So after reading Vampire Knight I decided to try this. Tentatively. I don't know if it will get up off the ground. To be honest, I haven't even seen a good KH vamp fic on here. I hope I do it right. I also borrowed some concepts from VK too, like the blood tablets and the uniforms. But everything else was all me. Methinks.

Rated T for blood, language, and some suggestive themes (?).

Pairings: AkuDemy (friendship), Axel/Larxene, probably more.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kingdom Hearts.


"It's time to wake up, asshat," came the voice, entirely too loud.

Demyx groaned and rolled over, stuffing the pillow over his face. "Shut up," he moaned, pulling the blanket tighter around himself as Axel tried to drag it off him.

"We're going to be late."

"Since when did you care?"

"Since you're going to get Saturday detention along with your ten million supplementary classes."

Demyx sighed and obliged, sitting up and staring dazedly at his roommate.

Despite being here longer, Axel still acted like Demyx was younger than him, like he was his responsibility. Sometimes, the blonde was glad he had Axel to back him up, but most of the time it was just plain annoying.

"How do you do it?" The redhead asked him.

"Do what?"

"Sleep that long. Doesn't it get boring?"

Demyx raised his eyebrow.

"Right. 'It's normal,'" Axel mimicked his voice. "You freaking halfie."

"I'm sorry." Demyx yanked on his pants.

"Here," Axel said in a softer, almost concerned voice. Demyx looked up, surprised, to see him offering him a glass. "You look bad."

"I was out until only a few hours ago." He pushed back the glass Axel was offering him.

Axel gave him a look. "I know you're half human and all, but you need this. All vampires do."

Demyx buttoned his jacket tightly. "I'm not a vampire."

Axel groaned. "Here we go again."

Demyx stared at him, his eyes black-ringed. "Listen, if it was you…"

"If it was me I'd put on my big boy panties and deal with it," Axel said, setting the glass on top of his desk and tracing his finger over it. "I didn't poison it, if that's what you're thinking. So just drink."

Axel saw his hesitated, eyes flickering to the glass where you could see the small tablet dissolving. Finally, thirst won out, and the blonde downed the glass.

"It's like I'm trying to get an anorexic to eat," Axel muttered. "See? You look better already."

Demyx smiled sarcastically and fixed his tie. "Yeah, whatever. Are you ready to go?"

Okay, okay. I know this is confusing.

My name is Demyx Kawa. I'm a member of the Thirteenth Order, which is basically this stuck-up academy for rich kids.

Clarification- I'm not rich. If it weren't for the fact that I'm the headmaster's charity pupil, I would probably be on the streets somewhere, or maybe in a nice trailer park. Who knows?

Oh yeah- here's another nice little tidbit.

I'm a half-vampire.

Whoever said that vampires are supposedly these really evil, feral creatures can go dree their weird. Because really, if you said that to a vampire you'd be dead in seconds.

Aren't most humans also that way? Sure, they're not as strong and maybe not even as smart. But they're just as evil.

Me? I fall into a third category.

My mother was a pureblood vampire. She met my dad, they fell in love, and they had me. After that tryst, she bit him. Uh, ma, couldn't you have bitten him before you screwed him?

Yup. That's my existence summed up in just a few sentences.

Oh yeah, and then they had to go and die.

I don't remember it, not really. Vampire hunters came and killed them. They were going to kill me, considering they didn't know what I was, but one of them cut me some slack and brought me here.

There aren't many differences between vampires and humans, so there aren't many differences between them and me. My skin is a little less pale, sure. My heart beats faster. I'm a little weaker. The sun doesn't weaken me.

It still sucks, though, being one of a kind.

If it weren't for stupid Ms. Holland, I wouldn't even be writing this thing. She doesn't care about our thoughts. She just really wants to go to the teachers lounge and binge on coffee and blood tablets.

Over and out.

The two roommates walked in silence for a few moments. Axel suddenly stopped and sniffed the air. "Do you smell that?"

Demyx inhaled, too. "Yeah. I thought the humans were all in class."

"Me too, but I guess not." Axel stiffened.

Demyx blinked. "Axel? What is it?"

"Someone's bleeding," he said in a slightly dreamy tone of voice.

"No. Axel, listen to me. Calm down. Don't breathe. Listen… I have to…" He looked around for someone, anyone, but of course everyone else was probably around the blood already. Demyx began to panic when he suddenly saw Zexion, carrying a stack of books. "Zexion! Zexion!"

The younger student stared at him, all but restraining Axel. "What is it?" He didn't use cold words, but you could almost hear Zexion's superiority. According to him, Demyx just wasn't worthy of his respect, even though he was the only one who was able to keep the humans in the school and the vampires in the school from spiraling into chaos. It probably had something to do with his human blood and lack of nobility.

These sorts of things happen to you when you're born a halfie.

"Zexion, listen. I need you to stay here with Axel. There's a human on our side."

Zexion cocked his head. "Why should I? It's just a human."

"Because the universe will collapse if you don't! Kaythanksbye!" He let go of Axel and took off.

Zexion sighed. He was one of the few vampires who didn't like the smell of human blood. Had that been the metallic smell from before?

Axel was trying hard to control himself. The smaller boy put down his books and crawled onto the redhead's back, pinning him to the ground.

Meanwhile, Demyx tore through the woods, almost hysterically.

"What was she doing?" He hissed under his breath, barely dodging a branch that would have clawed his eye out. Most of the time, girls from the human class wandered over here, mostly to gawk at the vampire guys (most of which, despite Demyx not being gay, he had to admit were quite good-looking).

He ran into the clearing, and sure enough, a mass of white-coated students was circled around the girl. The scent of blood grew more intense, and Demyx took a deep breath to steady himself. It would make most vampires' thirst stronger, but it calmed him.

"What are you all doing here?" He asked in his most confident voice, so of course it fell flat.

Like a pack of wolves, everyone's head automatically whipped towards him, eerily silent.

"We smelled her," a very soft voice answered. "We had to come and see."

"Well you all need to get back to class," Demyx told them, but it was dead. He brandished his armband that marked him the one-and-only peacekeeper in the entire school. "There's nothing to see here."

He hoped he wouldn't have to fight. He really wasn't in the mood for this.

The crowd parted when he moved through them, but he could feel their hostility as they unwillingly obeyed.

Then, suddenly, a foot hit him in the back, and Demyx toppled over. There was a muffled shriek as someone clamped a hand over the girl's mouth. The person who had kicked him turned him over and faced him eye to eye. "We're sick of this bullshit," he hissed. "Can't even get a decent meal around here. We weren't going to kill her, we just wanted a little nibble."

"Blood drinking on the grounds is completely forbidden," Demyx replied, trying to fight his captor's grip, but it was solid. He was released but in another second, someone else had him pinned down, this time a female.

"I wonder how this armband will look when I squeeze it around your neck, freak," she threatened. "I bet your blood won't even taste good. Of all the people they picked… they had to pick you."

"It's because he's human and a vampire, y'know?" Came the familiar, too dumb voice.

"I know, Rai!" She snapped. "I was being hypothetical!"

"You're ruining the moment, Larxene," Demyx's first captor, Seifer, said.

"Right. Anyway, where were we? Oh, I remember now, about to strangle the life out of you…" she smiled, and Demyx struggled to move his arm, despite the fear she made him feel. If only he could get his hand into his pocket…

"Larxene, release him now," came a deep voice from somewhere behind him.

She swore but obliged. Demyx sat up and looked through the small crowd to see Zexion standing with Saïx, the vampire deputy headmaster.

"Where's Axel?" Demyx asked Zexion. "You left him behind?"

"I brought him to Headmaster Xemnas first."

"Let go of the girl," Saïx continued, staring at Rai, who had a dark-haired girl in a chokehold. "You are a shame to vampires, all of you."

Demyx stood up slowly. "Thank you for helping me, Saïx," he said.

"If it weren't for your tardiness, you needn't be thanking me," he said coldly. "All of you, back to class. Demyx, take Xion to the infirmary. Zexion, go along with them lest Demyx forget his way."

Demyx felt hurt and grit his teeth. He'd been doing this job for three years, hadn't he? Hadn't he done a good job until now?

Xion, trembling, fainted before Demyx could so much as get near her. He saw the bite mark on her neck and realized that the reason she was bleeding was because they bit her.

"Pitiful, all of you," Saïx continued, seeing what Demyx saw. "I will speak to the headmaster about this."

The gang members cleared out gradually. Demyx undid his necktie and fastened it around Xion's neck as a sort of bandage. He picked her up- she hardly weighed anything- and suddenly noticed a strange marking on her neck. "Saïx," he called, trying to get the deputy's attention. Either he was out of earshot already, or didn't care.

Demyx was always unsure how to address Saïx. 'Deputy headmaster' sounded stupid when said aloud, and 'lieutenant' didn't work either. Maybe 'professor' was the right way to go, but Saïx didn't teach. So Demyx always only used his name.

The blonde shook his head.

"They're getting rowdier," Zexion murmured, looking at Xion.

"I know."

"I'm going to have to erase her whole night's memory." All of the vampire students had a power, and memory was Zexion's.

"Is she a new student?" Demyx asked, wanting badly to change the subject. "I don't think I've ever seen her before."

"Yes, she just came here a few days ago. But stop beating the bush, Demyx," Zexion reprimanded. "What are you going to do?"

"Why me?"

Zexion sighed deeply. "Must we go through this again? You're human and vampire. Because of you, the students can coexist." Demyx could have recited this along with him. "Your existence is proof that humans and vampires can work together."

If so only in bed, Demyx sneered internally, and scolded himself for the thought. "But really, why not you, Zexion? You're so smart. Why not our headmaster? He's stronger than me. Or even Headmaster Ansem? This is their school. Not mine. I'm not strong enough to beat them or smart enough to outwit them."

Zexion laughed once. "Oh really? Demyx, you have more brains than half of that gang put together."

"Rai, definitely. But not Larxene." He shook his head. "She may just seem like a bully, but I think she's really evil."

Zexion shrugged and opened a door for Demyx. "Either way, you have to think of a way to try and stop them. Or maybe," he looked down at Xion, who stirred slightly. "Someone will die."

So meh! It's over XD.

Here's a quick summary: Demyx is a half-vampire because his mother was a pureblood and his dad was human. Vampire hunters killed them, and the hunters found him and brought him to a school where humans and vamps existed in relative peace. Headmaster Ansem took him on as a pupil, and because of his unique nature, made him peacekeeper of the school.

The school's name is the Thirteenth Order. Yes, I know it sucks, but I didn't want to just steal 'Cross Academy.'

There are two headmasters to this school- one vampire, one human. Xemnas is the vampire, and he has just a little less power than Ansem (the Wise), who rules over anything. Saïx is like Xemnas's assistant principal.

Larxene, Seifer, Rai, and a few so far nameless others are in a gang that, apparently, are getting a little out of hand.

And Axel has problems with bloodlust XD.

Everyone in the story so far is a vampire, except for Xion. In fact, I think this was her first time ever in any of my story.

So! That much over, I'd just like to take another few minutes to say,

Please review, if so only to criticize (i.e. 'this is stupid' or 'get something more original'). Take note that the story will resemble Vampire Knight less as it continues. Flames are accepted, but not enjoyed. Axel will be very happy, though :D. This story will also suck less as it continues.

Oh yeah! Not to mention I made Aqua Demmy's English teacher. Her voice actress is Willa Holland. Instant last name ^^
And, the person who spots the Terry Pratchett reference officially wins at life. Oh, and I can write you a drabble or something :/