"Can't Stop"

Summary: As things begin to heat up between Adam and Bianca they struggle to make sense of their attraction, while others begin to catch on. (Bianca/Adam pairing. Eli/Clare/Drew POVs)

Author's Note: This is a sequel to "Losing My Favorite Game". This story has multiple points of view.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Degrassi! (I'm not even Canadian…)


Bianca's POV –

Adam Torres. If you told me two days ago that I'd kiss him, I would have laughed and thrown a bitchy comment your way. I hated him. That freak. He was a liar and I never understood why he was so calm, even when I tried my hardest to break him.

Fixation lends itself to attraction. And attraction can quickly become obsession. Now I can't get Torres out of my head.

As I walk down the hall I'm untouchable. I am cold. I am feared. I am in my element. No one else knows that inside I'm bouncing off the walls. Last night we slept together. It was unexpected and inevitable at the same time. It was also the best sexual experience I've ever had.

When I turn the corridor I see him at his locker. He is alone and once again I debate talking to him. His eyes fall on me and I can see his appreciative gaze. 'He's checking me out,' I realize.

A smirk slides onto my face as I draw closer. I don't understand why we're drawn to each other, but for now I'm not concerned with figuring it out.

We lock eyes and my heart beats faster.

"Freak," rolls of my tongue when he's in earshot. It lacks its previous malice and I can tell that Adam picked up on my playful tone. As I pass him, I reach out and push his shoulder. It's a light touch, which is more of a caress.

Adam plays it off like I used more force than I did. I can feel his eyes on me as I continue down the hall.

Adam's POV –

I couldn't pry my eyes off of Bianca DeSousa if I tried. I can still feel the warmth of her hand where she touched my shoulder. I have a light feeling in my stomach as I realize she stills desires me and that yesterday was no aberration. I wonder how long she has felt this way.

In the past 48 hours my whole world flipped on its head. One minute Bianca and I were enemies, the next we were making out like our lives depend on it. I can barely comprehend that this is the same girl who screamed at me, "Touch me again and I'll kill you" after learning I am transgendered. She took me home and let me touch her all over. And she touched me too.

"Adam!" I hear from me behind me. I force the memories of yesterday out of my mind.

I turn and am face to face with my closest friends, Eli Goldsworthy and Clare Edwards. I can detect a slight frown on his face. Clare's eyes are following the retreating figure I had been intently watching.

"Hey guys," I say in cheery tone hoping to avoid any questions. I'm not in the mood for an interrogation, not when I'm feeling so good.

"Seriously, dude?" Eli questions.

I close my locker with a little more force than I intended. "What?"

Clare's POV –

I look at Adam with concern. I'm not stupid. I can tell something is going on with Bianca. After all, I saw them together two days ago. The image of Adam and Bianca furiously kissing is burned into mind.

"How can you like someone who insults you?" I hear Eli ask. "Even after you kissed," he adds lowering his voice.

Adam flinches. "Look, I know you guys are looking out for me, but you don't understand," he starts.

"Then explain it to us," I counter. He looks taken aback.

"Please guys, just drop it," he pleads. "I've got to go to class. Catch up with you later."

Eli and I stand there for a few seconds, watching him go.

"We've got to do something," Eli tells me as we hurry to science class. "Bianca is bad news and he's only going to get hurt."

"I know." I frown as I try to think of what we can do to help our friend.


Adam's POV –

For the first time in ages, I am looking forward to Fourth period. When I enter the room for Remedial Gym everyone is there and already breaking into groups.

"Mr. Torres," the ballroom instructor says marking down my attendance. "Please find a partner. We have an even number of students today." I nod and look around the room, not daring to make eye contact with Bianca. To my surprise she walks up to me.

"Let's give this thing a try," she says.

I gape at her in confusion. I fully expected to sit on the bleachers, watching everyone else dance. The last time a male student was absent his partner, Kelby Jennings, refused to dance with me. She acted annoyed any time my eyes fell in her direction.

"Are you sure?" I ask. My voice came out higher than I wanted.

She looks at Kelby who is chatting with a tall blond guy. "My partner has two left feet. Her partner dropped this class, so I offered to switch. Despite everything you're a much better dancer," she says in a neutral tone.

"Okay, I guess," I concede.

Bianca's POV –

I bite my lip to hide my smile as Adam agrees to dance with me. My outward demeanor is nonchalant and he plays along, as to not give us away. I stare at him for a few seconds, anticipating the feel of his skin.

"Alright, everyone take your positions!" our instructor orders.

Adam gently takes my hand in his. His other hand finds its way to the small of my back. I let out a little sigh and redouble my efforts to concentrate on my breathing and executing the steps properly.

He is smirking a little. When I raise my eyes to his, they are so intense that I look away. I know what we are both thinking about at the moment. The lowered lights remind me of my bedroom. I wish that we were alone so I could rip his clothes off. I know Adam isn't comfortable being fully naked, but I'd settle for as much skin to skin contact as possible. I catch my wandering thoughts and focus on the present. It's then that I realize how safe I feel in his arms.



A/N: Let me know what you think. This is the first time I have multiple first person POVs going on. Does it work?

Also, unlike my other stories this a work-in-progress. Still writing it, but I have confidence I can update it in a timely fashion!