Author's Note: Hi there, this story is all about our sugar lover Marui Bunta. Let's see if he can prove the "Little Miss Perfect" Student Council President that women are clingy, weak and loud. Will Marui's happy go lucky attitude change the well-disciplined and conservative girl? And what if he discover that both of them are sugar addicts? At the first two chapter, Sanada will have many exposure, but please bear with me XD

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Chapter 1: Crash on You

There is a high tension among the Rikkaidai Tennis Club Regulars as they wait outside the Student Council's Office since Yukimura and Sanada are making negotiations to the Student President to increase their club budget and to help them convince some of their terror teachers to let the Tennis Club Regulars be excused in their class for a week.

"I am greatful to help you, but I can't promise to get the approval of the teachers since the exam week is coming.", a blunt reply by the serious Student Council President named Masaharu Eri.

Eri is a silent type and serious looking girl who is considered as the "Queen Empress" of Rikkaidai Fuzokou due to her outstanding accomplishments. She is hailed as the best student of the school and both hold the highest position of the Student Council and Student Paper. She doesn't stop there; she is also acting team captain of the Girl's Kyudo (Archery) club. She is a girl whose life revolves around the school, in short, a hopeless and boring girl. No wonder why no one ever dares to court her or even give her chocolates during White Day.

"Thank you Masaharu-kaichou to know that you are willing to support us.", Yukimura said as he give his heavenly smile that every girl will go crazy.

"No problem, my office is always here to support you and your team.", Eri replied expressionless.

"Well then we will leave, thank you for time.", Sanada said as he put back his cap on his head. (It is a common courtesy for Sanada to take-off his cap while talking to someone he respects.)

Outside the room, the Tennis regulars are still waiting. As Yukimura and Sanada open the door, they are so excited to hear the outcome of the negotiation. Then they leave the place and walked to the tennis court.

"Yukimura-buchou, what did she say?", Akaya asked enthusiastically since he doesn't like to come to class for a week and he think it is cool to have a week long tennis practice outside the school.

"She said we have her support and she will talk to the teachers and the budget committee regarding our request.", Yukimura replied.

"Geez… I still can not believe that you have convinced her Yukimura.", Niou commented.

"Huh?", Yukimura blinked. "Why? She isn't that snob after all, but I think Sanada is the one who really convinced her."

Everyone gazed at Sanada making him blush a little.

"Tarundoru! Why are you starring at me! I used to play with her when we were young that is why she called me Geni-kun earlier.", Sanada defense himself from the malicious mind of his team mates.

"Ohh, is that so Geni-kun? That is a surprise that you are close to kaichou. So how did you address her in return?", Marui teased as he blow his green bubble gum.

"Shut the hell out of you Marui, Eri-chan is nothing but an old childhood friend, that's all.", Sanada yelled.

"DENIAL!", they replied in synchrony pointing their finger at the poor Sanada.

"What the…" , Sanada's words are interrupted.

"Hmm…so you call her Eri-chan in return, I never think that a noble and traditional boy like you can affectionately address a girl like that, and that's not all, for all the girls in the world its Masaharu-kaichou.", Yagyuu said as he rub his chin.

"Puri.", Niou exclamined.

"You polluted minds!", Sanada shouted.

Suddenly, a worried and panicked Eri bumped at Marui's back as she run at the corridor making the red head loose his balance and fall on the ground with her crashing on his back, making the scene like a police who caught a criminal on the ground.

"Sorry.", Eri apologized as she get up from crashing Marui to the ground and continue running away.

Sanada's eyes widened.

"What's with that girl?", Marui asked as he get up from the floor blushing in embarrassment.

"Ah… do you think she hear us talking about her?", Yukimura asked worriedly.

"There is a 80% probability that she hear everything that we say.", Renji commented.

"It's all your fault, idiots. Eri-chan is a far relative of mine, don't you get it?", Sanada confessed.

"WHAT!", they are all surprised.

"Eh, is that true fukubuchou? Why didn't you tell us earlier?", Kirihara asked.

"And why would I tell all of you? Did you ask me?", Sanada replied making everybody convinced to put off the issue.

"But speaking of kaichou, why is it that she is in a sudden haste?", Kirihara asked out of curiosity.

Suddenly, they hear a loud siren; it's an ambulance that headed towards the Kyudo Dojo.

"What's that?", Yukimura saked.

"Don't concern yourself too much Yukimura, we should be starting the regular practice.", Sanada remind his captain.

"Hmm… there is a 95% probability that an accident happened at the Kyudo Club.", Renji predicted.

Reji's prediction is true because a kyudo girl accidentally pricked an arrow to her teammate's thigh as they were fooling around. It is something that is forbidden on the Kyudo world to do since it is a dangerous sport that can kill somebody in just a blink of the eye.

"Eri-kaichou, I.. I didn't mean to…", the girl is still trying to explain when suddenly she just feel a burning sensation on her right cheek. Yes, you're right, Eri slap her.

Without any word, Eri left the stunned girl and walked away with the medics that carry their injured teammate. It is a very serious issue since the Kyudo Club can get suspended for what had happened and as the acting captain of the team it is her responsibility to keep everyone in line.

After begging for forgiveness from the parents of the victim, finally Eri can proceed to her daily schedule. She is supposed to go back to school and review the budgetary allowance of the tennis club and made a letter of recommendation to the school principal to allow the tennis regulars for a week long absence in class, but since its dusk, she just decided to set aside her work and take a break. She is also thinking the red headed boy that she just bumped that afternoon.

"Hey Akaya, come on let's go to that candy store. Look, it says that they are now offering 50% discount.", Marui asked his kohai with eyes glittering as he look at this heavens delight store.

"But Marui-senpai…", Kirihara tries to refuse because he knew what would happened next, Marui will just ask his kohai to treat him all the stuffs he wanted.

Suddenly, a spark of idea crossed Kirihara's mind. While Marui is still examining the candy displays outside the store, he sneaks out and left his senpai.

"Let's go now inside and treat me some chocolates, ne Aka…", Marui said as he turned to his back only to find out that Kirihara is no longer at that place. Instead, he saw a petite young lady carrying a traditional bow who is quite surprised of what he just said.

"I'm.. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say that, I am supposed to be talking to my kohai but I think he left me.", Marui explained as he clenched his fist in embarrassment. "Damn Akaya, you will pay for this.", he said to himself.

"No its alright. By the way, you are that boy that I bumped this afternoon, right?", the girl asked.

Marui tries to avoid answering her question by looking away. "Nah, never mind, I know you're in a hurry that time Masaharu-kaichou.", he replied.

"Come on.", Eri invite.

"Come to where?", Marui asked and blink.

"Inside the candy store, I hear you said earlier that you want some sweets. I'll treat you since I owe you from that bumping scenario.", Eri reiterate.

"Ok.", Marui answered in uncertainty as he walked with Eri.

Marui can not decide on what sweets he will take, is it the big twirl lollipop near the counter? The box of bear-shaped chocolate? Or the fluffy cotton candy that is powered with milk? Ah, and there are so many choices that he likes. Drooling, that is the best word to describe him. But of course he can not take all what he wants since it is only a treat, and thinking the person who will give him this treat, he can not become too opportunistic. It's their kaichou after all, the Little Miss Perfect of Rikkaidai.

"Have you decided already?", she asked while holding a handful of the heavenly delights on her hand making Marui gulp in jealousy.

"Ah, yes. I just want this.", Marui replied as he hand over a box of strawberry flavored Pocky.

Eri can not believe it. The guy whom everybody called as a sugar freak just chooses a box of strawberry Pocky.

"Are you sure its that all?", she asked.

"Well yeah.", Marui replied but still looking at the stuffs that Eri bought as it passed the barcode scanner.

As they leave the store, Eri handed him the strawberry Pocky and tell him that they are now she owes nothing to anyone, then she leaves.

"Such a pride girl, no wonder since she share the same blood with Sanada.", Marui said to himself and open the strawberry Pocky.

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