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Chapter 23




A light tapping sounded on hard shell. The instinct to be free was overpowering. For weeks, he had been cuddled in here and only now did it feel like a prison. His need for freedom burned in his belly and surged through his veins.

He. Wanted. Out.


"That's it." A soothing voice cooed from the outside world. Encouraged by the sound, he beat his head against the shell, making the crack grow. One more strike and the shell flew apart, opening him to the outside world.

The outside world was bright.

A dark shadow covered his face as something soft rubbed off the sticky liquid that covered his scales.

"That makes four, Turia!" the voice said, keeping the cloth covering his eyes. "You must be a proud mother."

My darlings. My sweet, sweet darlings. A louder, yet softer voice cooed. That voice sounded more familiar.

Shaking his head, he tried to rid himself of the cloth, but was met with resistance.

"No, no, little one! I don't want you bonding to me! Just hold on a second!" Then he was being picked up and turned. The cloth fell away and he blinked his eyes at the sudden brightness again. Colors swirled in his vision, slowly coming together to paint a picture of his new world.


Bright, vibrant blue.

Up and up and up and-!

He let out a small squeak as his eyes met those of the Blue. Fear filled him, but when the eyes softened, he felt instant kinship with the Blue. No, not kinship.

Momma! He squeaked, struggling in this stranger's hold. The stranger let go easily enough and he waddled over to his mother, legs still unsteady and tail dragging behind him. When he finally made it to his mother, three other heads popped out from behind her leg.

The new faces startled him. Who were they? Why were they near his mother? Now they were between them! He didn't want to be separated from his mother!

Brother! Brother! They chirped and danced around him, confusing him beyond knowing. With fearful eyes, he watched them, following them as they spun around him. What was a brother? Why were they chanting it? Was it his name?

Hush, little ones. His mother shushed. He is still new and you are scaring him. Akae, remember when you first came out? How everything seemed so bright and scary?

Sorry mother… the red one stopped, plopping down on her haunches, her head lowered. I'm just so happy! He finally hatched!

Yes, we are all happy, little one. Your father and I and Violette and Morado all are, yet you don't see us dancing around, do you? His mother reasoned.

Well… Akae looked to her other two siblings who were staring and prodding at the runt of the litter.

Violette! Morado! Turia snapped. Stop poking your brother!

Yes mother! They chimed; running back behind her tail. Their scales shimmered brightly as they ran through a patch of sunshine. Pale lavender and dark violet wove together as they raced each other and tackled their mother's tail.

Come here, little one. Turia said, gently scooting the new dragon to her side. Their identical blue scales made him almost disappear against her skin. The best camouflage for the runt of the litter.

"So what are you going to name him?" The voice asked again.

Curious, the little dragon looked over to its source. This owner looked nothing like them, standing on two legs and missing a tail and wings. Yet he felt a similar kinship with this one as he did with his mother and…siblings?

Who was this being?

Azurae. Turia answered softly. His name shall be Azurae.

"That's a nice name." the being bared its teeth, but it didn't seem to be mad. "I'm sure he'll grow up to be a wonderful dragon."

Be sure to visit soon, Yugi. Turia ordered. I don't want my kits growing up without meeting the reason they were allowed to live in the first place.

"I will, Turia. I will." The being laughed, a sound that warmed Azurae's heart. Turning to another being like itself, it spoke again. "That's what a 'birthing' is like, Joey. There's not much to do in the form of labor, but you absolutely have to keep them from seeing anyone or anything but their mother. Don't even let them see the father if you can help it!"

"It's cause of th'First Bond, right Yug'?" asked the other being, one that Azurae did not feel a kinship to, but which seemed nice enough.

"Exactly. You must have been reading Grampa's book!"

"Nah, I only heard ya say it like fifty times dis week." The one with brighter hair said, causing the first to pump a paw into his shoulder. "Hey! No abusin' th'new farmer!"

"Speaking of abusive relationships, where's Seto?" the first being asked.

"Hey! I do not abuse him!" A third being burst in angrily, the barn doors swinging wide. Though the roar scared Azurae, he felt more attachment to this being than even the first. What was it about these creatures?

"I didn't say you did." The first said. "I was speaking more of the opposite."


"…It's true." The third said.

"You. Take. That. Back!" the second growled, holding up a balled paw.

"Ah! Don't hit me!" the third cowered, covering his head.

Never thought I'd see the day when Seto cowered from any creature, human or dragon. A pure black dragon commented as it waltzed through the door. Azurae's heart perked. Was this his father?

Yet the black dragon paid him no attention. In fact, it was almost like it was ignoring him on purpose. His heart drooped until another dragon, a bright red color, raced in and rushed to his mother's side. Immediately, the two touched noses and the red lowered his head, taking in Azurae's features with pride.

Daddy! Azurae squeaked with utmost certainty.

Little one, my son. His father said with a sense of pride and finality that made Azurae's heart leap with joy. But it couldn't keep him from paying attention to the beings' conversation.

"I'm not cowering!"

Hiding behind your hands?

"Human skin is delicate." The third being winced, "And Joey hits hard."

Of course, that's it. The black dragon turned his attention onto the smallest being with a look of pure affection. Are you ready, Yugi?

"Almost Yami." The being smiled, "Let me finish saying good-bye."

I'll be waiting outside. With that, the dragon turned and left.

Momma? Azurae looked up with wide blue eyes. Who was that?

That, my son, is the king of the forest. He is the ruler of this land. When you grow up, you will see him more often. His mother answered. He is a great dragon. He fought for us and for our friend long before you were born. There is no greater dragon to be king.

Awed into silence, the kit watched as the beings continued to talk.

"So yer finally goin' t'claim yer throne?" the second asked.

"More like help Yami claim it, but yeah, I guess." The first wasn't looking at the others as he spoke. Instead, his eyes trailed over his surroundings, as if to commit them to memory.

"Finally realized he was courtin' ya?"

"… Maybe."

"Realized? You mean, for the past month, you didn't know?!" the third looked shocked. "Aria was supposed to tell you!"

"Well, she's been rather caught up with Regis lately, so I wouldn't put it past her to forget." The first said, waving to a set of two dragons that weren't quite full grown, but were far bigger than Azurae.

"Yeah, forget."

"Hey! No raggin' on th'dragons!"

"I'm just saying! She doesn't seem to like any of us too much!"

"You want me t'punch ya?"

"… I'll be quiet."

"Dat's what I t'ought." The second addressed the first again. "Yer still gonna come by, right Yug'?"

"Of course, Joe! I won't just disappear off the face of the earth!" the first turned back and smiled brightly. "It will just be a while. Probably some kingly duty or some royal stuff that 'tradition' demands, but other than that I'll be back before you know it!"

"Good.'Cause even with Gramps' book an' yer teachin', I have a feelin' I'm gonna struggle."

"What about me?!"

"Seto, ya' barely walk as a human as it is."

"… Touché."

The first laughed at the two's antics before walking over to the barn doors. "All right you two; it's time to leave the new family alone. They've been waiting for some peace and quiet for a while now."

Grumbling, the two beings walked out the doors, still bickering as they went. Now alone, the first being turned back with a content smile and waved. Then with a flash of light, he morphed, white scales breaking out from his skin and a tail springing forth as a set of beautiful wings unfurled.

Azurae stared in awe at the most beautiful white dragon he had ever seen.

Then the dragon was gone, taking off into the sky and calling to the forest king.

Momma! Who was that?!

He, my child, is the reason we are here in the safety and shelter of our home. He is the reason that we are able to find solace even as outcasts from our clans. He is who we fought tooth and nail for and who is now going on to lead the life that was meant for him. He is the last white dragon the world has ever seen.

Wow… Azurae continued to stare after them for several minutes before his eyes started to droop and he yawned loudly. Breaking out of a shell was tough work! He was so tired; he might just fall asleep right then and there!

Time for bed, little ones. His mother called, gathering his siblings up in a group with her tail.

Aw, can we have a story first, Momma? Violette whined.

Yeah! A story! Morado readily agreed, hopping on his back feet and pawing at the air.

Oh all right. His mother and father laughed. What story would you like?

The story of the White Heir and his Black Knight! Aka shouted immediately, her siblings echoing her choice.

Fine, now settle down and I will begin. Quickly, they were all settled into a small huddle, waiting as she began the story in a musical voice. Once upon a time, in a faraway place, there was a dragon of pure white that loved a dragon the color of the darkest night…

The End

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