"Will it make me feel old and uncomfortable?"

It's his way of breaking into a conversation he knows is going to be deep and serious. And he's right. She is scared, absolutely terrified of the very prospect of being new caretaker. And she should be. It's a serious, important job, enough responsibility to scare any nineteen- year-old. But she's not any nineteen-year -old. She dealt through more when she was seven then people go through in their entire life times. Then she went through such a dysfunctional childhood it would have turned any one else to crime, to the streets or to a psych ward for a more permanent stay. She also had pulled her brother back from a different dimension, and enlisted his help by hacking into one of the most secure networks in the world. She had stepped up when Mrs. Fredric was moments from death, willing to shoulder the responsibility that would have sent others running. A very impressive resume for a nineteen year. But she's still only nineteen, and she's scared. She's looking at him for an answer and comfort, the way a daughter would look to a father. It makes him sick that he will have to lie. So he goes off on some tangent that would have made Myka proud, ranting about how she will be able to make her own decisions, and how he will make sure of it. And she believes him; she happily gives him a hug, relieved that the imposing horrors will not happen. But he feels like a fraud, promising something he can't give. It's Joshua's death all over again, promising her it will be alright when it won't be. But as he watches her leave he knows she'll be ready when the time comes. She may not think so but she's ready now. And when he thinks about it, he's not ready either.

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