Here it is, my new reborn story. This will be written in third person view, because I suck at first person, so let's not waste any time. I present to you… (Enter title of story)

Sam stood at the edge of the arena, watching as hundreds of people screamed and cheered him on, in the final round of the Silver Conference. He watched as his opponent's Electrode fell in defeat. Then it began to glow, and…


Sam's bedside clock sounded like one thousand Beedrill stinging the inside of his head. He groaned loudly and slammed at his bedside table, miraculously hitting the snooze button on his first try. He sat up in bed, rubbing his brown eyes and pushing his untidy black hair out of his face. "Man…" He said to himself. "I keep forgetting to turn the alarm off on Saturdays. I always wake up so early…" as he voiced his complaints to nobody in particular, he got out of bed and got dressed in his favorite clothes: A black T-shirt, blue jeans, and a red jacket to top it off. He trudged downstairs, and stopped. "Wait…" Sam ran to the nearest calendar. He ripped off the sheet for January, revealing that today was… "February First! My Birthday!" And indeed it was. Sam was out the door before anyone could've stopped him.

Sam arrived at Professor Elm's lab roughly twenty minutes later, Sam was about to knock on the door, but a loud crash from within froze him. For a few seconds, Sam stood there, unsure what to do. Then he made the decision to open the door to investigate.

He opened the door and slowly said, "Professor Elm? Are you ok?" The lab looked ransacked. Sam looked around at a variety of scattered papers, a broken microscope, and a table with a flattened birthday cake. He realized that Professor Elm must've prepared for his birthday with a cake. He looked around curiously for the Professor, but the lab was deserted. Sam walked around, slowly taking in all the destruction, his joy about his birthday decreasing with every image his eyes registered.

There was another crash, followed by a scream. "Get away! Get away, I say!"

"Professor!" Sam recognized Professor Elm's voice and ran to the source. He found, in the back of the lab, a door of steel labeled, "Pokeball Storage." Sam noticed a key card slot, but it was fried, and the door was unlocked. Sam ripped the door open and ran inside, not caring what was on the other side. He stopped in the middle of the room, and looked around. "Professor, where are you?" The one other time Sam had been in this room, there had been eight rows of perfectly organized bookshelves filled with pokeballs, from Abomasnow to Zubat. Now, there were considerably more pokeballs, at least 150 more, but the shelves were all knocked over, and the pokeballs were knocked astray. Also in the room were Professor Elm, his spindly figure and light brown hair standing out among the sea of red and white pokeballs, and four pokemon: Rhyhorn, Yanmega, Seviper, and also one new pokemon that Sam didn't recognize, but it looked like across between a Larvitar and a Mudkip.

The Professor eyed Sam. "Sam!" He shouted, his eyes wild. "Get out of here!"

Sam had no intention of leaving. The Professor was in danger! He bent down and picked up a pokeball and shouted, "I'm not leaving you, Professor! Go, Pokemon!" Sam threw the pokeball with vigor, but nothing came out. In fact, the pokeball didn't even open. For, as Sam learned later, cracked pokeballs didn't open, and were quite useless until repaired. It hit the Yanmega, breaking all of its wings. It fell to the ground, knocked out.

Professor Elm saw this and whimpered. For Sam's action, while saving the professor, had attracted the attention of the others. The Seviper and Larvitar-Mudkip thing both advanced on Sam, while the Rhyhorn kept the Professor cornered. Sam wildly looked for another pokeball, but they were all cracked, so that they wouldn't open. Sam then used the only weapon available to him: His fists. He threw a punch at the really little one, the one that looked like Larvitar. It flew back, fainted. Sam marveled at the power he had punched with, and realized that the pokemon was newly hatched.

However, his lapse gave the Seviper a chance to whip its tail at Sam, lashing his arm and making it useless. Sam grimaced at the cut and looked back up. He dodged beneath the Seviper's deadly wrap and wrapped up its neck in a one-arm chokehold. At first, the poison snake writhed horribly, but after a while, it went limp, obviously knocked out from lack of oxygen.

Sam turned back around to see the Rhyhorn about to rear up on both legs and smash Professor Elm, but Sam ran over and did the first thing that came to mind: He grabbed onto the Rhyhorn's back spines. The Rhyhorn, surprised, started running in circles, trying to look at the thing on it's back. It ran around in circles, and fell down, dizzy. Sam checked carefully before getting off Rhyhorn's back, and turned to Professor Elm. "Are you alright, Professor?"

Professor Elm stared at Sam as if he had never seen him before. "S-Sam, that was amazing!"

Sam waved off the compliment. "Professor, what happened here?"

As The Professor stood up, he said, "I was investigating a recently discovered Pokemon egg, all the way form the Isshu region." Professor Elm gestured to the unconscious Larvitar/Mudkip. "It's called Kibago. When I was looking at it's egg, it hatched, and it was violent; violent beyond compare. It broke into the back room, and knocked over all the shelves, releasing the Rhyhorn, Seviper, and Yanmega. Then without warning, they all attacked me. If you hadn't come when you did…"

Sam smiled. "I guess it would be improper to ask for a Cyndaquil right now?" Then, a sudden wave of fatigue rocked Sam, and his head felt dizzy. Sam realized that the fighting must've taken more out of him than he had originally thought.

Professor Elm grimaced. "No… All the pokeballs are broken, and the pokemon inside are trapped. I can't have any ready for a while. But, there ARE pokemon eggs that I can offer. Some are close to hatching, if you're interested?"

Sam considered it, is head throbbing. "It doesn't feel right asking right after all this mayhem… But if you're offering, then… I don't see why not."

Professor Elm helped Sam to his feet, and began to search for something. "Then come on. The pokemon will wake up soon, and we need to get them all in their pokeballs. After five minutes of searching among near-identical pokeballs, the correct three were eventually found, and the pokemon returned.

Sam followed Professor Elm back into the main room, where they went through yet another door. Sam's head was hurting even more, and he was having trouble seeing in front of him. "Now, as you can see, we have only very few eggs left, and I'm reluctant to let go of any of them… Sam, are you all right?" Sam barely heard him. Then, he saw nothing.

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