Well, here it is! Since you guys asked so nicely, this is the sequel to Sleepover Powers part one. I hope you guys enjoy it :D

A blanket of quiet befell the small mountain town of South Park...more like smothered it but that was beside the point. Let it be conveyed that it was, in fact, midnight once again and all was hushed.

Except, of course, at a certain house numbered 2001, just a few yards away from 1002, yeah the numbering system sucks in this redneck little town but that is in fact beside the point.

Stan gazed at the boy tucked beneath him and let out a wistful sigh. The subject in question did not fail to notice this and turned his attention toward the maker of the sound.

"Stan…" Kyle half gasped, half moaned in a way that aroused Stan even more. Burying his face in the crook of his boyfriend's neck he mumbled, "Mmm, Kyle."

Stan's parents were gone and Shelley was partying it up somewhere and eventually crashing on some random 30-year-old's couch, which meant that Stan and Kyle could be as loud as they wanted, they kept the moans and sighs to a bare minimum. This was due to the fact that it was their first time, and since Stan was pitching and Kyle was catching, Stan wanted to make it as painless as possible for Kyle.

Which, as any regular homosexual can tell you, is pretty hard during butt sex, but again, that is beside the point.

The two boys lay on Stan's bed, which was pushed up against the window, moving against each other in a gentle rhythm, while it was gentle, by no means did that imply that it wasn't ecstatic. Through his hazy, sexually charged thoughts, Stan was able to determine that Kyle was absolutely gorgeous beneath him. His expression was twisted into the perfect image of one who is experiencing extreme pleasure and necessary pain for the first time ever…and loving it. Kyle lay writhing rhythmically with that expression on his face, bathed in silver moonlight. It was enough to take Stan's breath away, panting though he was.

When Kyle opened his eyes halfway, Stan nearly came right there. Kyle's perfect green eyes were half lidded in only the sexiest way possible, and the part of his irises that were showing caught the dim light of the moon perfectly, giving them an ethereal emerald glow. Simply put, Kyle radiated innocent beauty. Not that he didn't already, but it was usually more of a vindictive, fiery kind. Briefly, the thought of hot, animalistic sex with his fire cracker crossed Stan's mind, and he quickened his pace ever-so-slightly.

Kyle did not fail to notice the slight increase in pace and he gently grasped Stan's bicep and moaned his gratitude.

"S-Stan…I-I'm so close." He breathed in between thrusts.

Upon hearing this, Stan sped up ever more, gabbing hold of Kyle's "other" head as he did so, keeping time with the rhythm already established. Not long after, he heard Kyle release one long, quiet moan as he climaxed. Just the way that Kyle looked directly at his while he came was enough to send Stan over the edge. Kyle gasped at the feeling of Stan finishing inside of him.

After riding out the waves of his orgasm, Stan collapsed next to Kyle after he pulled out.

"Hmm…Stan, I love you." Kyle mumbled in the direction of his boyfriend.

Stan gave a tired smile and lovingly brushed a few strands of hair away from Kyle's face. Kyle turned on his side and cuddled into Stan's warm embrace as Stan pulled the covers over their bodies. Together they fell into a blissful sleep, graced by the gentle touch of the moon.

About an hour before…

"Sta-an! Give it baaack!" Kyle whined, while trying to cover himself.

Stan tutted and wagged his finger, as if he were scolding a small child and not his boyfriend, although at this point with the way Kyle was acting you really couldn't tell the difference.

"Ah, ah, ah, Kyle. It's my house. That means I have the sleepover powers, remember?"

Kyle growled indignantly. "Yeah, but it doesn't mean you can take my towel while I'm in the shower!" At this point, Kyle was seething, his face rivaled the color of his hair and the hand that wasn't covering his crotch was balled into a tight fist, his knuckles swiftly turning a pale shade of white. Stan thought he looked adorable.

"Au contraire, my dear Kyle. It means I get to do exactly that." Stan gave his infamous 'I-am-holier-than-thou' smirk as he dangled the coveted piece of cloth a few feet away from Kyle.

Kyle was to embarrassed/pissed to even think of a witty reply (for once) so he settled for crossing his arms and pouting has he blew upward in an attempt to blow a stray strand of hair out of his eyes. However, the second he did this, he realized his mistake.

The insufferable smirk on Stan's features quickly morphed into an absolutely wicked grin.

"Putting on a show, are we? Oh Kyle, naughty, aren't you?"

"Ugh! Shut up Stan!" Kyle huffed, not even bothering to shield himself from Stan's prying eyes at this point.

"Aw, c'mon Kyle, don't be like that." Stan pleaded. He dropped the towel listlessly to the floor and made his way over to Kyle. Wrapping his arms around Kyle's bare waist, Kyle's arms still crossed, he rested his chin on Kyle's shoulder, right next to his ear, and spoke softly, "You know I love you right?"

Kyle's indignant disposition swiftly melted away at the caring gesture, he uncrossed his arms and wrapped them loosely around Stan's neck. "Yeah, I know. I love you too, even if you are an idiot." He grinned lazily and kissed Stan's cheek.

"Oh an idiot, am I?" Stan countered, playfully, "Just remember, you're looking at the idiot who's gonna make you writhe in absolute pleasure tonight." He winked conspiratorially.

"Hah, I'd like to see you try." Kyle smirked, but his smugness was short-lived as he suddenly felt himself airborne. Kyle landed on Stan's bed with an audible "oof" and before he had a chance to figure out what the hell just happened, he suddenly felt Stan's warm body over him and a husky whisper of "Bring it." and before Kyle knew it, just like that he was hard.

Getting into the mood, he whispered, "Show me what you got, studmuffin." He grinned playfully, officially coining the nickname he would use for years to come.

Stan smirked in a way that Kyle could only describe as sexy, "Oh, you and your Ginger pubes are going to love me for this."

"Shut up about my ginger pubes!" Kyle whined once more before being silenced with one of Stan's liquid fire kisses.

"With pleasure." Came Stan's husky reply after he pulled away. Wrapping an arm around Kyle's waist, he leaned over to shut off the light and, for Kyle, the night truly began.

I blushed SO HARD while writing the first part of this, you guys have NO idea. (notice how I couldn't bring myself to mention Kyle's "other head" by name? yeah, you can tell it's my first lemon XD) I tried to stray away from going into too much detail about the actual mechanics of sex; personally I think this kind of description is classier and more professional. A lot of young adult books have sex scenes that aren't described like "he stroked his penis before inserting it roughly into her waiting vagina" blah blah blah, they're usually described the way I did and I like it better, it leaves a little more to the imagination and it makes it sound more beautiful, it's really hard to describe sex the way so many people do without disrupting the flow of the writing and/or making it seem awkward. But that's just my personal opinion.

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