"I can't believe I'm doing this, but..." the Wolf took Granny's coffee and handed it to his creepy squirrel friend Twitchy. "Drink up."

Twitchy grabbed the cup and chugged it down... then he went batshit insane. "COFFEE! YEAH, BABY!" He made some odd noises and spun around, leaving the cup in the Wolf's hands as he ran down the trail.

"What...have I done?" Wolf asked to himself as he heard the sonic boom erupting from Twitchy's race down the trail.

The Woodsman twiddled his thumbs for a moment. "Duhh...I think you just made squirrel go crazy!"

"Rhetorical question, but thanks." The Wolf said as he tossed the coffee mug away.

Meanwhile, Red was tied up and headed to Boingo's evil lair with him, but who cares about that, this story is about the crazy Squirrel.

Twitchy ran down the trail and eventually headed towards the street where the cops were driving down...

But suddenly Iron Man landed in front of him, stopping him in his tracks. "I am Iron Man, and boy the animation here really sucks." He looked down and noticed Twitchy making some odd noises. "What the hell is this thing? Looks like a squirrel on crack..."

"I'm-not-on-crack, I-just-had-me-some-COFFEEEEEEE!" Twitchy shouted out for all to hear.

Iron Man stared at him for a moment. "Right, no, I still think you're on crack, dude. Did you put crack in the coffee, boy?" Twitchy made some more noises. "I...what? You're speaking too fast, I can't...Oh whatever." He blasted the squirrel away and looked around. "I'm bored now...I'm gonna go get drunk somewhere." He flew off into the distance.