***/*** Hotch, Reid, Morgan ***/***

"Fame" Duran Duran covering David Bowie

When Kenneth Marosky insisted that he would only talk to Morgan, Hotch realized just what kind of sexual sadist they had on their hands. Everything pointed to Marosky kidnapping, raping and killing three Hispanic women, but the evidence was circumstantial. There was no way it was going to stand up in court. No way at all.

Worse? There was a fourth woman missing and they were certain this man did it.

"I want to talk to an expert," Marosky lisped as he leaned forward in his chair, bearing his teeth in an unfriendly smile.

Prentiss ignored his statement and continued with her questioning. "Where is Araceli Idoya?"

Reid entered the observation room and stood next to Hotch. He cleared his throat a little before stating, "He has a journal that ranks the members of the BAU based on the number of interviews, press conferences, awards, presentations, publications…"

"He's chosen Morgan because he believes that Morgan is at the bottom," Hotch spat quietly.

"Something like that."