I know, I know…..Sakura's Birthday AND Love Game, but I've been watching South Park so much….

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Basically, I got tired of Stan being a little pussy about his crush on Kyle and always avoiding Kyle and Kyle having to be the one to fix everything. So, here's your sign.

Since they were young, Stan Marsh and Kyle Brofloski have been best friends. They went through everything together—from alien attacks to an annoying ass towel following them around. They shared a love that transcended all other forms of brotherly love…

Or so Stan thought.

Kyle seemed to be fine with the bromance they shared, but Stan was no longer satisfied. He wanted Kyle to feel what he felt—to see their love in Stan's eyes.

And goddammit, he was going to see it or Stan would start ripping on Jews, too.

It was with this notion in mind that Stan went to the flower store early Monday morning. He smiled at the receptionist—a pretty enough girl with curly blonds, though out of his age range and definitely not his gender preference. Or hair color preference. She also wasn't Jewish, and that was a huge turn off.

"Hey, how can I help you?" she purred, in what Stan assumed to be a seductive manner.

"Sorry lady, I'm here buying flowers for the love of my life," he replied.

She frowned shortly before shrugging and sliding into a genuinely friendly persona, "So, what can I do for you?"

Stan smiled at this change, "I need flowers and chocolates. I want this person to know how much I love him and how it's not a fucking bromance anymore."

The girl was shocked for a bit, but regained face quickly, and laughed.

"So, tell me about this boy."

"Well, he's Jewish and—"

"Oh! You mean Kyle Brofloski," she interrupted.

"How'd you know?" Stan frowned.

"He's the only Jew guy in the whole town," she stated.

Stan conceded.

"So, Kyle's pretty straight, right?"

"He currently has a girlfriend by the name of"—he growled—"Bebe Stevens."

The girl winced, "Ouch. That'll be hard. That girl has an amazing rack."

Stan groaned, "Boobs aren't everything! I love Kyle, and he doesn't have any boobs!"

"I should hope not. Anyway, flowers upright aren't the way to go, man."


"Nah, first you have to destroy his relationship with Bebe."

"Oh. Makes sense."