Thank you so much for the outpouring of support and condolences. You guys are all awesome. I didn't realize how much I leaned on writing as an outlet and an escape from personal tragedy/issues until this afternoon.

Death can often bring out the best and worst in people...unfortunately in my family, it has brought out the latter. Losing a loved one is hard enough, but when relatives start acting like's even harder.

In order to maintain my sanity and limit my time in having to deal with all the douchery, I'm going to write.

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The next day, Marie knocked on Peter's door. When he opened it, he smiled and favored her with a kiss on her cheek.

She smiled nervously and walked in as he closed the door behind her, "Hey beautiful. What's up?"

She clasped her hands together, "I have to talk to you..."

Peter immediately noticed the seriousness of her demeanor, "What's wrong?"

"Could you just sit down? Please?"

He slowly lowered himself onto the bed as she clasped her hands together, "'re a great guy. I like you...a lot, but I feel like we really want different things."

He furrowed his eyebrows, "What does that mean?"

Marie sighed, "I know you resent my relationship with Emily and I know you really resent my relationship with Logan, but you need to know those relationships are never going to change. Emily is always going to be a major part of my life...and so will Logan."

Peter put his head down and groaned, "Haven't I been patient?"

"In front of my face...yeah."

He flinched and looked back up, "What is that supposed to mean?"

"It means I know how you really feel...I know how supportive you aren't when my back is turned."

Peter tensed and straightened, but said nothing. That was all the confirmation Marie needed to realize that Logan had told the truth when he informed her of Peter's true attitude.

She left Peter's room and happily made her way downstairs to the kitchen, where Emily sat in her booster seat at the kitchen table.

Logan had his stuck in the refrigerator, looking around while he spoke to Emily, "What about chicken nuggets?"

"Nuh uh."

He sighed and closed the door to the fridge, but smiled when he saw Marie enter.

"Mama!" Emily called and clapped her hands.

Logan smirked a little, "There's nothing to ear here, so me and Em were about to go out to lunch. Whaddya say...mama?"

Marie's heart skipped a beat as he tossed Emily over his shoulder and smiled at her.

Was this what a real family felt like?

"Which color is purple baby girl?"

Marie was sitting in front of Emily holding up two pieces of construction paper. One red, the other purple. It had been about seven weeks since Marie and Logan became an item, forming a little patchwork family.

Marie tried to get excited when Emily picked the right color, but she felt like just curling up in bed and sleeping the day away.

She smiled wearily, "Good job. You wanna draw?"

When Emily nodded her head vigorously, Marie let out a sigh of relief. She handed Emily a few pieces of construction paper and sat her down at the tiny little table Logan had bought her in the corner of the room. Once she got Emily all set up with her crayons, she plopped down on the bed and watched her from where she lay.

By the time Logan returned, he found Marie and Emily curled together on the bed, asleep. He brushed a hand over Marie's forehead, causing her to stir slightly.

"You ok, kid?"

Marie opened her eyes and smiled, "Hey...yeah. I'm ok."

"You don't look so good."

She playfully rolled her eyes, "Thanks babe. That's exactly what I wanted to hear."

Marie carefully uncurled Emily from her arms and scooted off the bed.

He pulled her into an embrace and laid a gentle kiss on her neck, "Quit your whinin'. You know I didn't mean it like're always sexy."

She smiled, "I'm gonna go grab some soda from the kitchen. Want something?"

He shook his head and kissed her before she left the room.

When she made it to the kitchen, Jubilee bounded in, "Heya girly! Good thing I ran into ya. Me and Kit are about to go to the store to stock up on monthlies. Need any?"

Marie shrugged as she opened a soda, "Nope...don't think so."

Jubilee raised her eyebrows, "Wow! You still have yours from last month?"

Marie nodded and laughed nervously as the realization dawned on her that she had a box of unopened tampons still stashed beneath her bathroom sink.

"Alright chica, I'll see you later."

She stopped her friend, "Um...I think I will come with you after all."

After telling Logan that she was going to run to the store, she hopped in the car with Jubilee and Kitty. When they reached the store, she slipped away from her friends while they were busy picking out mascara and eyelash curlers.

She quickly and discretely bought a test, along with a random pack of animal crackers to obstruct the view of the test within the bag.

When she returned home from the store, she took the test in a downstairs bathroom.

She didn't quite know how to feel when it came out positive.

Marie always knew there was a chance. She and Logan probably used protection only 15 out of the 45 times they'd had sex. Turns out, they shouldn't have even bothered.

By the time she walked into the room, she was still trying to wrap her head around the information, but luckily, Emily running and jumping into her arms proved to be a welcome distraction.

"Mama! Why wewen't you home when I woke up?"

Marie smiled and kissed Emily's head before setting her back down, "Sorry baby girl, I had to go to the store. I got you some animal crackers."

She sat Emily down at her table with a few animal crackers and sat on the bed with Logan, who was sorting out Emily's laundry.

"Sup, kid? You look like you got an itch on your brain."

Marie sighed and looked at him carefully, "You ever think of having another baby?"

It was obvious he didn't read too much into the question, because he continued rummaging through the pile of clothes on his bed, "It's not something I ever thought about...really, but Emily's a trip. She's amazing. I really wish I coulda been apart of more of her life."

"What do you mean? She's been your world since that night she was left on your door step, and I know she knows it."

He nodded, "Exactly. She's only been my world since that night. She was five months old by then...I never got're gonna think I'm a pansy."

Marie laughed and nudged him a little, "No I'm not! Come on..."

Logan groaned a little and dropped the laundry as he scratched his head, "I never got to talk to her while she was in the womb. I read in one of those baby books when I first got her that most infants recognize their parents voices because they heard 'em while they were still in the uterus. I wish I'd been there when she was born...see her open those big ole hazel eyes for the first time."

Marie pursed her lips together and smiled, "That's not weird at all."

He shrugged, "Let's change the subject. I hate talkin' about this mushy shi-stuff..."

Emily pointed excitedly from where she sat, "Ooooh! Daddy almost said a bad woood!"

"Ah. Just eat your crackers, munchkin."

Later that evening, after they put Emily to bed, they took the monitor to Marie's room and proceeded to make out on the bed. She figured she had plenty of time to tell him, but it just didn't feel right to keep such important information from him.

He kissed her neck he moved his hand from her breast, then down to her stomach, causing her to jump and grab his hand.

He separated his mouth from her neck and looked into her eyes with slightly furrowed brows, "Somethin' the matter, baby?"

", nothin'. I'm fine."

Logan eyed her, but soon allowed his lips to return to her neck. As he kissed her, her mind continued to play tug of war.

She bit her bottom lip and gently put her hands on his arms, "Um...I need to tell you something."

"Mmm...wassup baby?" he murmured against her neck.

"Umm...I'm pregnant."

All of his movements came to a sudden halt before he slowly raised his head to look into her eyes, "What did you just say?"

Marie's bottom lip trembled slightly, "I'm pregnant. I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. I thought you knew I wasn't on birth control..."

He gently put a hand against her lips to quiet her panicked rambling, then looked down and let out a breath.

There was a long moment of silence before he finally looked back into her eyes, "When did you find out?"

"Right after I got back from the store."

Logan slowly released her from his embrace and sat up, clasping his hands together.

She sat next to him, "Are you upset?"

"Yeah...but not why you think I am."

She narrowed her eyes a little, "What do you mean?"

"I just wished you had more time to be more carefree before you...before we...ya know..."

Marie sighed and took his hand, "If I was really worried about bein' a carefree teenager, I wouldn't be helpin' you with Em."

He took her hand and laid a quick kiss across her knuckles, "It'll be nice to have a baby with a person I actually like..."

She moved to sit in his lap and looked down into his eyes, "I hope this baby has eyes just like yours..."

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