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"Love is a fire that keeps your heart burning with desire." -Unknown

Chapter 10- Rescue and a Second Mate

"Welcome Mizore-chan." The Snow Priestess said from her shrine of ice. Mizore's eyes widened as she looked upon the epitome of Ice women. "I am the Snow Priestess and this is my shrine." she finished as Mizore felt her legs get very weak upon hearing the famed leader of her village's introduction.

"I rule these lands and I have taken you here to keep you safe. You are the woman of the prophecy and you are destined for a great act." she said in a grand voice.

"You're so cruel, had you not interrupted by now, Tsukune-san and I would have..." Mizore said as she laid on the ground with tears in her eyes.

"NO." the Snow Priestess said forcefully, "I am a prophet who can see the future and you and that boy, Tsukune, are never meant to be bound to one another." she said.

Mizore's blue eyes seemed to grow inordinately large at that declaration. "Hoho! What's this? I was wondering what was happening this late at night." a greasy-looking suave man appeared behind Mizore, leaning against one of the many pillars in the wide shrine, "So, she has finally appeared, the woman who is to be my bride." he said while looking at Mizore's barely covered body with interest.

Mizore stiffened and her heart cried out as this man looked at her, her heart and mind screaming at her that it was untrue, that this man was not to be her husband. "Mizore-chan, may I introduce, Fujisaki-san, an executive of an organization in the human world. This is the man you are meant to be bound to." the Snow Priestess said to Mizore as if it was a great honor, "no." Mizore whispered to herself, "Through marrying this man, you will become the saviour to this dying land." the Snow Priestess finished.

"Hello, I am Miyabi Fujisaki, it is a pleasure to meet you. Woman of my destiny." the greasy man said as he bowed slightly while Mizore's eyes became shadowed by her bangs.

"Your plan will fail," Mizore said which caused the other two to stare at her incredulously, her normally shy nature being bolstered by what Tsukune had said before the Snow Priestess had taken her away, "No matter what you do, I will never marry this man. There is only one man who will become my husband, and I will have him or no other." she said as she looked up at the Snow Priestess in defiance. "Damn the laws, damn the preservation of our race, I will only marry who I love and that man will come for me. He will tear this tower down around your heads and leave it as nothing more than snow in this white land." she said as she finally stood.

The Snow priestess looked shocked for a moment before Fukisaki spoke, "That.." he said as he paused, "is not perfect." he finished before he grabbed Mizore's hand and began leading her away from the Snow Priestess, "I will take her to her room to wait for the ceremony." he said and walked out of the shrine with Mizore in tow.

Fujisaki and Mizore walked into the room and Mizore was put onto the bed as Fujisaki turned around and closed the door behind her. He walked over to a small stove and began brewing some tea as Mizore moved from her position on the bed to a chair sitting by the window, looking out at the snowstorm that had picked up when she had been brought here. "Tsukune." she whispered softly as she swirled her sucker in her mouth.

A silence started to stretch between the two as the male seemed preoccupied with his tea and Mizore with her introspection. The tea kettle started to let out its high pitched whistle as the water inside it boiled. Mizore heard the man move around, the clink of the teacup being set upon the small platter accompanied with the reduction in the whistle as he poured his hot water into the teacup making tea with the leaves held within. He mixed his tea and took a sip before speaking to her, "It is beautiful is it not?" he asked. "It is a perfectly controlled society with complete obedience to the Snow Priestess. A relationship built around prophecy." he commented to her, causing Mizore's eyes to narrow at him, "I like things that are perfect. So I want this land, because it is perfect." he said causing Mizore's eyes to widen in shock.

"Just what does this guy want." she thought to herself as he moved next to her to look out the window. "Once you become my wife," he said, almost as if it had already happened, "If you are imperfect, it would displease me." the man said, to which Mizore scowled.

"Then it is a good thing I am not going to be your wife since you want perfection, I will not be subject to you." Mizore responded. Miyabi chuckled.

"It matters not what you want Mizore. You will be my wife, and you will remove that sucker from your mouth, it is not charming." he said as Mizore looked down at her sucker before pulling it out of her mouth and reflecting.

"This is a sign of the time I spent with my friends. I will never part with this. Just as I will never part with Tsukune. He will come for me. I know he will." she thought to herself.

"I know that snow women suck on those things to keep their body temperature's lowered but you don't need it here." Miyabi suddenly leaned down and captured Mizore's lips in a kiss. Mizore felt disgusted, revolted, scared, afraid, tainted. As the kiss ended, Miyabi spoke again, "Your lips feel so cold. You needn't worry, I won't do anything bad to you... or this village." he said as he tossed her on the bed and began to kiss her again while one hand began to fondle her breasts, his leg pushing open her own two legs and spreading her yukata.

"Tsukune, help me!" Mizore thought as she felt this man violate her body with his impure actions.

Tsukune, Moka, Yukari, Kokoa, Ruby, and Tsurara all sat around a table after having heard of what the flower offering ceremony really was. Tsukune had a rather vicious looking snarl on his face while Moka sat next to him attempting to calm him down. Yukari, Kokoa, and Ruby were all sweating light bullets, "You mean to tell me you were sending us to get our husbands from some prophecy?" Kokoa shouted at Tsurara. She merely laughed daintily.

"I don't care what the flower offering is, Mizore-chan is mine and I will not have her somewhere other than by my side." Tsukune growled out, his eyes flashing red when he spoke of her. Moka seemed happy as she rubbed his back comfortingly while Yukari had stars in her eyes in thinking he had finally accepted Mizore.

Tsurara looked at Tsukune with a smile, "That is truely what you feel?" she asked, "Even if she has to leave her homeland to be with you... would you still take her?" she asked.

Tsukune looked her straight in the eye, "If Mizore-chan still wants me, then yes. Even if I have to fight this whole dimension, she will be. with me." he said, his determination causing his youkai to flare and his earring to rattle on its small ring. Tsurara smiled a bit wider.

"Then you need a solid plan of attack, the shrine is large and quite complex." she said as she suddenly rolled out a map of the shrine, "I would suggest making two parties, one for distracting, one for getting Mizore out, and then leaving at separate exits to avoid a concentrated capture party." she said as she started to draw attack plans for one group and the place where Mizore probably was in the other. Then escape plans after Mizore had been located and released. "Mizore is probably in the eastern wing with the guest quarters so the diversion will draw the security into the west wing so the capture party has little resistance. The parties can then escape using their respective exits and Mizore won't even be found missing until you are long gone." Tsurara said as she outlined their plan of attack.

Yukari nodded, "A sound plan Tsurara-san. How did you come up with it so fast?" she asked as Tsurara walked over to a bookshelf and pushed it aside to show a wall full of snowball launchers, "uh, and how did you get all those!" she exclaimed.

Tsurara laughed daintily again, "Oh, you know I wanted to be a spy for awhile so I just planned ahead." she said lightly. "Now then, we need to get Tsukune-kun some change of clothes," she said as a twinkle appeared in her eyes, "and a wig since only women are allowed within the shrine." she said as all of the girls got strange gleams in their eyes.

"Tsukune, if you allow them to put you in women's clothing I will not allow you access to my powers." Both Contractor and Ghoul spoke up in a rare form of unity.

"If I can't dress up as a woman to get in, then how am I supposed to?" he questioned while backing away from his mate's suddenly gleaming rosario and bright green eyes.

"Easy, we fly." Contractor said making Tsukune smile dangerously, "Sorry ladies but I have a different way of getting into the tower, I think I should be the covert team and you can all be a distraction, with the more of you over there, they will definitely have a harder time catching you and you can always fly away if it gets too intense." he said.

The girls deflated upon hearing this, they seemed to have a inordinate amount of pleasure built up to dress him as a woman, "But, Tsukune-kun, you would look so great as a woman!" Tsurara said which caused Tsukune to sweatdrop.

"Be that as it may, I think Tsukune-kun's plan is sound, if he can get into the tower undetected they wouldn't have any idea that there was another group since they couldn't follow us from the shrine." Yukari said.

"Then it is settled, Tomorrow, we go and take back Mizore-chan." Tsukune said as he slammed his fist down on the table, "and I will stop anyone in my way, you girls just stay safe alright?" he asked as he looked at all of the girls gathered around him. They all smiled and nodded at him before he walked away and out of the house, his blood pumping from having Mizore taken from him earlier.

Tsukune looked up at the sky and said, "Soon Mizore-chan, Soon you will be back in my hands, and then... you will never be so frail again." he growled out remembering how she had shaken when he reached out to touch her.

Tsukune watched as the procession of women disappeared into the Tower from his position near the East Wing. His face grew grim as he set himself into mission mode and listened in through his earpiece to hear when the girls moved into the shrine proper and the ceremoney began. He waited a few more minutes before hearing Moka ask to use the restroom and Tsukune knew it was time.

"Contractor, if you would." he thought, he felt the wind pick up around him, much like when he had left the Headmaster's office. It gently swayed around him before picking him up and levitating him to the closest window, he looked in and noticed that it led to a wide open area, he slashed the window open with a blade of wind and stepped inside the area before looking around and noticing a grand staircase that led deeper into the East wing. He remembered that led to the guest quarters from the map Tsurara had shown him and began to move towards it, "Thank you Contractor." he thought as he moved quietly.

"Tsukune, things on our end are getting a bit heavier than we expected, we may not be able to give you as much time as we thought." Ruby's voice floated over his earpiece into his ear. He nodded.

"Acknowledged Ruby, you get out of there if you need to. I will find Mizore-chan and meet you back at the bus stop." he replied.

"So." a voice came from behind Tsukune, causing Tsukune to turn and face the unknown person, "this is the true operation, gathering Shirayuki Mizore and bringing her back?" he said as if it was ridiculous to even think about doing so, "Let me tell you, last night, that woman's heart and body were taken. She was stolen by another certain man." he said, causing Tsukune's eyes to flash dangerously as his earring rattled by his ear. Miyabi continued, unconcerned for the rage building in his audience's eyes, "You see, in order to revive the dying lands of her race, the Snow Priestess is entering into a cooperative relationship with a certain organization. She is giving the strongest woman of their line as a, shall we say, 'hostage' to this organization." he said as if Tsukune's glare meant nothing to him, despite the large amount of hate within his amber orbs, "the name of this 'hostage' is Shirayuki Mizore, so you see, running to get her is useless." he said while smiling nicely at Tsukune's murderous gaze.

"Who are you?" Tsukune asked his youki trembling behind his seal., attempting to stop himself from just ripping this guy's head off his shoulder.

"Don't... come." Mizore's voice traveled from the top of the staircase, causing Tsukune to stop glaring and stare up at Mizore in relief, "You can't come. It's like that guy says, I have been dirtied, I can't make love to Tsukune anymore, my body isn't pure." she said as tears streamed down her face causing Tsukune to growl, "So leave, forget about me." she said as her body crumbled into ice.

"Mizore-chan." Tsukune said his eyes widened, as he took steps towards her body as she started to crumble, "Don't say that, your body is perfect no matter what, don't you ever say you aren't worthy to love me." he said as he reached out to her only to have her break apart. He stared at her ice remains until Miyabi suddenly started to laugh upraoriously. Tsukune's youki spiked but the man continued.

"Dirtied? Ha! She thinks I actually had sex with her? She's a little girl, I'm not into those." he said derisively. "I just messed with her a bit, really, all that crying over a simple kiss? Saying she's dirtied, she needs to get over herself, the little bitch." he said.

"Bastard. I've wasted enough time listening to you." Tsukune said as he suddenly disappeared and reappeared next to Miyabi, his eyes widening as Tsukune's own flashed red before Miyabi was sent tumbling straight back into a wall across the wing. Tsukune snorted before turning and heading back towards where Mizore was, "I'm coming Mizore, and no one is going to stop me until I have my little White flower." he said as he began stalking towards the room he could smell Mizore was in.

Tsukune opened the door to Mizore standing on the ledge of her window, his hand outstretched towards her as his eyes turned from solid amber to warm pools of liquid gold. His gaze held all the love and affection he held for Mizore as his eyes locked with her own sapphire orbs. He hated those tears which flowed down her face, the look of hopelessness that invaded her normally shy and reserved sapphire eyes. The look of utter revulsion she had upon seeing him as if she was no longer worthy to be in his mere presence. A snarl was witheld in his throat as he stared at her.

"I told you not to come Tsukune." she said through her tears, "I'm not worthy of your love. My body has been tainted by that man's touch."she said as she started to fall back, but Tsukune dashed forward, his youki easily allowing him to dash across the short area and leap into the windwo to grab her by the leg and drag her back inside to the safety of his arms as he leaned down and planted a kiss on her lips.

"I told you never to say that again Mizore-chan." he said before leaning in again and catching her lips in yet another kiss, Mizore finally being able to regain her bearings and noticing his kiss, she melted into it, her previous feelings of disgust and revulsion being purged with the intense way he held her and the emotion put forth by his kiss, "You." Tsukune said as he pulled back and then leaned back in for another kiss not allowing her more than half a breath from the intense roiling emotions that threatened to burst from her, "are." Tsukune said as he pulled away again and looked into her eyes, his forehead touching hers as she panted from his intense kisses, her eyes locked with his and she felt her feelings of impurity and unworthiness purged as he purred out his last word, "mine." he leaned in and grasped her lips in yet another kiss, her body melting into him as his hands grasped her butt and pulled her cool body next to his flushed one, molding her very close into his own body as she gasped and he slipped a tongue into her mouth, thoroughly exploring it as he put his claim upon her body.

He finally pulled back after minutes of kissing her senseless and looked down at his panting, flushed mate-to-be, a feeling of pride settling into his chest as he could feel his connection with her beginning to strengthen. He leaned down, his head going past her panting lips and lightly placed his ear on her open chest, right above her heart as her yukata had slipped during her almost fall, "Is this mine?" he purred softly to her body. He felt her breaths even out and her arms finally reach out to grab his head, crushing it to her own heart as she shook with sobs.

"I was so scared Tsukune!" she sobbed and Tsukune leaned up, wrapping her in a bear hug, allowing her to release herself in his embrace, "He forced himself on me, taking my lips, pushing me with strength far beyond my own. I have never felt more scared in my whole life Tsukune." she sobbed to him, his eyes flashing dangerously. "He touched me everywhere, it was all so fast that I didn;t even have time to resist, my lips, my breasts. I-I couldn't stop him." she rubbed her face into his chest as he started to growl.

"That man will pay Mizore-chan, he will pray to Kami to be released from this world when I get ahold of him." Tsukune promised and Mizore seemed to quiet down, her body having grown limp in his hands, "But first, I think we should get out of here, don't you Mizore-chan, after all Moka-chan wishes to get to know her future mate better." he whispered into her ear causing Mizore's head to shoot up and lock eyes with his own, her eyes showing the brilliance that he so loved, the adoration and almost obsession she held for him.

"Really? I didn't just dream that?" she asked as if everything he just did or that moment in the snow field hadn't happened, Tsukune chuckled and nodded his head.

"Hai Mizore-chan, if you wish, I want you as my mate." he said which caused Mizore to leap up and capture his lips once more in a searingly cold kiss that surpassed the ones he had just laid upon her lips. Tsukune eagerly returned her sentiments leaving both breathless after the engagement. He smiled down at her and she chuckled lightly, completely content and serene in his arms, until they heard Tsukune's earpiece crackle to life and Kokoa's voice come across it.

"Get out Quick, we won't make it alive, Why?" Kokoa asked with a hint of despair in her voice, "Why is Kahlua-neesan here?" she questioned before the line went dead. Tsukune's body froze as he felt a powerful sealed vampire presence suddenly make itself known.

"Mizore-chan, it would seem we have an enemy we must face before we leave, let's go." he said as he stood, Mizore at his side as they both rushed from the room and towards the shrine, hoping they weren't too late.

Tsukune cursed as he knocked out the last of the members that had tried to waylay Mizore and himself, "Something's wrong with Moka-chan, can you feel it?" Ghoul said. Tsukune sent a mental nod, "We should hurry." Tsukune thought back as he spotted the corridor leading to the shrine. "Finally!" he said and looked back to look at Mizore, she smiled at him before she grew grim, the feeling of a powerful enemy behind the door leading to the shrine.

Tsukune and Mizore burst into the room to see Moka being attacked by a white haired beauty with dark skin wearing a white ceremonial dress which left her shoulders and upper arms revealed with two crosses hanging from her ears as earrings. She wore high heels and a diamond tiara crowned her head to complete the ensemble. Tsukune's eyes narrowed, at the woman while the rest of the group seemed to sigh in relief.

"Tsukune!" Moka yelled, "Mizore-chan!" she looked scared for them both.

"Aha! So this is the Mizore-chan we need. It is a pleasure to meet you!" the dark skinned beauty said as she started to walk towards them.

Tsukune stepped protectively in front of her, his eyes wary as he took in his adversary. Mizore noticed the Snow Priestess and how she was bound, she stepped away and over to the Priestess, "This is what they did to you? Even after entering into a alliance?" she questioned as she undid the bindings on the Snow Priestess' face, being watched by all in the room. "I'm sorry but the alliance won't be happening. My love has accepted me and I will not leave him again. I bear you no ill will but I cannot help my village at the cost of my own self. However I still wish it good life." she finally said, causing Moka to look at Tsukune and smile.

The Snow Priestess' head fell down and for a few moment's was still, before her head snapped back and she let out a horrific scream as a white viscous substance came pouring from her mouth, it seemed to pulse and thrive as it poured more and more from her mouth until it finally settled into a small bubble with a stream still connecting it to the Snow Priestess' body, "I am Jack Frost, the Snow Priestess' prophetic ability comes from my ectoplasmic form. In other words, I am the one who is always telling the future. The Alliance is the onl-" the ectoplams seemed to pause and its eyes roamed the shrine, unfocused for moments before they refocused and he honed in on Tsukune's form by the door, "You!" it exclaimed, "Ever since you showed yourself my ability has been blocked. Before, I saw a rain of blood coming down upon our white land, but now, I see a land teeming with Yuki-onna, all of whom bear a resemblance to you! What are you!" the prophetic ooze asked.

Tsukune's eyes flashed as he looked over at the ooze, seeing Mizore's massive blush as he smirked, "Just a man who fights for his loved one's." he responded before seeing the Dark-skinned beauty appear next to Mizore and slam her fingers into the woman's side, causing a splurt of blood to appear on the floor. "Mizore-chan!" he yelled, appearing next to her, surprising the crying beauty. Mizore smiled up at him as Moka suddenly came up as well, Tsukune heard the sound of fighting but his eyes remained locked on the wound in Mizore's side, a rage beginning to build.

"Ura-chan says you should release my rosario Tsukune. Hurry!" Moka said as Tsukune sensed the opponent finish hurting Ruby and Kokoa while he had been distracted, he reached around and plucked the rosario from its place as the woman appeared behind him, Moka's unsealing was as impressive as ever, her voice, filled with power floated from next to Tsukune.

"Long time no see Nee-san." she said, causing Tsukune's eyes to widen, having heard a bit about her sisters. "I'm happy to meet you again, please take this as an offering for our reunion." she said as her leg came around and above Tsukune's head, smashing into her sister's face. Moka turned to Mizore, worry in her eyes, "Are you okay?" she asked.

Mizore just smiled, "I'll be alright, but I don't think I can be doing too much anytime soon." she replied, to which Tsukune just hugged her tightly. Moka stood and looked over at Ruby and Kokoa, who just had bruises from having been smacked around.

"We should get out of here before Nee-san wakes up, when she starts crying the only way to stop her is to have her ordered to be stopped. I'm strong but I don't think I can beat her." she admitted. Tsukune stood and helped Mizore to stand, the wound on her side having healed with her youkai abilites, it had just drained some serious blood. Tsukune looked over at Ruby and Kokoa, both of whom struggled to get up before beginning to make their way towards them.

"Amazing, so strong even when no one had died," Kahlua's voice rang out, a childlike tone in it that Tsukune finally caught, a chill went down everyone's spine while Moka spun around in astonishment, "She wasn't even knocked out?" she questioned to herself, as Kahlua walked with almost no visible wounds or even scratches, "I can use my full power as well then, but let me congratulate you," she said as she suddenly bent her knee and placed it on the ground while holding half of her dress to the wide in an almost exaggerated bow, "For awakening after the seal has been removed, Congratulations Moka." she said.

Moka seemed confused, "What is that for nee-san?" she questioned, as Kahlua looked up at her.

"Even among us sisters, you are a pedigree Moka-chan, that awakening is truly spectacular. Father too will be especially happy." she said as she smiled at her sister. Suddenly, her smile vanished as she seemed to speak to herself, "What to do? What to do? Should I allow her to live if she can run? No, I can't do that. Kill them all that is my task." Kahlua said as she reached up and pulled one of her crosses from her ear, "As Moka did, so shall I." she said as her body seemed to crackle with power and her arm bulge and spray blood before transforming into 8 different leathery bat-like wings.

She charged forth, her bat-like wings swinging at Moka's form, slicing into her neck and torso as she swung, Tsukune smirked as Moka came up from below the attack, her after-image the only thing that had been harmed, and managed to strike her jaw, but Kahlua had raised her neck and softened the blow. Kahlua retreated slightly before heading in to attack again, "I need a one shot kill technique. Anything less will not take Kahlua-neesan down." Moka thought to herself. She would have to pull off a daring attack as one hit with that arm and she would be finished.

As the fight between Moka and her sister dragged on, Tsukune looked around and finally noticed Yukari's prone form at the edge of the battlefield, his rage began to bubble and threaten to burst forth from the hurt that was evident in her face before she stirred and looked up at the group, her eyes widening as she took in Kahlua's new arm, Tsukune had moved closer to her with Mizore, close enough for him to hear her whispered explanation, as if she was explaining it to herself, "Transformation ability. Part of the 'wealth of power' that made vampires famous when they would transform into a bat or rat. But it was seen as as a disgrace if one would do so because of their vanity. So now it has become a 'forgotten ability.' A specialized attack from her transformation is the only reason she is using it." she explained, causing Tsukune to narrow his eyes at Kahlua right as he felt Moka's youkai begin to gather in her foot.

He saw that the two had waged a tense and fierce battle, craters littering the shrine's once perfect ice floor. Many of the pillars were smashed beyond ruin, and the glory of the shrine had been damaged. Tsukune watched as Moka diver under an attack and sent her own youkai powered kick into her sister's stomach, the sound of bones breaking caused Tsukune to pause, "That should have damaged more than just bone." he said as the dust cleared and he saw Moka cough up blood from the bat-like scythes that penetrated her body in multiple places. His rage grew and his earring rattled as he saw the same man from before, with his mangled hand on Moka's foot having blocked the attack for Kahlua.

"Onee-sama!" Kokoa yelled from her spot across by the Snow Priestess. Kahlua's eyes didn't waver in the slightest as she watched four of her wings pierce her beloved sister's body. Once she realized she had Moka immobilized, her other four wings began their descent towards her body. The man from before watched on impassively as the blades reached closer and closer to Moka's throat and heart.

Moka's eyes widened in disbelief, her atack had failed and now she was going to be killed because of it, she attempted to turn her head to gaze one last time at her beloved's form when an intense burst of energy had her snapping her eyes wide open and a flurry of blows sounded before she screamed in pain as Kahlua's wings were taken from her body. Moka nearly passed out from the lack of blood, but the warm body holding her caused her to remain conscious as she looked at his red eyes, filled with concern and love. He merely set her down, she finally noticed that she was by Yukari and Mizore, before he turned back around, his youkai flaring dangerously as his earring fell onto her breasts.

"You hurt Moka-chan," Tsukune said as he glared at Kahlua, "You hurt Mizore-chan." Tsukune said as he took a step forward, his youki pressing down on everyone in the room, even Miyabi's eyes widened, "If you do not leave now, I will not allow you to leave... alive." Tsukune said as he brought the full malice of his ghoul-like powers to bear on his two enemies, the ones who had hurt his mates.

Kahlua kept crying as she got up and began to move forward but Miyabi intercepted her, "Why would you allow us to leave after all we have done?" he said as he looked Kahlua in the eyes, causing her to pause slightly.

Tsukune scoffed and his youki flexed again, "Because she is my mate's sister, I do not wish to kill her. You are obviously with her and are awarded the same protection. But... if we ever cross paths again," Tsukune smiled grimly, the girls all shivered at the dark tone that suddenly appeared in his voice, "you will beg for the sweet release of death." he said after a pregnant pause, causing Miyabi's eyes to widen slightly before he chuckled.

"Kill them all, I must." Kahlua said in her childlike voice. Miyabi spoke then, "The master's orders no doubt. But make no mistake Kahlua-chan, I am the one who hired you and I tell you what happens, you can stop Kahlua." he said firmly.

She seemed to consider his words for a moment before she said, "So, the order has been cancelled?" she asked, Miyabi nodded. Kahlua suddenly brightened, "then my sisters and the village. They can live?" she asked, to which Miyabi nodded again, "Thank Goodness." she said as she stopped crying and she spat out some blood, nasty bruises from hits that Moka hadn't landed appearing on her body as she relaxed, Miyabi caught her as she fell forward slightly. The entire room looked over to Tsukune, whose hands were the only ones consistent to those size bruises.

Kahlua looked up once more, staring directly into Moka's eyes as she smiled with blood on her lips, "Father will be happy to know you have a mate too Moka-chan." she said happily as she closed her eyes, and Moka's own widened.

"Well, I believe we should take our leave," Miyabi said as the sound of a helicoptor made itself known while it appeared in the distance and began to increase with time.

"What is the name of your Organization? What did they want with this village?" Tsukune asked the man. Miyabi turned and chuckled ominously.

"My organization is named Fairy Tale, and our purpose is something you will come to know only in time." he said.

Tsukune narrowed his eyes, "Warn your Organization. Warn Everyone you know! Should the Snow Village be threatened again..." Tsukune allowed his youki to flex one last time, "I will destroy them. I will destroy anyone who dares to threaten the peace of my mate's home. So, warn your Organization and if they try again, I suggest you stay away." he threatened, causing everyone's eyes to widen as Tsukune turned his back on the man and walked to his mates' side, he spoke lightly, "Let's go home." he said as he reached down and gently lifted Moka in his arms, Mizore smiled and latched onto one of his arms as Yukari, Kokoa, and Ruby looked back at the man on the balconey to see him boarding a helicoptor. The three girls watched until he and Moka's sister disappeared into their ride and the helicoptor took off.

Tsukune looked over at the Snow Priestess as she finally stood up from the chair they had bound her in, he merely flashed his canines at her before walking towards the exit and out of the tower, his mates next to him and his friends soon after.

The Snow Priestess shivered as Jack Frost retreated back into her body and her vision was clouded once more, the vision of a teeming Yuki-onna village filled with love and happiness making its way across her mind. She shivered yet again as she felt Tsukune's youki start to dissipate finally, his acknowledgement that the fight was over.

Timeskip 3 days

It took Moka and Mizore almost three days to recover fully from their wounds. Ruby, Kokoa, and Yukari had been bruised but their youkai healing abilities had easily taken care of them, Kokoa much quicker than the witches. Tsukune had acted as a guard for the entire village when he hadn't been near Moka or Mizore, his visage could be seen standing on the hill facing the entrance into the dimension everyday and night, making good on his threat that he would destroy any who dared attack his mate's home, even if he hadn't marked her yet.

As a result, the Yuki-onna had grown very comfortable around Tsukune. Many of the younger children loved to play with him and he walked around town with a smile on his face getting to know the dying race better. The unusually shy race had finally heard that Tsukune was to be leaving to attend the Academy and many of the children played with him for the final day before they headed to their homes, frowns on their pale faces. Tsukune smiled sadly at them but resumed his duty as guard for the final night.

On the third day, Tsukune and his group were at the bus stop, the bus had not arrived yet but Tsukune sensed the Snow Priestess appear behind his group, Tsurara appearing as well. He turned and stepped in front of his group, "Should Fairy Tale attack here, please send any refugees to the Academy, the Headmaster owes me a favor and he will protect the children until I can stop them, I apologize for possibly making this worse since I can not be here constantly but hopefully they will not attack here until they are sure that I can not come to help." he said, confidence in his ability radiating off his body, something he had been lacking until recently.

"Or until I can come help, after all, my mate's mate. Is a mate to me." Moka said singsongly, causing Mizore to blush at the things the two had talked about while being bedridden. She could honestly say she couldn't wait to get back to the Academy.

Tsukune chuckled and smiled at Moka, who smiled back warmly. The bus pulled up behind them and the Snow Priestess spoke up before they could board, "I have an apology to make to you Shirayuki Mizore, I almost sacrificed you for the village. I do not regret my decision but it was an error on my part." she said as she bowed lightly, Mizore just smiled at her leader.

"It's okay, but I don't think I need to tell you that your vision was wrong." she said happily.

The Snow Priestess smiled and held up her hand, a glove on her hand allowed a miniature form of Jack Forst to appear, "It is the first time I have met a being who can alter my prophecies." Jack Frost claimed as he locked eyes with Tsukune, "And I don't believe I have ever said this, but... I am happy that I was wrong, the future I see now is much brighter." he said, to which the group smiled and bid them farewell before climbing on the bus and taking off back to the Academy. Jack Frost's eyes lowed again and he spoke to no one as he said, "Those four are destined for greatness, a trial of hardships lies ahead of them but they will come out of it stronger than ever or they won't come out of it at all. Shirayuki Mizore, my prophecy about you was right in one way... you are going to be the Saviour of this Dying Land. If you survive that is." he said as he faded into the glove once more leaving a shocked Snow Priestess and Tsurara.

Tsukune, Moka and Mizore walked into Tsukune's apartment. Their bus ride home had been interesting but the three had sat in a comfortable silence, Moka leaning against Tsukune's side and Mizore laying her head upon his lap as his hands busied themselves by stroking her hair. She had been utterly content to just sit there under his ministrations for the whole hour's bus ride home. Tsukune looked over at his mate and mate-to-be, he loved them both so much, and he had never been more physically attracted to them than right now, he could almost feel the lust that he had been holding down for almost a week bubbling up and into his system. Apparently, doing it like rabbits with Moka had increased his libido and he was having a hard time keeping himself from just jumping the two right there.

Moka smirked a small smirk, her nose having picked up Tsukune's increase in pheromones the moment they stepped into the room, she had known he was going to be horny when they got back that was why she brought Mizore here tonight instead of letting her get her stuff and move in tomorrow. She was going to leave their first time to the two of them, so she spoke, "I'm gonna go take a shower, Get ready for bed you two." she said as she walked over to Tsukune and grabbed his package lightly, elliciting a small growl as she felt Mizore's eyes on the back of her head, "Ura-chan and I want a threesome later on." Moka whispered so quietly into his ear he almost didn't hear her. But the thought caused him to lean forward and attempt to grab her lips in a kiss, but she smiled and twirled around him, heading to the bathroom in his room, "Have fun." she laughed as she disappeared into the bedroom leaving a flustered Tsukune staring at a nervous Mizore.

"We don't have to do this tonight Mizore-chan, whenever you're ready." he said though the lust in his eyes spoke a different story, as did the bulge in his pants. He almost saw as Mizore gulped at the sight of the rather large bulge he had.

"What if I don't want to wait, Tsukune?" she asked hesitantly, Tsukune had her in his arms in mere nanoseconds, on the bed in his room another second later and he was nipping at her neck right after.

"Then we don't wait." he purred at her as he began to touch her. Mizore arched her back and pushed into his body as she let the man she loved take control.