A/N: Cute oneshot on Nagi's feelings about Rima when they are finally in high school together. I do not own anything. :)

a n g e l;

"I should have been more careful. I was blinded by your halo, so I never noticed the horns." - Anonymous.

I always looked at her from beyond, just watching as she grew. No, I wasn't some kind of stalker or creepy person. We just grew up together, that's all. Yet through the years, our relationship changed so much. We were both changing like a sprouting cherry blossom. She changed as well I.

Her golden eyes were heavenly just to stare into. The way they would gleam when something good happened or when they bursted with excitement when she is around Amu. You could instantly get lost into them.

Her petiteness was still the same even if she grew. Just watching her develop into an enchanting young lady was mesmerizing. I just wanted to embrace it all, even if I can't.

More importantly, it is her smile that inspires me. Everytime I dance I would think of her lovely smile. I find it rather appealing and comforting.

It is her attitude that gets to me but I can see right through it. I see the way she fake cries or when she pouts. Her innocent glares and words may take an effect on the outside but on the inside, it is nothing. I am just so blinded by her radiance.

No, I am not a lovestruck fool like her fanboys. I am more of an admirer from afar. . .

Even when she speaks my name now in high school, I seem to blush and shout on the inside. I do not know why.

She is like an angel that shines in my life yet if I am not careful, then she might take her horns out and hurt me.

So, why must it be her?

Why am I starting to fall head over heels for this girl?

Why must she make me feel this way now?

I knew she hated me once and probably still does but we handle it. We are on a basic friendship level but lately I have no clue.

Either way, if only she knew. . .

No matter how much she hated me in the past, I wouldn't change it any other way.


Well, let's just say that Rima-chan is my angel sent from above.