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Chapter One

"Good morning class!" the teacher at the front of the classroom exclaimed.

"Good morning Mrs. Granger." the class said blandly.

"I can't believe they made your mom a teacher!" Ron whispered to Hermione in utter disbelief. Sure there weren't many teachers left but she's not at all magical! He just couldn't get it through his thick head.

"Well it is muggle studies! Emphasis on the muggle." Hermione said with a roll of her eyes. Harry chuckled.

"Yeah but still…" Ron argued weakly, "It's just weird!"

"HEY! No talking back there!" Mrs. Granger yelled, "Now as I was saying,

"This year we were lucky enough to get enough cell phones and laptops for the whole class!" Mrs. Granger exclaimed with an energetic smile. Then Goyle raised his hand.

You may be wondering why a pureblood was taking muggle studies. The answer is to prevent another blood prejudice Voldemort. If you teach them about other cultures you don't really have to worry about it too much.

"Yes?" The perky teacher asked.

"What the bloody hell is a seel-foone?" he asked with a frown.

"Young man!" Mrs. Granger exclaimed, "We do not use that language in this class! 20 points from Slytherin!" Then her expression softened, "Its pronounced cell phone." When she saw the confused expression on most of the class's faces she explained, "A cell phone is like an owl only the message is instant and you don't write it you speak it into the phone and it comes out a different phone."

The class gaped at her (not including Hermione, Harry, and Ron). They were shocked that such a thing existed and they didn't know about it. Hermione sighed. Her class could be so clueless! Harry and Ron were laughing.

"I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't laugh!" Mrs. Granger said. Harry and Ron were immediately quite, knowing that if they got in trouble with her mom, Hermione would give them a long winded lecture later.

"That's better. Now we will be using the laptops in class for a couple months or a couple weeks. It depends on my mood and your behavior." She pointedly glared at Goyle. He scowled. Why were teachers always picking on him?

"We will be partnered up when we are using the laptops like we are today. Ok the pairs are Ron and Hermione," Hermione rolled her eyes looks like she would be doing all the work.

"Harry and Ginny," she continued. Ginny blew a kiss to Harry. He blushed.

After a few minutes of naming partners she came to the last names.

"and Pansy and Draco." She finished.

"I can't work with her! I'll end up doing all the work because she'll be too busy drooling over me. Which is understandable because I am good looking." Draco sneered.

"I would no-" Pansy argued but then realized the truth. "Ok maybe I would…" she trailed off.

"Ok then I'll partner you with someone who won't be distracted by," she paused, clearly not believing this would happen even if he did look good, "your umm looks.

"Hermione, I'm sorry sweetie but I know you're not fond of him so you won't…drool as he puts it, so your new partner is Draco and Pansy you get…whoever Hermione was with."

Pansy pouted. Why did Drakey have to butt in and put her with a stupid weasel?

Draco looked just as upset but at least he wasn't with that leech any more. Now he was with the bush haired freak. Oh joy. He thought sarcastically.

"Now in the pairs," Mrs. Granger continued. "I want one partner to get 2 cell phones from the table over there." She pointed to a table full of shiny rectangle with curved edges and screen to her left, "and the other partner to get 2 laptops from the table over there." She indicated to a table full of big shiny rectangles.

Hermione glanced over at Draco. He met her gaze with a glare and then abruptly got up and headed toward the cell phones. Hermione rolled her eyes. Typical Malfoy, leave her with the heavy objects.

"After you have your things I want you to take a seat. The seat you sit at will be your assigned seat for the rest of the school year." she said.

Draco had already taken a seat at the back of the classroom and was staring at the wall obviously thinking. Hermione sighed and sat next to him.

"Usually in class we will only use one laptop per group but while you're learning and getting set up you will each use a laptop.

"Now I want you to open your computers and turn them on by pressing the button at the top of the base of the computer that's all alone." When everyone was done with that she said, "Use the touch pad at the bottom of the computer to move the mouse whi-"

"MOUSE!" Lavender screeched in horror.

"Ms. Brown calm down!" Mrs. Granger told the now hyperventilating young girl. "There are no mice. The mouse I am talking about is the white arrow thing on your screen."

Lavender's eyes glazed over as she processed this. "Oh…" she said slowly and looked awfully embarrassed afterward.

Draco snickered. "Just how stupid are muggles? That looks nothing like a mouse." He whispered and waited for the snicker he was sure that would come from his friend next to him. Except he forgot Granger was next to him. He turned to see what was keeping the laugh only to be met by Hermione's cold glare. Draco turned back again and pretended to be busy waiting for what the teacher had to say next.

Hermione sighed. It wasn't the most reasonable thing muggles had named.

Once Mrs. Granger was done checking to make sure everyone was done with the task she moved back to the front of the room. "Do you all see the icon that says internet?" she asked. Everyone nodded. "Good, now double click it."

Lavender shrieked yet again.

"Ms. Brown we're not on a roller coaster so I would very much appreciate it if you would stop screaming!" Mrs. Granger said as calmly as she could but a scowl was still placed on her face. "Now what is it?"

"The computer broke!" she wailed, disregarding what her teacher just said. "Something popped up!"

"40 points from Gryffindor and if you yell again it will be double that amount." Mrs. Granger yelled.

Many Gryffindors shot her dirty looks. Malfoy snickered, Hermione shot him a glare. If looks could kill he'd be dead right now.

"The internet popped up." Mrs. Granger explained when she had calmed down enough. "Ok, class is almost over so turn off your computers and get your stuff together. Tonight I want you to surf the web. No not literally just explore the possibilities."

"Oh this is great!" Hermione said to herself, "Now have a reason to go on to !" She smiled dreamily thinking of all the stories she'll read.

Draco grinned. One less thing to search for. Hmmm…interesting name…


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