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"The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile." -Plato

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Chapter 1- The Change

Tsukune was having a pretty good day. He had enjoyed his return to his home for 6 months. It had been pretty uneventful in regards to actual problems once Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari had been escorted away from his house. Though there was this one time he got a headache anytime he thought about it. He had been out on a trip with his parents in the countryside when he blacked out and woke up in his room. He was out almost 2 days but his parents had said they didn't know where he had gone. Tsukune had initially panicked thinking the ghoul had gotten loose but no unexplained disappearances were reported nor was Tsukune full of blood when he awoke so he brushed it off and put it down in one of those things that just happens to him.

That was another weird thing that happened to him this morning. When he woke up the holy lock was shining. Not shining like it was breaking shining like something was happy. Tsukune had felt at peace with it shining. When he smiled that morning a wind had picked up outside and brushed the trees and gave Tsukune a sense of serenity from the branches creaking. Yet another thing that confused him was ever since he woke up from that he could feel the wind moving and shaping. Feel the currents rolling in the high atmosphere and how it caressed his face and body as he moved. But he could do nothing else with this but feel at peace so he left it alone and enjoyed the sense he seemed to gain from his youki radar and settled into his seat on the bus.

He looked at the letter in his hand it read,

Dear Tsukune,
Cutting to the chase, Are you well?
Today I have very happy news! This spring Youkai Academy is reopening!
It has been more than half a year since last year's riot at the school forced it to close.
I owe it all to Tsukune, Because we haven't seen each other I've been so lonely!
I'll be looking forward to this spring... Hurry up I want to see Tsukune.

Tsukune looked at it and read it one last time before closing it and looking at the swirling lights of the transdimensional tunnel that led to his school. He had enjoyed his first year of high school with these people and he was going to enjoy the rest of his time there with them as well. Though he could do with a little less drama.

The Bus Driver chuckled, "A letter from a friend? That's nice, neh boy. But little by little things will add up. At any rate terrible things will happen at Youkai Academy. This is your last chance to turn back." giving the same warning from a year ago.

Tsukune merely smiled as he stepped off the bus. "I know this is my last chance to turn back but I want to be with my friends." Tsukune thought to himself. Tsukune began his trek through the dead woods towards the school. He remembered how he had been hit by Moka when he took this very route a year ago. He looked to the Holay Lock as it jingled. He rather liked the accessory it looked cool and gave him a bit of a badass christian look but he was scared of what it contained. That huge bloodlust he felt and still feels. He had managed to suppress it but it was always there lurking underneath waiting for him to let his guard down. Though he only really thirsted for one person's blood he could feel the pull of certain others. Usually powerful youkai or humans with special powers.

He walked up the road towards the school mingling into the crowd so as not to draw attention to himself. Something he had not managaed to do last year. Everyone from the previous year knew of Tsukune and his group. They had made the school safer and kept it running. Tsukune was known to the older people for 3 things. 3) His Kindness. He was kind to everyone even though he was an extremely powerful monster (in their eyes) he would help even the lowest. 2) His Power. He had managed to defeat Kuyou the former leader of the student police force singlehandedly. 1) His girls. He had the three most desirable women within his grade and one that would mature into a fine young lady all hanging on him to choose them for his attentions.

Though for the guys he was known as a player. To anyone near Tsukune they would know the reason he had his girls was because he had no backbone when it came to the girls. If they said jump he would ask how high? He could never confess his feelings for Moka Akashiya the resident vampire because of three reasons. The first being he was terrified of what Inner Moka might do to him if he went someplace she did not approve of. The second was the courage to actually admit he liked her to her. The final reason was he did not have the guts to break the other girls' hearts.

Tsukune was broken out of his musing by the sound of Yukari's voice. "And also we will have to decline your flirting. Moka-san's already declared Aono Tsukune as the man fit to be her future lover." His heart started to beat fast. That was something he had hoped though his heart slowed a bit at Moka's words.

"Tsukune isn't my lover!" she declared.

"I said it so they would stop flirting." Yukari responded.

"and what if he heard you say that?" Moka retorted.

Tsukune decided to make himself apparent and spoke up, "Eh? Moka-san?" pretending not to have been there before.

Moka turned around to look at Tsukune. As she did Tsukune was struck by how cute she looked when she was flustered. "Tsu-Tsukune did you hear that conversation?"

Tsukune feigned ignorance to save himself from the hurt. "Conversation?" he questioned.

Moka sighed and said, "Er, well it's nothing Tsukune just forget about it." Tsukune nodded his head as Moka fixed her hair.

Tsukune was basking in Moka's cuteness and declaring how good it was to be in this school when he suddenly heard, "Ah! Found you!" and was promptly being smothered by two very soft pillows. "Kurumph le- -o" Tsukune mombled through her breasts as he tried to breath.

"Who is that?" the random guy asked.

Yukari frowned, "That's Kurono Kurumu. She's a succubus and Tsukune's worshipper."

"Worshipper?" the guy asked. As a Ice kunai came out and hit Kurumu in the head. "Ah and who is that?" he said pointing to the now revealed Mizore.

"Mizore-chan arigato. Ohayo." Tsukune said in greeting to the female in the bushes on the other side of the road. "Ohayo Tsukune." she replied.

"She is Tsukune's stalker." Yukari supplied.

As Yukari explained the situation a threeway staredown was in progress with Tsukune in the middle. "Girls please stop this. We have not been together for so long shouldn't we-" Tsukune pleaded while standing in the middle of them.

He was cut off by Kurumu's cry, "I will prove my superiority!"


Tsukune was sitting in the classroom with bandages over most of his face. He had managed to stop the fighting but at the cost of his body. He seemed to be feeling better than normal after his beating but he was having trouble seeing past the pain so he might have been imagining it. He looked up at his catlike sensei. Mrs. Nekonome was explaining how the school was for youkai and how the humans owned the planet. Tsukune was wondering where he fit into all of those categories, "monster" he heard someone whisper and as he turned his head he noticed Moka quickly diverting her eyes.

Tsukune was a bit amused at Moka's obvious staring after that but he left her alone. No reason to mock the woman he loved. Once the bell rang he tried to get to Moka but she ran out of the door as fast as she could. Tsukune sat back down and engaged in some light conversation with Kurumu. Moka would talk to him when she was ready.

Moka was walking down the hallways thinking about Tsukune. "Crap ever since Yukari said Tsukune was my lover I get so concious around him. What is this?" she thought to herself. She heard some chuckling behind her she turned around to see Yukari there. "O! Yukari-chan what are you doing?"

Yukari said, "Is it really good to take things so slowly?"

Moka looked confused as Yukari continued, "I really like both you and Tsukune and to speak honestly you both want each other. And then I will be invited into the bed between your slick..." perverted fantasies abound.

Moka gets flustered and says, "You aren't in a position to do that!"

Yukari chuckles before saying, "Don't be so prude Moka-san~ Take a look at this!" She presented a vase looking object, "Magical Item Horehore-kun. One peek inside and it will show you the way."

Moka got closer to look inside and said, "I don't see anything Yukari-chan."

Yukari chuckled menacingly, "This is for my desire." as she activated the device which sprewed something into Moka's scent. Yukari continued chuckling as Moka's eyes glazed over.

Tsukune was getting a little worried that Moka had been gone so long. Right as he was about to suggest they search for her Yukari walks in and says, "Tsukune-san~ can you come here for a moment?" Tsukune got up and walked over to Yukari.

"Is something wrong Yukari-chan?" Tsukune said as he walked over.

"Nothing's wrong Tsukune-san just come here a second." Yukari giggled as he made his way through the classroom.

Yukari whispered to Tsukune, "Moka-san is waiting out in the graveyard for you. I will keep the milk cow and Mizore here so you can have some alone time." Tsukune nodded and said, "Arigato Yukari-chan."

Tsukune left the room and Yukari began her plan to keep Kurumu and Mizore there.

Tsukune walked into the graveyard and saw Moka standing there. His thoughts though were "Why are we in such a lifeless place maybe this is a chance at an unforeseen best?" he made his way over to Moka and noticed something was off with her but could not quite put his finger on it. He said, "Ohayo Moka-san."

Tsukune was still in a little bit of a daze as he greeted Moka so Moka spoke up, "Tsukune." she said softly like she was speaking to a lover.

Tsukune looked up at her odd tone and noticed her flushed face and glazed eyes, "Eh?" he questioned

Moka said, "Kiss Me."

Tsukune floundered. "Ki- ehhh? What's this about all of a sudden?" he started to babble.

Moka suddenly lost her glazed look for a second and said, "I feel a little awkward." But recovered fast. "O ah but... not a kiss... on the lips. A kiss like that is not okay." she said.

Tsukune breathed a sigh of relief but said, "That's right how about a kiss on the hand? That is well within the range." he suggested.

Moka said, "No not on the hand either." She lifted her skirt slightly and pushed out her thigh. "Here." She said and pulled Tsukune towards her thigh.

"Say what? Moka-san you are acting weird today what's wrong?" Tsukune asked.

"It's ok hurry up, No need to be embarrassed." She said as she pushed his face next to her thigh and sat down. "Did you know? that if you kiss the leg of a woman It's like an eternal vow that you will belong to her. Kurumu-chan and Mizore-chan. Don't do this with them. This way you will only belong to me."

Tsukune's brain fried at that sentence. He began to think Moka really wanted this and was debating to do as she said. He leaned in after having decided she wanted this and he was willing to give it to her when, "Witchcraft a Succubus' special technique!" Tsukune was grabbed by the vines and twisted into the air away from Moka.

"I knew it was useless." he said to himself.

Kurumu said she had followed him because she had a bad premonition. Kurumu flew up to a tree and started to berate him about Moka and how she was showing her true colors now but he had not listened to her. How she was being perverted and doing things he shouldn't be doing with Moka. "That's why if that woman ever starts to act weird again you come and get me... or I'll completely crush you." She said while making him grope her breast and Tsukune's head lost blood again as he tried to resist. Luckily Moka seemed to retain some of her Vampire strength right at that moment and broke her vine bindings.

Moka grabbed a crosslike metal and bashed the tree Kurumu and Tsukune were standing on and made them fall out of it. "Ku- You" Kurumu began before the tree knocked her out.

Moka caught Tsukune bridal style and said, "Phew that was dangerous Tsukune." she smiled at Tsukune.

Tsukune said, "Moka-san." "What's wrong with you today?" he thought to himself. He missed the eye on the rosario.

As Moka went to leave with Tsukune, she was suddenly grabbed by a ice claw at her foot. "So you finally show your true ancestral colors eh Moka-san?" Mizore said.

"I manipultaed the underground water and froze you Moka-san. I say what will happen and no one will take Tsukune." She said as she froze Moka to the headstone.

Mizore looked to Tsukune and said, "Geez for Moka to go as far as to awaken we can't be so careless. Tsukune let's go make a baby." Tsukune started to sweat bullets as Moka got angrier.

"Point is we are certain to have a good life and you could say 'the kid is the clamp,' No need to be shy this will be my first time too." Mizore said as Tsukune continued to try to escape.

Moka said, "Wait you!" as she started to lift the gravestone. Mizore explained how her power was useless as she was frozen but that was crashed when the gravestone hit Mizore knocking her out. "Hup!" Moka said as she tossed it. "There that nuisance is gone." Moka said as she dusted he hands.

As moka walked off Mizore and Kurumu were thinking about how it was impossible for outer Moka to be so strong when Yukari came up and explained HoreHore-kun's effects. "It removes all of the heart's reasoning and purity and acts like an aphrodisiac. I got the idea form the Lilith mirror!" she was excited her project had worked. But when Mizore and Kurumu tied her up and hung her over a pit of ice spikes with a candle slowly burning her rope and rushed off to help Tsukune she was not so happy.

Tsukune was laying over Moka as she sat up with her chest leaning back on her elbows. She started to cry slightly as Tsukune looked at her. "Tsukune I realized how badly I wanted to be with you over this break. When I wasn't with you I felt this horrible lonely agony. The whole time I just wanted to be with you." she confessed.

Tsukune said, "Me too Moka-san. Now no one is in our way." as he closed in on Moka's lips

Moka said, "This time for sure." as she closed her eyes in preparation

Tsukune mumbled, "For sure." as he went in for the final push and hit something metal like.

The rosary started to thrash around on its chain as Moka and Tsukune tried to decide what was wrong. Tsukune grabbed the cross and held it as he examined it to keep it from flailing about. He stared at it and said "Anyway just stop it already!" the seal gave a finally tug and Tsukune pulled the rosario off.

Tsukune satrted to panic, "Oh Crud I used too much power and took the rosario off Craaaaaaaap!" he said as Moka went through her transformation. The entire area bathed in red demonic light as Moka's body filled out and became sexier. Her hair changed form its bubblegum pink to metallic silver. Her eyes went from emerald green to ruby red with slits. And Inner moka was underneath Tsukune in all her glory.

"How dare you touch me so friendly. How dare you... my body." she said as she awoke from her seals slumber.

"Eh no... wait!" Tsukune tried to reason.

"Even more why are you riding on top of me?" she asked, "It's as if you're..."

"Wai-" Tsukune said as he was kicked

"Know your place." she said using her coined phrase as she launched Tsukune into a tree

"An aphrodisiac huh?" Tsukune said after he awoke.

"Then Moka-san's actions today were-" "completely the aphrodiasiacs fault." Inner moka completed.

"However, my supreme pride as a vampire will not allow a lowly human like you to get near me." she said.

"B-but the surface Moka." Tsukune began only to be cut off.

"Tsukune you should watch what you say. I have split personalities. My power is sealed, and my heart is different from hers. However, I have no other choice other than to use this body. In other words if you touch Moka-san, the outer me, that would be the same as touching me and that would just be too rude for me to permit don't you think?" she said as Kurumu and Mizore arrived. "From now on, these two personalities have nothing to do with each other. You are not allowed to touch this body. If you wish for Akashiya Moka then you have no choice but to seduce me. Naturally, I am impossible for you to capture." Inner moka said.

Kurumu had a thumbs up saying "Go Reverse Moka!"

While Mizore said, "Sounds like a badly packaged deal she is selling him.

When Moka said she was unattainable something within Tsukune snapped. "YES!" he heard something whisper. He couldn't tell where it had been or where it had come from but anger rose to his eyes as he looked at Inner Moka. "And? what will you do if I touch outer Moka?" he asked in a whisper only Moka could hear.

Moka raised an eyebrow. "I will show you your place." she answered.

Tsukune stood and moved closer so only Moka and Tsukune could hear each other and said, "How would you do that Moka-san?"

Moka looked at him with disbelief as she watched him approach her with a steady gait and a confidant air. "You have seen me fight Tsukune." she said plainly.

Tsukune nodded as he looked at her with smoldering eyes, "Indeed I have and what a wonderful sight it is to see you defeating your enemies so easily. But tell me how can you show me my place with your power locked away?" he asked in a husky voice.

Moka looked at Tsukune with a calm face. "I must come out sometime." she retorted.

Tsukune shook his head. "Moka-san. You need not come out at all. You assume we rely on you for protection but you forget our group is plenty strong so long as we remain within the school walls we are nigh untouchable. If I do not remove your rosary you are stuck as a regular youkai in human form with surperior strength and none of the experience to use it. If I remove the rosary I will die and if I don't I will die so why should I? So tell me again Moka-san why I should be afraid of such an empty threat as you showing me my place?"

Moka's mouth opened and her eyes widened as she realized the truth of Tsukune's words. She was defenseless if Tsukune could not remove the seal. How could she have missed such an obvious fact? She smirked as she thought of the excuse, "You would never let your friends remain in trouble if you could help it. You will remove the seal to stop bloodshed."

Tsukune raised his eyebrow. "Yes that is true. However, I will simply let them escape as I hold them off and then escape myself. I can feel my power now and can hold it long enough to stop even you for a few blows. That is long enough for everyone else to get away. Living without Moka-san I could not bear."

Moka stood there looking at him with critical eyes until Tsukune did something he had never done before. "Moka-san would you like to be the first to drink from me willingly? Outer Moka-san gets caught up with my scent and usually takes before she asks. You say that giving blood is the sign of highest honor and love within your culture well would you drink from me?" Tsukune said as he bared his neck giving her a chance to snap it or drink.

Moka looked stunned for a few seconds before looking at Tsukune's eyes and seeing no fear only acceptance. She leaned in and ran her tongue along his neck in a sensual pattern. "You have changed Tsukune. You would never dare to talk back to me before. Interesting. You have the power to protect us and the will to do so. You have passed my first test. But this blood is mine. No one else gets any and you let me out a little more often to talk. It gets so boring in that seal. You may hold her hand but that is all Tsukune do not betray my trust or I will break the seal to show you your place." with that she bit into Tsukune's neck and Tsukune winced at the slightly larger puncture holes she made. He grinned as he heard her moan from his blood.

"Bite her too!" he heard. he moved his eyes trying to find who kept talking to him as Moka continued feeding. She finally let go and licked his wounds closed before whispering in his ear so low she was probably talking to herself.

"So delicious the memories don't even compare. But it seems it is lighter. It gives me a feeling of walking on air." she murmered. Tsukune smiled at her.

"I am glad you liked it you are welcome to as much as you want if you but give me a chance. You will see there is more to me than what you remember." He said with a smirk.

Moka simply looked into his eyes before grabbing her rosario and clicking it back on. Moka fell forward into Tsukune's arms as he looked at the shocked faces of Mizore and Kurumu at the fact Inner Moka had fed from Tsukune. Tsukune chuckled as he headed to the dorms and deposited Moka in her room and passed out in his own.

The next Day

Tsukune was walking to class when he heard gasps coming from behind him and he turned to smile at Moka. "Ohayo Moka-san." Tsukune said.

"Ohayo Tsukune." She replied.

Tsukune was a little wary of what Moka remembered about yesterday and what happened after he released Inner Moka. He could feel something had changed within him. He was more confidant than he had ever been before. A sense of power flowed through him. Not youki power and not even that strange feeling he got when a small gust of wind came at his command. It was a different internal power that seemed to stem from the back of his mind. It did nothing but grant him the confidence to use his abilities without fear.

As moka and Tsukune were doing their morning ritual the usual disturbance was coming flying in at Tsukune. "Yahoo- Tsukune!" Kurumu yelled and dove at Tsukune's face. Not one person was not surprised when Tsukune kept walking and everyone had to blink and look where Kurumu was. She had landed in the dirt right where Tsukune should have been. Everyone looked between Tsukune and Kurumu one final time before shrugging it off and Kurumu pouting.

Moka looked at Tsukune and said, "How did you dodge her Tsukune? you usually get suffocated." Though she was not complaining, The less Tsukune got suffocated the better.

Tsukune merely looked at Moka and saw her roasary glowing and said, "Ohayo Moka-san." while staring at her chest.

Moka looked confused before she heard Ura-chan's voice in her head. "Tell him I said hello and that he better dodge Kurumu from now on." Inner Moka was pleased at his sensing abilities even sealed she could sense Kurumu's attack and it seemed Tsukune could as well. Outer Moka relayed the message.

"I will do as best I can Moka-san." he said while staring at Moka's rosary again while slightly bowing his head and saw the eye fade from existence.

Tsukune decided some information gathering was in order, "Moka-san what is it you remember from yesterday?" he asked.

Moka blushed before relaying she had remembered almost everything up until he released Inner Moka, she remembered Inner Moka giving him a thrashing and then it went blank. (The physical not emotional thrashing) "But even if I was under an Aphrodisiac it was still something I wanted to do on some level so don't get down Tsukune!" she said trying to cheer her best friend up.

Tsukune smiled at Moka and said, "Yeah. Don't worry."

Moka leaned in captivated by his scent. "Oh Tsukune I'm sorry I haven't had breakfast!"

Tsukune rolled his eyes and watched as Moka latched onto his neck before he could protest. "Capuchuuuuu~"

It was going to be a long year but there had been a Change.

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