"Can't Stop" – Part 18

Summary and additional notes in part 1.

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Adam's POV –

We're back in her car for all of five seconds before she crashes her lips on mine. We're not far from the Dot so making out here isn't smart but the urgency to explore her mouth with my tongue wins out. I pull her closer and work my hand under her coat. It's awkward in the car due to the confined space, but I pull the zipper down so I can fondle her breasts. Bianca moans into my mouth and desire courses through me.

I am in a daze when she pulls away several minutes later.

"What time do you have to head back home?" she asks breathlessly.

I blink a few times as I try to remember. "Around six."

She glances at the clock in the dashboard. It's 5:26pm. "We could make it quick," she says. She leans in for another kiss and I hungrily capture her mouth.

Bianca's POV –

I knew I should have placed the car into drive, but what we were doing felt too damn good. The feel of his lips on my skin. Slow lingering kisses, building to frenzied ones full of need. Hands working around and under fabric to explore, to titillate, and pleasure.

I'm not sure how much time has passed as I throw my head back. Adam is kissing my neck. One of his hands is wrapped around my waist, steadying me. The other is massaging my bare breast. He rocks forward and moans. I have one hand down his pants. I feel the wetness as I tease him through his boxers. His response is intoxicating.

"Do you want to finish in your room or here?" he whispers into my ear. His voice is thick with desire and sends shivers down my spine.

My rational mind says we should head back to my house. Hooking up outside is majorly risky. Our saving grace this time has been the foggy windows and the fact that the sun has already gone down. Still, part of me wants to say 'fuck it' and keep going. I bite my lip and dare to glance at the clock.

"Fuck!" I exclaim aloud.

Adam jumps a little. He quickly brings his eyes to mine. "What is it?"

I soften a little, seeing the concern in his eyes. "What time did you need to be home by?"

His eyes dart to the clock. "Fuck!" he shouts. I shoot him a worried look.

"If we leave now I can get you there in ten minutes," I offer. We're not that far from Degrassi.

He moves back to his seat and sits up. "Yeah, let's do that," he says and runs a hand through his hair. This action causes me to laugh. His hair is completely disheveled and that won't cut it.

He gives me a look.

"Sorry," I say quickly. It's an empty apology because I'm still grinning ear to ear.

Adam rolls his eyes before cracking a small smile.

Adam's POV –

We're lost in our own thoughts as we turn onto my street. I think we did pretty good on time, well after we stopped going at it. It didn't take us long to adjust our clothes. Bianca let me use her comb to fix my hair. However, the mirror was kind of hard to see in the low light so she did it for me. My ears still feel tingly from where her fingers brushed against my skin.

I turn to look at her. She glances my way.

"What?" she asks.

My grin widens a bit. "Sorry we didn't get to finish."

She keeps her eyes on the road but I see her smirk. "Yeah, me too."

"Well, there's always tomorrow," I say. I'm pushing it, but nothing lights me on fire like the feel of her hands on me as I'm exploring her.

"Can't," she says quickly.

My shoulders sag a little. She doesn't offer me an explanation so I don't push for one.

Bianca's POV –

I can feel the mood shift from playful and flirty to cold and distant. Internally I debate whether or not to tell him about the family dinner Jase has roped me into. Ultimately I decide against it. I don't want to come off as weak or needy.

"Are you free Friday?" I ask.

He looks up surprised but quickly switches to neutral expression. Either way I can tell he was stunned by my question. I'm feeling bold enough not to care.

Adam's POV –

Did she just ask me that? Friday night people are usually off partying or on a date. I blink and concentrate on an answer that is relaxed and confident. After a few seconds I'm aware that I still haven't answered her question. 'Fuck it,' I think.

"Yeah," I tell her, fighting the urge to wince.

"Cool," she says nonchalantly. She places the car into park. I look up startled to see we're in front of my house.

"Than—" I don't get to finish because she cuts me off.

"My family is going to be out of town," she says while looking into my eyes. "Including Jase. Why don't you stop by?"

I blink a few times before recovering. "Sure," I tell her.

Drew's POV –

Adam's late and I get garbage duty. How is this fair? I sigh heavily as I struggle out the door with two large trash bags.

"Crap, crap!" I mutter as I realize I left the recycling bag. I decide to head out anyway and am met with a strange sight.

I stop short at the door. Why is Bianca's car outside our house? I narrow my eyes as I study the occupants. The engine isn't running but Adam hasn't gotten out yet. He and Bianca appear to be talking.

It bugs me how friendly those two have gotten. After all the shit she's done that girl doesn't deserve forgiveness. Especially from Adam.

I sigh again. Adam is too trusting of people. It's gotten him into trouble many times. Just earlier in the semester he befriended Fitz for awhile! Anyone could have seen it was a bad idea from miles away, but my brother gave him the benefit of the doubt anyway. Bianca rejected him cruelly and caused him much public humiliation! Yet I see them talk in the halls. Exchange smiles. The past few weeks have been too bizarre. I can't wait until their project is done and life can get back to normal.

"Andrew!" I hear. I instantly grimace.

Adam's POV –

Bianca's smiling at me and I'm smiling back. I want to kiss her one last time before we go, but suddenly I hear my mom. I turn to the window and see her talking to Drew on the front steps.

"Shit!" I mutter.

Bianca laughs. "That was close," she observes. She turns away from me and opens her door. I stare at her like she has two heads. "Come on, let's go!"

She exits and I have no choice by to open my door and follow. When I step out of the car both Drew and my mom are on the front steps looking at me and Bianca.

"Adam, you're late," my mom says as I walk closer.

"Sorry ma'am. I'm afraid I'm to blame," Bianca says.

I fight the temptation to throw her a questioning look. My mom regards her curiously for a moment.

"And you are?" she asks. My ears perk up. I noticed there was no attitude in her voice. She sounded almost… polite.

Bianca smiles at my mom sweetly. "My name is Bianca DeSousa. I am Adam's dance partner for class."

Drew is openly glaring at her. Luckily he is standing behind our mom and she doesn't notice.

A flicker of recognition passes across my mom's face. "Oh, it's nice to finally meet you. I know that Adam has been working hard on this project."

Bianca softly laughs. Oh, the irony. "Yes. It's been a lot of work but I think we came up with pretty good routine. Adam is an excellent dancer."

She briefly looks at me and smiles. Her double meaning is not lost on me.

"That's wonderful to hear," my mom says oblivious.

"I had some errands and Adam was gracious enough to wait for me," Bianca tells her.

My mom looks at me. "That was nice of him." It's weird because I know she's actually being sincere.

"Well, I don't want to hold you up. I need to get going so I can help my mom with dinner," Bianca says. Drew rolls his eyes.

"Right, it's getting late. It was nice to meet you, Bianca," my mom says. "Let's head inside boys."

Bianca turns back towards her car. "See you in school tomorrow, Adam." Her eyes twinkle with amusement and I can tell she's laughing inside.

"Likewise. Get home safe!" I say sweetly, playing along. As I walk up the steps I see Drew standing by the door frowning.

"What the hell was that?" he spits out.

I laugh and shrug. "Lighten up, Drew!" I clap him on the shoulder and then continue inside.