The Caretaker


Super Naruto




''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

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''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


It had gotten pretty easy by now. Slip in with an identity, keep an eye out for potential allies, spread influence, and establish an outpost among the following things.

It was simple, find a person's whose bio would be close enough for him to emulate or would be a center of events and replace them or dispose of them if need to be. Either by consuming their bodies or souls to inherit their properties or by taking them on as a disciple and using them to suit his own purposes.

As a high level shinobi one he was used to enemies. He was used of having those around him underestimate him and it served their purposes.

Often enough his attitude had attracted trouble. The most idiotic were in worlds like these were the so called delinquents and thugs were what known as Normals. They had no unique abilities, could use any form of energy, had exceptional intelligence or anything.

Though oddly enough a lot of these miracles, particular males, drew in a crowd of powerful, intelligent, or magical women of various species. A bit of a slap in the face considering that a lot of these normals start off losers and rarely grew a pair or gain any worth while qualities. If often something is gained then it sprouts from said Normal having an attitude and being a thug that can fight. Said normals were often easy to replace.

In this world a group of normals attempted to jump him. A group of stupid teenagers that went as far as tries to kill him. It was sad how petty and sinful humans could be and how greed could consume them so quickly and how readily they were to kill. He should know...after all he was still part human.

Though upon what followed those events was what displayed the super naturalness that had a grip on this world. An old man floating down the river upon being pulled out had split in two. From within, a baby boy was found.

And as a result it became attached. ''Dabuuu!'' The child cried out as he watched the end result of another Naruto and Silv conflict. Like most of their battles it ended in a mutual draw.

''Fucking prick,'' Kuiinshi murmured as he wiped the blood from his mouth. His brand new shirt was cut up and he smelled like blood. ''What the hell am I going to do with you? A normal baby just doesn't appear from inside a man that is split in two. The last thing I need for you to be is attached.''

''Attached?'' A feminine and cold voice echoed from behind Naruto.

He turned and found himself face to face with a woman with blonde hair dressed in a black, frilly, Gothic Lolita dress with knee length blck boobs carrying an umbrella. She looked like a teenager easily, possibly in her early twenties. In other words she was a blond bombshell.

'' seem to have made a rather heavy mistake.'' Her face was that of utter coldness. The eye of the killer gazing upon him as the right half of her face was enshrouding by her hair. ''Like the young master. Would become attached to the likes of you. Die, Gutter filth!.''

''Filth? You have me confused with someone else. I don't plan on dying here or any place else. You're welcome to try...but you will fail.''

''Hmph,'' She responded, a confident smile on her face. She went over to the baby. ''Here, young master. Let us go. Hilda's come to welcome you...''

'To welcome...?'

The baby sighed away and moved over to Naruto with a resounding,'Da!" as he hugged her pants leg.

The blonde Gothic Lolita wore an expression of shock. What followed was the woman trying to prey the baby from Naruto's pants' leg. Suffice to say the baby had a good grip.

''Wow...the baby does not lik...'' He didn't get to finish as the baby unleashed a powerful electric shock.

''GYYYYAA!'' The woman cried out as she was blasted back by the electric concussive force.

Naruto sighed,''Welcome to my fucking life.''

Naruto lived in a two story house on his own. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and an amazingly stocked kitchen. Unfortunately Naruto was a sucker for breasts...and well, females in general so he invited the girl in to find the deal.

''I apologize...I am serving as that baby's demon maid. I am called Hildegarda! And that child is the one who can become our, demon kind's, King. His name is...Kaiser De Emperana Beelzebub the 4th. In other words, this child is the Devil King!''

Naruto scratched his cheek. ''Devil King? I see...'' Hell the opportunity of adding another legion of hell fell into my lap.

''I suppose you want me to return the child to his home?''

''...No. That's impossible!'' She then pointed at him, her gaze penetrating. ''If you'd like to know why, then have been chosen. As the Demon King's parent!'

It was then Hilda went into her story. Apparently the King of Hell was going to invade Earth, but prior engagements kept on popping up. She, a simple demon maid was chosen to take the future devil king to the human world for him to be raised as an acceptable human for some strange reason.

Then again most of the people Naruto had met used Idiotic, fridge, and other means of logic that were pointless and made no sense. He lost count of how many times the side of evil could have effortlessly won if they were a little smarter and a lot less lazier or having to pull of grandiose methods. A little less arrogance made the difference of ruling the world or being killed by a Hero.

'' that really the best course of action?''

''If you refuse then I'll be happy to help you into the after life.''

Naruto had seen that smile far too often. A smile accompanied by...yep she pulled out a sword from her umbrella.

Naruto was able to dodge the strike with ease. ''You crazy bitch! I just got the room the way I liked it!"' Naruto cried out as he back flipped from the second story sitting room onto the street below.

Thankfully enough the street was conveniently was empty.
''Give up!'' She declared from a top a telephone pole. ''Do you think you can run away from a demon?''

Naruto started with a slow chuckle, it grew in volume as his shoulders shook, and finally he roared with laughter.

''Do you find death amusing human?''

''No,'' he replied as Youki coursed through him as his eyes turned red. ''I find it funny you think you're the only demon or I should say different being. I'm what you call a Hybrid. Let's see what you can do..''

After this statement he disappeared from sight causing the up to this point emotionless woman to display surprise. Naruto appeared from above and launched a punch that split the telephone pole in half. The protecting battle maid readied her sword only for Naruto to appear behind her with a kunai pointed to the back of her neck, All the while still holding the demon baby in his arm.

''This is what I can do while holding a baby in one arm. Trust me...a low level demon like yourself doesn't want to fuck with the likes of me.''

''Do not think I will be beaten so easily. Even by another demon. AK-BABA!'' She cried out as a flying beast of some kind soared over the sky.

Naruto jumped back as the leathery hell beast with an ostrich's head landed to the ground.
''You...are done.'' He appeared in front of the creature. ''Leaf Fierce Whirlwind!'' A burst of whirlwind sent the creature skidding across the ground. Naruto appeared on the end of the street and sent the creature in the air and he was about to finish it when he felt a sword tip pressed against his cheek.
''I was wondering how long until you made your move. I wondered if you planned on me beating your pet like that? If this is the ultimate result of your plan?''

''Demons are quite stuck up on contracts so I'm happy you refused.''

''I didn't exactly refused but if you think you can kill me you get one try. Make it count.'' He stated as the baby he held onto starting shaking.


''...Young Master?''

Lighting started to pick up again as the demon baby began to cry. This time instead of a little shock a large crash of thunder fell upon the area. The baby continued to wail even as the smoke and debris cleared. Lightning enveloping the area like a force field.

''Y-Young master...wai...young master. Don't cause problems for Dada.'' the woman started hesitantly as she nervously tried to calm down the child.

'Oh now I'm Dada?'
The blond thought sarcastically as he pat the baby's head. ''Hey don't cry little one. Everything is going to be okay. I'm fine...''He said as the storm dissipated as quickly as it came. ''You're going to be a Devil King. A Man so you shouldn't be crying. You have to grow strong and nothing can come from sitting around and crying.'' The crying had ceased.

Hildagarde though was in disbelief. 'No way...stopping that massive fit that even I couldn't with just that...that's not what not what should surprise me. To begin with, the demon king's parent. Is this so called catalyst to bring out the young master's massive demon energy in the human world. In other words, no matter how much of a temper...pulling out this much power is...without a doubt...this man's nature as a parent...!''

At that moment an electric tower damaged in the tantrum started to fall towards the blond and the devil baby.

''YOUNG MASTER!'' She cried out as the two look like they were going to be killed.

Naruto merely raised his hand and pointed up two fingers. 'Boom!'

The tower was engaged in a fiery explosion as ash poured onto the ground.

'The tower disappeared. What? What is this...this man...just what is he...!'

Later that Day.''So you're not going to go away anytime soon huh?'' He asked, noticing that she seemed to persistent on following him. He had finally finished up cleaning the mess that was the upper level of his house.

''It has been decided. You are the Demon King's parent. From today on together we'll raise a brilliant human destroying Demon King.''


Naruto exhaled,''I need a damn drink,'' He murmured as he stroke his forehead. Looks like it had begun.