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Chapter 1

Black wings beat soundlessly through the forest. Dark scales seemed to suck in the light from the moon. Leaves rustled as the beast flew by and creatures of the forest scattered. Fear scent streaked through the forest in the beast's wake as it hurtled through the leaves. Another form tackled it from the air.

The beast growled, turning into a roar as it fought back valiantly. Claws slashed and teeth dug themselves into hard scales as the two fought. Blood flew from fast healing wounds until the black beast knocked it's attacker out. With a flip of its tail, it was hurtling through the trees once again. Gaining speed, it broke through the trees.

Out in the open now, it searched wildly for a place to hide. Light met its dark eyes as it spotted its target in the distance. Snapping its wings out, the beast slithered its way close to the ground and slipped into the den. Suddenly the lights went out and the beast was thrown into darkness.

"Goodnight everyone, I'll see you in the morning." A voice called out in the darkness as the escape route was closed. The beast could feel others around it, could feel their curiosity and smell their fear. He backed himself into a corner and coiled in on himself, sharp scales protruding out to protect his soft belly.

Hopefully his Beta would solve the conflicts in the forest and he could return to his rightful place as the forest king. However, things didn't seem likely. As they were now, he had no clue where he was nor if he was trapped. The other creatures like himself around him had calmed and fallen asleep like it was ordinary. Was it? Where was he? He'd have to see when the first rays of light fell through… if they did.

For now, he slept and hoped that this was all a dream.

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