Sorry to disappoint those of you who thought this might be another chapter; Bromance is definitely over and I will not add extra chapters.

However, reading a review (specifically from GlibCharm) earlier today gave me an idea. I've got a lot going on with life and, while the Hey Arnold! story isn't really a story, it is taking a while to finish and I don't want you guys to give up on the sequel for Bromance. Furthermore, I don't want to lose interest in writing for South Park so that when Birds finally does come out, it's not mediocre and written just because I promised it. So, this is just a notice for those of you who are interested.

I'm going to be writing mini-stories in the Bromance universe to keep myself tided until Birds begins. If you'd like to read these stories, you'll have to add me to your author alert, because they will not be added to Bromance. And, as much as I want to sound innocent and all, this is totally a plug :P Sorry. Still, the only way to see these stories is to either check back periodically, or add me to your alerts. This is just a heads up and a thank you.

Oh, yeah. I'm a girl. Most people tend to think I'm a guy, but I'm definitely a girl.

I'm also still looking for a beta. No such luck.