus, not your period. And I'm pretty positive. Your cervix is plugged. But to be sure we'll take your blood and test your urine."

My heart lept as I realized I was pregnant with Edward's child.

"Isabella, they both show that you are indeed pregnant."

I took out my phone and went through my address book. I found Edward and pressed Send Message.

My fingers trembled.

I stared at the empty message for a couple seconds before exiting out of it. I couldn't tell him. What if Tanya is holding his phone when I text him, "I'm pregnant". What if I call him, and she listens in. It's better off I keep it a secret, for now. I was a mistake. Edward cheated on Tanya, this was never supposed to happen, so why tell him right now? Instead I dialed Emmett's phone number.

I waited through the rings for his voice.


"Congratulations." I murmured.

A pause. "What do you mean?" He asked.

My breathing hitched. "You're going to be an uncle."

"What?" He asked suddenly. "Bella, you don't mean? You're?"

I bit my lip, "Pregnant? Yeah, I am actually. Surprised?" I breathed in heavily, "So am I."

"I can't believe this, Bells." He said, stunned.

"Neither can I."

"Are you keeping it?"

"Of course." I murmured. "I'm going to take responsibility for what I did."

The technician walked in.

"Who's the lucky guy?"

I ignored him. "Listen, I gotta go. About to get an ultrasound. Only tell Dad, no one else. Send that message to him too. No one can know. I have to tell Rose and Alice first and then you guys can tell whoever you want. Love you bye." I hung up on him and slipped my phone back in my purse.

She instructs me to lift up my shirt, and I do. She squirts that gel stuff onto my abdomen. I shiver. "That's cold."

She laughs. "I hear that every single time. "

"There's your baby." She said sweetly.

I looked up at the screen and it looked like a little orb thing inside my uterus. "Wow." I gasped.

She nodded. "So this is your first?"

I nodded. "Wow." I repeated. "I can't believe there's a human, growing inside of me."

She laughed. "It's a weird thought to get through your head, isn't it? I found out I was pregnant just recently. Hmm, you seem to be about a month along too."

I smiled. I felt tears stinging in my eyes.

She turned off the machine and handed me a paper towel to wipe off my stomach.

"Thank you." I said.

She waved her hand. "No problem."

I walked out of the doctor's office and headed back home. I made it home faster and nearly ran in. I was about to explode, I needed to tell someone. Jasper was watching TV on the couch. I plopped down next to him.

"Hey Bella."

I brought my knees up to my chest. "Hey Jasper."

He eyed me. "Why so tense?"

I shrugged. "A lot on my mind." I hopped off the couch and started to pace the house. By the time I passed Jasper for the seventh time he jumped up.

"Bella, what's wrong?"

I glanced down at my stomach. "I can't tell you." I insisted.

"Come on, I won't tell Alice."

I sighed, "And Rosalie?" He nodded. "Pinky promise?" We shook pinkies. "I'm pregnant." I blurted out.

His jaw dropped. "What?"

I glared at him. "I think you heard what I said." I walked away and sat back down on the couch, a little relieved now that I told someone here.

He sat back down too. We both turned our attention to the TV as if the past half hour didn't happen.

Soon Alice and Rosalie came home with groceries.

They must have sensed my distress to because they both slowed as they saw me. I got up and helped them put away the food. They exchanged glances as we walked back into the living room.

I bit on a hangnail as my uneasiness grew. Rosalie and Alice wouldn't stop staring at me.

"How was your appointment?" Alice asked.

I looked at her. "Umm. Eventful. Hmm, surprising too."

She looked at Jasper, who I could tell was dying to exploit my secret. He looked over at me.

I buried my face in my hands and then got up. My ultrasound pictures were in my room, so I went to get them.

I pressed them to my chest as I sprinted back downstairs. I slowly approached Alice and Rose. I placed the pictures on the coffee table in front of them and then sat back down.

I watched the confusion on their face. They both looked up at me and then back at the picture, and then at my stomach, then they looked at each other.

"What is this?" Rosalie asked with a hint of hysteria in her voice.

I fumbled with my hands. "That's my baby."

A huge grin spread onto Alice's face before a squeal let out through the air.

"No way!" Rosalie exclaimed.

"Who's the father?" Alice asked curiously.

I wasn't prepared to answer that question. Alice caught me off guard. I faked a cough. "Uh one night stand. I let him know but he doesn't want to be a father, so I'm doing this by myself." I lied. Well the first part wasn't I lie. And well I was doing this by myself, so that wasn't a lie either. "It was this kid that was in one of my classes. We hooked up at the graduation party." I said softly.

"Bad girl, Bella!" Rosalie said surprised. "You never told us you slept with anyone!"

"You never asked." I simply said.

She jumped. "Oh Bella! The hospital called while you were off discovering you have a child burrowing into your uterus." I laughed into my hands. "We both got the job!"

She hugged me tightly. "You'll kill me and said child by keeping me from breathing." I joked. She let go and sat back down.

Jasper wrapped an arm around Alice. "You are going to stay here, right?" She asked nervously.

"Of course." I looked at each of their faces. "That is if you don't want some crabby pregnant woman waddling around the house for the next eight months and then a screaming baby after that-"

"We're not going to kick you out!" She shouted.

I laughed. "Good.

"So," Rosalie nudged me. "Are you excited?"

I looked sideways. "At first I wasn't. I was scared. But now that I know that I have a good support system and it hit me that I'm having a baby, I'm happy."

She smiled. "Now, the kid is going to call me aunt Rosie, right?"

I stood up and put my hands out in front of me. "I just told you I'm knocked up and your thinking about what it's going to call you?" I laughed as I climbed the stairs to my room. "If that's what you desire most, then sure."

The minute I collapsed onto my bed, my phone rang. I sighed and rolled over and brought it up to my ear.


"When were you planning on telling me yourself that you were pregnant?" Charlie asked.

"Oh hey, Dad. Nice to hear from you too. Oh, what that? How's London? Well, it's wet. It rains a lot, kind of like Forks, but it's amazing-"

"Hey Bella." He gruffly said.

I smiled. "Thank you. So now to answer your question, I just found out literally," I glanced at the time. "2 ½ hours ago. So I'm deeply sorry that calling you was high priority. Besides, you and Emmett were the first ones to know."

"But I had to hear from Emmett."

"But you knew." I yawned. "Dad, I'm really not in the mood to discuss the sea monkey growing me right now, so can I call you in the morning?"

"Yes, Bella." He laughed. "I love you."

"Love you too Dad. Bye" I hung up and then placed my phone on the mattress under me.

I laid back down on my back and pulled up my shirt. I stared at my stomach for a couple minutes and then I started to rub it.

"Wow." I murmured.

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