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I didn't hate Trigonometry. I didn't hate Mrs. Rogers either because that would take up to much energy. I do not, however, enjoy her class in the slightest. Not even a little.

The problem was, I was probably smarter than her. This seemed to piss her off to no end. Some sort of inferior complex or something. She does it to Near as well. Every time she can tell that I'm zoned out (which is rather often) she calls on me to answer a problem.

It wouldn't be one of them easy ones either. It'd be the hardest one that the rest of the class (besides Near) would take around two minutes to solve.

It's not that I couldn't solve it, it was just a pain in the ass to have her calling on me when I really just wanted to space the hell out and ignore her. Why can't teachers understand that I don't need to pay attention to comprehend? I don't have to watch to learn or take notes or any of that other shit. I just let the words flow into my ears while I'm "not paying attention" and soak them into my brain.

It really wasn't a hard concept. I've got great memory for a gamer and didn't really need shit explained to me. That's all there was to it. I guess I wasn't your average kid because I didn't need notes or any of that bullshit but I'd rather this way then the latter.

"Matt?" Mrs. Hernandez called to me. I exhaled quietly and ignored her, hoping she would just kick me out and call on the albino instead.

"MATT?" She shrieked.

"What?" I asked dryly. A few kids giggled at my stoicness but I really couldn't care less.

"Perhaps you'd like to tell us what the answer to this equation is?" I looked at the problem behind her and blinked. I really didn't feel like solving this shit. But I did anyway and opened my mouth to speak.

"X equals arc tan 0 or arc tan 2." I replied and yawned. She looked disbelieving for a moment and I resisted the urge to smirk. Yea bitch, I solved it faster than you did.

"That is correct." She praised without really meaning it.

"I know." I replied and settled the side of my face into my left hand to wait out the rest of the lesson. Every so often my fingers would twitch in the slightest and I would resist the urge to sigh. My fingers missed my games as much as my sub consiounce did.

My PSP had been taken away three days prior because of the fight Rico started. I can't really remember why we fought, but I do know that he took it upon himself to remove my hand held heaven from my personnel.

Now, I'm a pretty calm guy usually. But if you fuck with my games, my cigarettes, or touch me more than once without permission, I pity your face. Don't fuck with my shit, Because I fuck back.

For some reason people seem to think that because I'm so laidback and smart that I can't kick ass. I really don't know what gave them that impression. But I didn't really mind very much. Even if they did underestimate me that doesn't change the outlook of the fight.

I'd still win.

The bell rang and I rose from my seat slowly, letting all the other kids go ahead of me. I really disliked the mad rush to the door and usually attempted to not be a part of it.

The Hallway was one huge clusterfuck and I elbowed my way through to chemistry. A few of the older boys glared at me as I passed but I didn't really give a damn.

I slid into the Chemistry classroom and took my seat farthest away from the teacher. I folded my arms on the desk and placed my chin on top. I sighed in mild relief. Finally, the school day was coming to a close and I could chill the fuck out in my room.

The teacher began droning on about some experiment conducted eighty years ago and part of me listened while the rest tuned him out. I fantasized about sleep and games and the pack of cigarettes that I would kill to smoke right now.

"Matt?" Mr. Garrison shouted. I looked at him and frowned.

"What?" I asked. Kick me out, kick me out, kick me out!

"Not what! It's "Yes, Mr. Garrison". That is how you reply to your superiors." He snarled. I rolled my eyes in slight amusement. He's got to be shitting me right?

"You're a superior? When the hell did that happen?" I replied. I swear his face turned the shade of a blueberry and the vein in his head swelled to the size of a thick rope. He took several deep calming breaths. Meanwhile I could almost taste the pressure as it rose in the room. Everyone was tense with our exchange.

"Detention!" He shouted. I smirked.

"Why? You know I'm not going to go." I countered. Ok, his vein is seriously going to fucking pop. Should I call someone?

"Get. Out. Of. My. CLASSROOM!" He bellowed. I smirked and began gathering my things.

"My pleasure." I said sweetly and slouched from the room.

Mr. Garrison's eyes followed me all the way out. Fucking creeper. Couldn't he have looked anywhere else? I sighed and began making the long walk back to my room.

Wouldn't it be great if they would give me a motorized scooter to use so I could zoom around the place? It would be fucking awesome! But I would probably weigh four hundred pounds for lack of exercise.

Oh well. It would be so worth it.

"Matt?" A girl called from my left. The hell is this? Bother Matt day? I turned my head lazily to the left and resisted the urge to run screaming the other way.

Melody. Of all fucking people. Melody was the one in the hall, wanting to talk to me. Damn it all to hell.

"What?" I replied and winced as she stepped into to pace next to me. Doesn't she have classes to attend?

"What are you doing out here?" She questioned, sickeningly sweet. Why was she so happy? So nice, so bubbly, so...annoying?

"I got kicked out." I replied blandly. Her hand shot up to cover her mouth. Jesus did that motion annoy the hell out of me. Dramatic much?

"What for? Matty what did you do now?" She demanded as if she were my mother. She even stomped her foor. I resisted the urge to snap her big ass nose.

"Don't call me Matty." I growled. She giggled and began skipping in the opposite direction.

"Matty, Matty, Matty." She chanted as she skipped off to whatever class she had. I blinked in disbelief and annoyance before rolling my eyes and going on my way. Melody really was an odd one. And that was saying something in this house of quirks.

The door to my room never looked more beautiful to me. My bag fell into the crevice of my elbow as I reached to open the door. I breathed a sigh of relief as I threw my bag onto the messy bed. Finally, relaxation at last!

But the feeling didn't last long, for Roger was standing next to the bathroom door.

"What do you want?" I asked and fell on my bed. I was fully aware of the suitcase on the bed across from mine, and prayed to nothing that it wasn't what I thought it was. Roger looked irritated by my tone but said nothing.

The bathroom door opened, and a boy with freaky blonde hair came out. His eyes immediately met mine and his face turned into a scowl.

"Matt, this is your new roommate. You may call him Mello." Roger stated. My eyes didn't waver from the newbie to acknowledge Rogers's words. Before I was aware of it, my mouth had opened and began to form words.

"Well fuck."

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