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Warnings: Nothing major. Boy/boy fluff.

Foreman strode into the conference room, to find it abnormally empty for the time of day – usually the rest of the team beat him to the office on Wednesdays (he always stayed at his new girlfriends on the Tuesday evening now) but all that he saw in front of him was House.

"Where is everyone?" Foreman asked, taking a seat as House hopped over to the coffee.

"You're late," House stated, narrowing his eyes and giving his fellow a little smirk that translated into nothing but bad news, in Foreman's eyes.

"I know," Foreman said blankly, "Where's Chase and Cameron?"

"Cameron's off seeing to runny noses and STI's," House drawled, "And I sent Chase off to Mr. Unknown Parasite's apartment to see what's going on there. Speaking of," House limped over to the table and reached for the phone, "He's been there ages." He dialled the mobile number by heart, Foreman noted.


"You're on speakerphone, so save the dirty talk for later," House stood by the whiteboard, smiling sarcastically as Foreman gave him a look.

"So," Chase carried on as if House wasn't there, "This place looks pretty clean, but I got some samples anyway, I can come back and test them."

"Don't bother. Head home," House ordered.

"But it's only half nine," Foreman glanced at the clock.

"I stayed the night in the hospital," Chase explained, his accent weirdly more pronounced on the phone, Foreman thought. Or maybe it was because he was tired. Having worked with the blonde for three years now, if there was anything he knew about him, it was that he liked his sleep.

"Making sure our patient didn't flat line it while you were out on your little date," House grumbled at Foreman, then redirected his attention to the speaker. "Hey, did you say you were going by the store on your way home?"

"Yeah, need some more toothpaste," Chase mumbled into the phone.

"We're also in desperate need of cereal," House moaned playfully.

"Cereal, got it."

"Oh – and none of that crap you like. It's beyond me how someone can eat that much sugar so early in the morning. I can feel my teeth positively rotting."

"Good job I'm getting that toothpaste..."

"I'm just saying, bran flakes are cheaper."

"And they taste like cardboard," Chase finished, "I'll find a compromise. See you later." And with that, he hung up.

Foreman turned to House, giving him a look that plainly said 'I'm beyond weirded out'.

"What?" House asked, fairly non-plused.

"Nothing," Foreman shook his head unbelievingly, "It's just weird to see you in a semi-functional relationship."

"Semi-functional my ass," House mumbled, dialling the phone again.

"Hello?" Chase sounded tired as his voice bounced off the walls of the conference room.

"Hey Chase?" House called over from his chair.


"Hate you."

"Hate you too, House," Chase said cheerfully, hanging up the phone and smiling slightly as he climbed into his car.

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