Chapter 2 of my new story is here! I know some of you are disappointed that I took down my old one, but that's exactly why I made this story! Be happy! Here we go…

Sam opened his eyes. He shook his head back and forth, confused, for it was pitch-black. He blinked a couple times, yet the darkness remained. When he tried to push his arms outward, he found himself unable, for some strange reason, Sam was immobilized. Sam was scared. "What the heck is going on?" He screamed to nobody in particular. He pushed against his mystical bonds, but to no avail. Sam sighed and resigned himself to the darkness. For an indeterminate amount of time, in that dark enclosed space, Sam rested. Well, rested is a bit of a misnomer. Sam was scared the crap out of his mind. He shifted uncomfortably, and during some point of his imprisonment, he developed a strong sense of claustrophobia. He constantly screamed and kicked, and his only rest was when he stopped kicking. After what seemed like eternity to Sam, he felt something give. For the first time, Sam felt some hope. He kicked harder than he ever had before, and felt something give. He kicked against his bonds one final time, and suddenly, his body stretched out. He gasped as the bright light hit his face. But something was wrong. "Hello?" He asked, looking around. Then he realized two things. Everything was unnaturally big, for one. Secondly, when he turned his head, nothing ever went out of his sight, only shifted to the left or right of his line of sight. Curious, yet almost scared as he had been when he regained consciousness, Sam stood up. But when he did, he realized that he had barely stood up at all. More than just something was wrong, the whole world was out of sync. For some reason, everything was blown up to twenty times its normal size. He shakily looked around, feeling smaller than ever before. He noticed, as before, that when he turned his head, nothing went out of his sight, only shifted between the front and side of his eyes. If something went off the left side of his vision, it immediately reappeared on the right side.

He closed his eyes and shook his head. He opened his eyes again, and decided it would be best to actually register his surroundings, and not just look around without noticing. So he did.

Sam was in a rectangular room that appeared to be abandoned, for at least ten years. The dim room was made of both concrete and steel, but the concrete was in patches, as if the steel once covered the entire wall, but had somehow rusted away, exposing the concrete underneath. There was a spot that looked to be slightly indented, about ten feet away from where Sam was standing. There were light bulb sockets throughout the room, but only a few, low-wattage ones were still emitting light, given the room a haunted appearance. There were no doors.

Sam then turned his attention to the ground. Many pieces of wood littered the floor, along with the crumbling remains of many stone pillars. Brown shards of some material littered the ground around Sam, but there were none any other place. Sam kicked a shard and began to walk around, but something caught his attention. The small brown shard, reflected the light from one of the last light bulbs, and Sam turned back to face it. He peered into the mirror-like piece of matter… And screamed as loud as he could.

What he saw was not human.

It was a Yanma.

Sam took several steps backwards, barely missing a rather large piece of rock, thanks to his 360-vision. He screamed again, to no avail. He had somehow turned into a Yanma! "What the hell is going on?" He screamed in terror. He almost fainted from fright, but barely managed to stay conscious. He took deep breaths, not knowing, but definitely caring, what had happened. After what seemed like hours, Sam's heart stopped thumping in his ear, and he was able to think clearly, but almost immediately, the questions he had bee scared of began whispering inside his head once more. How and why had this happened? Where was he? Sam forced his head to shut down for a moment, and thought of the possibilities. Sam didn't know much about Yanma, because his preference was fire and dark types, but he DID know that Yanma could fly within hours of their birth, so he carefully turned his head to look at his back. Surprisingly, his eyes somehow didn't see his wings. Sam knew that in this crazy, psychotic dream he was having, he would have wings if he were a Yanma. He carefully clenched his back muscles, and when nothing happened, Sam drooped his head and relaxed his muscles, and suddenly felt a brief moment of weightlessness.

Sam automatically tensed up again, but the feeling quickly passed, and Sam relaxed once more… And the feeling returned. Sam was getting angry. What the heck was going on? Then he realized: His back muscles were also the wing muscles! When he clenched his back, the wings on his back raised. When he relaxed, his wings lowered. He now knew how to fly!

Sam shouted in elation. He quickly clenched and unclenched his back, and after a second of struggling, his feet lifted off the ground. The feeling was so surprising, to be flying without the aid of an airplane, that he promptly fell, landing on his stomach. He quickly got up, pleased with his first attempt. He tried again, with slightly less limited success. He managed to get at least five feet off the ground before falling.

The third time, Sam achieved liftoff. When he felt the strange feeling of weightlessness, he kept flapping his wings, and something within him began to beat the wings incredibly fast. It wasn't something he was doing, but instinct was making his back twitch restlessly, and Sam's wings beat at a supersonic speed. "I'm doing it!" He shouted. "I'm flying! I'm flying!" Sam flew around the room, tilting his body to the side to turn. "I'm flying!" He shouted again. Nothing he had ever felt before compared to the sheer joy of walking without the ground under you. That is, flying. He had never felt such rapture as this, never been so… ALIVE.

Sam whooped in joy for who knows how long, but after the thrill had begun to pass, Sam's next worry was: how did he stop? Sam's joy pooped like a balloon, quickly replaced with fear. "Help?" He uttered. The single syllable hung in the air for a moment before he dropped like a stone. Sam twisted and turned, landing on his back. The pain was like a lightning bolt ripping through his body, as a rapid current would flow down a river. He writhed in agony, and time came to a standstill. By some good luck, Sam's spasms forced him to flip over, bringing relief to the aching muscles. Sweat drenched his body, and with some effort, he forced his mind back into his control. Sam gasped as he stood up on all six legs..

He would never get this right. But through the whole experience, in the back of his mind, Sam had been thinking the same thing over and over, almost as if in a pattern: How? Who? Why? ... How? Who? Why?... Over and over again. He had often read books in his free time, containing myths and legends about humans turning into pokemon, but that had always been under the influence of an outside agent, whether it be a bacterium or godly interference. He had not seen the fabled Mew before the transformation. He had last been in a contained, stabilized area when he had blacked out. So why had this happened? How? Who? Why?

Sam decided that nothing good would come from doing nothing, so he shakily took a few steps forward and tried to lift off. But when he clenched his back, the pain returned, and Sam went reeling once more. Sam gasped, and realized that this was no dream. If he had been dreaming, he wouldn't feel pain. This was real.

And another undesired side effect was that now his wings were broken. He couldn't fly, he was in a new, newborn body, and he was in a solid concrete room. Things couldn't get any worse. Then Sam was struck with some inspiration. He was a pokemon, so things might be able to get better! He could use moves! Sam racked his brain for possible moves that a Yanma was able to use. The only thing he could come up with was Tackle, but it might be enough. Now the only question was how to actually USE the move.

Sam decided the best course of action would be to practice, so… he ran headfirst into the wall. Over and over again. When nothing happened, Sam closed his eyes, trying to loose the massive headache he had just acquired. When he did so, he suddenly felt a surge of energy. He had no idea where it came from, but he was empowered to injure himself further.

Sam charged the wall once more… And the concrete crumbled under the pressure of his Tackle attack. Sam gasped as sunlight hit his head. He was out of that room. He had escaped from one tiny prison (that he now had realized was a Pokemon Egg) into a larger prison, and now he was free. And the sunlight also seemed to be good for his new wing muscles, for he could feel energy seeping into the broken bones, almost HEALING them. Sam knew it wasn't the move Synthesis, for Yanma can't learn that move in the first place. It just proved how incomplete human research of Pokemon was.

And so Sam leapt back out into the world.

Sam had emerged in a wooded area, but when he rounded the large building he had been in, he gasped. He was still in New Bark Town! …But something was wrong. If he was truly in New Bark Town, then the run-down, decrepit building he had been in was… Professor Elm's Lab. What had happened? One additional thing Sam noticed was that in the vast sea of buildings (remember, everything looked twenty times bigger than it used to), there were usually pokemon flocking in the gardens that people often planted in their front lawns. Usually Combee and other cute pokemon, but now, not a single one was to be seen. Of course, the usual amount of people was around, but there were no trainers among them. Very strange. Sam was mostly concealed behind the building, so nobody saw him, but in his 360-vision, he saw some people trying to creep up behind him. Sam whirled around, stopping the two men in gray jumpsuits with nets in their tracks.

"Whoa, man! He saw us!" One shouted in terror, dropping his net.

The other spared no time for words and just ran. The other, paralyzed with terror just stood there, obviously waiting for something horrible to happen. Sam just looked at him questioningly, and opened his mouth to ask a question, when he realized that the man wouldn't be able to understand him, so he closed his mouth. But when Sam had opened his mouth, the man had flinched, as if he expected Sam to hurt him.

Then he seemed to unclench and took a tentative step towards Sam. Sam took a step forward as well, and the man squealed and hopped back, raising his net. Sam instinctively took to the air and flew away, wondering why the man had been so scared.

As he flew away, to the forest behind Professor Elm's lab, he heard the man sigh in relief."

Sam flew for a little bit, and then was surrounded by the beautiful forest. But something was different from the last time he had been here, as a human. It wasn't the size; for Sam had now realized the scale of change. No, it was the music of the forest. The Pidgey and Spearow singing their evening songs, the scuttling of Ledyba and Spinarak, and the whistling wind playing in the Jumpluff's limbs. The forest was silent. Sam remembered the men with nets and shuddered to think of what might have happened. Whatever it was, he was alone.

Utterly, completely alone.


See? When I posted this, I told you this wasn't a waste of time, didn't I? And now I have you wondering the same things as Sam, I'll bet. How? Who? Why? Perhaps these will be answered later on…. Maybe!

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