Author's Note: Secrets Revealed

Since its Marui's birthday today, I decided to reveal some secrets that I have in mind while writing Honey, Honey.

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oxo This story is inspired by the song Honey, Honey of Abba. I was so high after I watch Mamma Mia the movie and was thinking of Marui as the best character to fit the music.

oxo I adopt the title Honey, Honey in compliment of the song Sugar, Sugar.

oxo This story is made out of a whim.

oxo Honey, Honey is interlinked not only with Boyfriend for Rent but also with the other stories that I will write. Eri will be mentioned several times on Dance with Me: Tango by Three just how Sakura was mentioned on Honey, Honey.

oxo I do many researches about Marui's character as well as interacting to some of his fan girls via Facebook, Formspring, LiveJournal and other TeniPuri sites to come up with a good story.

oxo I went to the arcade, amusement park and candy stores to get inspiration in writing this story.


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Chapter 1: Crash on You

Eri and Sanada are 2nd cousins; Eri's fraternal grandmother and Sanada's grandfather are siblings

Marui keeps the Pocky wrapper of the one that Eri treats him. Actually, he is going to brag it to Niou and Akaya but then he already forgot about it.

Chapter 2: Unexpected Visitor

Marui intentionally went with Sanada on Eri's house because he wanted to eat sumptuous foods that night.

Marui's unconscious self has pervert desire with Eri that is why he dreamed of her wearing a sexy yukata.

Chapter 3: Evil Brothers

Marui's two brothers are Niou's accomplice. Niou is actually on the zoo that time; the one who is with Akaya at the arcade is Yagyuu who is crossed dress as Niou. The trickster asked Marui's brothers to splash soda to Eri as well as to take pictures of the girl and the red hair.

Niou got a portion of the money that Marui paid his brothers for the black mail pictures.

Marui didn't delete his pictures with Eri, because it cost him 1000 yen.

Chapter 4: Flirty Tensai

Eri started to get infatuated on Marui that is why she cannot concentrate on her kyudo practice when she knows that many girls are giving the red hair some sweets.

Marui rescued Eri from the the kyudo boys because he only wanted to act cool in front of everybody. He's a tensai so he should be cool.

Niou started to get interested on Eri that is why he offered to walk her home after the Ramen Shop incident.

Chapter 5: Sleepless Night

When Yagyuu called Eri to help them in the training camp, the girl only agree so that she could see Marui.

Marui doesn't like to talk to Eri during that night. All he wanted is to be alone.

Eri enjoy talking to Marui since she wanted to know him more.

Chapter 6: Pervert Senpai

Akaya really thought that Marui and Eri are engaged on a PG-18 activity upstairs that is why he opened the door to see it.

Marui acts like a real gentleman for the first time in his life when he avoided any body contact with Eri during their very awkward situation.

Niou did the "great snake" prank in order to test whether Marui has already has feelings for Eri.

Chapter 7: Sweet Lips

Marui is the very first person that Eri give a bento. She waket up 4:00 in the morning just to prepare it.

Eri started to fall in love with Marui which is actually Niou cross dressed as the red hair.

Niou is not going to hold back to kiss Eri but it's too bad that the girl noticed his disguise.

Eri is so particular to scents that is why she noticed that the Marui in front of her is an imposter.

Chapter 8: Bittersweet Reality

Marui's dirtiest secret that his brothers are talking about is no other than keeping his and Eri's picture as his desktop wallpaper, the reason? He thought that Eri is a Lolita doll in the picture.

Marui's mother pretends to like Eri though she disapproved the girl after knowing that Eri is her ex-boyfriend's daughter.

Marui started to fall for Eri.(Surprised? Yeah, it's the chapter where their love story actually begin)

Chapter 9: Hot Chocolate

Marui volunteer to help the HE club in preparing foods because of Eri.

Eri cries the whole night when her mother told her that she will go for a blind date.

When Eri fall asleep after drinking the hot chocolate, Marui actually KISSED her on the lips! (WTF! He steals her first kiss without knowing it!)Just 10 seconds after the KISS, Sanada opened the door of the Student Council Office, so close!

Eri considered Jirou as a good acquaintance.

Chapter 10

Jirou loves Marui more than Eri.

Marui claims that Eri has a boyfriend when Wakato Hiroshi asked him. He hates Wakato for asking Eri on a date.

Sanada and Atobe are talking about Eri's friend on whom they protected. (see Dance With Me: Tango by Three)

Chapter 11

The Akatsuki cosplay is inspired by my addiction of watching Naruto. It came on my mind that maybe Sasori is Marui's older brother while Shiki Senri of Vampire Knight is his cousin.

Yagyuu hates hi cosplay as Kakuzu while Yukimura is into his cosplay as Konan.

The description of the place where the masquerade party was held is patterned to the grand ball that I organize in our university.

Eri dance with Marui without really knowing that it is his Sugar Freak.

Chapter 12

Marui misunderstood the Eri doesn't like her that is why he get angry of her.

Cram schooling is very popular in Japan, where the parents sends their children to study aside from regular class in able to pass University exams.

Eri's father and Marui's mother are long time lovers when they are still studying in Rikkaidai. Marui's mother figure out that Eri is the daughter of her ex-boyfriend when they interview Eri on the dinner on Marui's house.

Chapter 13

This chapter explains how Eri's father breaks his promise to Marui's mother of getting married after he return in Kanagawa from his work in the Air Force. The song "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" of Celine Dion is Eri's father and Marui's mother love song.

Eri's mother is so obsess to have a son. She hate that Eri is not a male that is why she is treating her badly. She believes that the only way to get her husband full love and attention is to have a son.

Eri's two friends that are introduced to this chapter are OCs of other two Rikkaidai regulars.

Chapter 14

Eri abuses her power as the President of the Student Council to impose rules for her self satisfaction and to take her revenge on Marui.

Niou is having fun stalking and teasing Eri because he's interested on her.

Jirou has no feelings of affection for Eri.

Eri tries to make Marui jealous when she said that she will bake a chocolate cake for Niou and Kirihara.

The idea of Kirihara giving a white lily to Eri is from Niou.

The one who win the Empress Cup is no other than Akira Aiko; Niou's first love. No wonder why Eri hates her so much. (Aiko is also mentioned in Boyfriend for Rent: Chapter 8 and there is a one shot for her and Niou on Last Christmas)

Yukimura is a bastard, believe me.

Chapter 15

This chapter is based on my real life experience when I was in high school. Definitely including the rebellious stuffs.

I almost do this big twist of the story to make Eri rebellious but later decided to bring back things to normal by making everything a dream.

Chapter 16

Eri is trying to match make Sanada and Sakura; sometimes cousins are evil, very evil.

Masataka Rika is Rikkaidai's most beautiful student that is why Eri feels that she is a threat.

Niou is the only person who knows that it is Marui that Eri is talking at the PA system.

Chapter 17

The lucky charm thing is inspired by my real love story.

Jackal got many script on this chapter and he is pro-Eri.

Niou step on the scene and pretends to be Eri's boyfriend. (see Boyfriend for Rent)

Marui tries to justify himself that he likes Eri more than Rika by referring to Eri as Honey and Rika as Stevia.

Chapter 18

Eri is not the type of girl who will give up easily. She's the Queen Empress and she will not loose to anyone even if it's about love matters.

Namikiri-san, also known as the organizer of the event is actually the owner of the bee farm. He is a hopeless romantic person. His character was inspired by Namikiri of Zettai Kareshi.(This character will appear on the sequel of Honey, Honey)

Marui will confess with Eri if only the girl didn't receive a phone call from Yagyuu.

Chapter 19

Atobe and Eri are good acquaintance. They have been group mates several times on leadership forums and camps.

The Valentines Day celebration in Rikkaidai is actually a conspiracy between Niou and Yagyuu. They plan that Niou will bring Eri to the rooftop and spend their lunch together and afterwards Yagyuu will came to ask Eri to sign some letter of approval. They already calculated that Eri doesn't like to be disturb and will sign the documents immediately.

Yay! Marui wins over Niou during Valentines Day since he got the chocolate and he has been with Eri the whole day.

Eri already falls for Niou but she became confused again when Marui shows his sweetness to her.

Niou is damn jealous of Marui.

Chapter 20

Eri's father favors Niou over Marui after he was impressed on how the trickster thinks. (Niou's test is on Boyfriend for Rent)

Both Marui and Niou promise to prove that they are worth of Eri after 10 years. (This will be the sequel)

Akaya doesn't know that Marui and Niou are having cold war because of Eri.

Eri is a two timer!

Chapter 21

Eri's father intentionally asks the dress maker to show two evenly beautiful kimonos to Eri so that he could teach her a lesson of choosing only one.

Marui get the idea of giving the second button of his uniform to Eri from his mother. Without knowing it, the second button that Marui gave to Eri is no other than the old second button that Eri's father gave to Marui's mother when they graduated from Rikkaidai. Marui's mother alters the second button while she is preparing his son's uniform.

Marui and Eri don't know that their parents are old time lovers.

Eri decided to choose whoever she saw first under the big Rikkaidai tree. However, it doesn't happen the way she expects it to be.

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