"Chrono, just scoot a little closer... a little bit more..." Rosette instructed. She stretched her arm up, holding the feather duster above her head, and began to carefully dust the next shelf of valuable items. Her feet, precariously perched on Chrono's shoulders, shifted slightly as she dusted. She finished with that shelf and reached for the next, but as hard as she stretched, it was still too high.

"Nani?" She shouted. "Ugh, Chrono, why are you so short?" Stand on your toes!"

"Rosette..." Chrono moaned, trying to keep his legs steady underneath him. "Why don't you get a ladder? I'm going to fall..." Rosette put one hand on her hip and tugged on Chrono's purple hair with her other hand.

"C'mon Chrono, it's the last shelf. Sister Kate said we could leave after this."

"She doesn't even know I'm helping you," Chrono said uneasily, his ruby eyes doubtfully looking up at the Sister. "This was your punishment for crashing the car again." In response, Rosette leaned down and smacked him on the head with the feather duster. The action caused her to sway and she grabbed a chunk of his hair to get her balance back. Chrono winced. After tugging unmercifully on the purple locks, she steadied and straightened up again.

"Please just stand on your toes!" Sighing, Chrono grabbed her wobbly ankles for support and tried to make himself as tall as possible. His legs trembled under their combined weight.

"Almost there..." The duster lightly touched a fragile glass vase; Rosette leaned closer.

"Rosette..." Chrono began nervously, trying hard to keep his feet planted.

"So close... Geez, can't you get a little higher Chrno? Almos - Eep!

"Rosette!" Chrno cried. The demon lost his balance and let go of Rosette's legs. For a moment, he flailed his arms and tried to to regain stable ground, but with Rosette tottering on his shoulders it was a losing battle. He crashed to the floor and Rosette came down painfully on top of him. The feather duster had flown from her hand and knocked off the glass vase, sending it to the floor where it shattered in thousands of pieces.

Rosette opened her eyes and found herself looking straight into Chrono's startled dark vermilion eyes. A pink tinge spread across her face, and she found herself frozen - for what reason she didn't know. She saw a small smile lift Chrono's lips and, suddenly realizing how close she was to him, she leapt off immediately. She held out her hand and Chrono gratefully took it.

Once back on his feet, the two looked with dread at the shattered vase, wondering what Sister Kate would say. Then Rosette smirked and glanced at Chrono.

"I won't tell if you won't." Chrono hesitated, then he returned a wide smile.

"Okay Rosette."