The Caretaker


Super Naruto




''Normal Speech''

Inner Thoughts, Dialogue, or reading passages from books and scrolls

(Quick Notes and Messages or Echoes…Songs you go to Youtube and play. )

(Dark over lapping echoes)

''Boss Summons, Demons, Dark beings speaking, Demonic/Angry characters Speaking as well as extremely Dark spells and Magic.''


Story Start


''I know how to take care of children Hilda. I have children of my own.'' Naruto remarked, surprising the blonde haired demon nanny.

''Really?'' she remarked in surprise. ''Interesting, regardless I think I should go with you.''

Naruto sighed, deciding whether ot not to rebuff the offer. He was still in an annoyed mood that morning from running into that dimensional transfer demon Alaindelon. Oddly enough the only thing Naruto could remember about that man was his moustache. And there was also the revelation that the baby demon lord became attached to Naruto not only because of his strength, but because Naruto had an inner darkness and cruelty that was pure evil. It didn't take a genius to figure out he was speeking of his other self, Dark Naruto.

''What a lovely morning. The youg master is relieving himself splendidly. Don't worry, it's nothing filthy. On the other hand it conceals the holy demon power. It is blessed urine. Every year around this time, even in the demon world we await the urination season. A while town will be swallowed and after that, grand fertile soil will...''

''I'm sorry but this is fucking grose.'' Naruto cried out as he looked down at the liquid down below. He was going to have to replace everything. Sitting to the cieling thanks to chakra his face scrunched. ''I've seen some weird demonic rituals and stuff but holy shit. Urination season? I'm going to be sick.''

''So rude,'' Hilda remarked.

''Fine, I'm sorry,'' Naruto semi-geniunely remarked. ''Please continue.'' he said, vieling any sarcasm that was coming to mind.

''As I was saying this is the first step to destroying humans,'' she confused with an evil chuckle.

''And how do we solve this problem?'' he asked.

''Simple pick a town to sink.'' she unsympatehitcally answered.

Naruto bit his inner cheek and looked down at the piss below, grimacing once more. This world didn't seem to have that many decent people, but regardless, unless he decided to allow his dark self some control and supress his empathy he wasn't sure if he could condemn people to such a fate.''I can't just sink an entire town in piss you know. Hell, you might as well dump the entire town in an ocea...'' Naruto trailed off as his eyes widened. ''I got an idea. Be right back.'' he said, unaware that a demonic tracker disguised in the form of an insect was watching. The insect began flapping its wings and flying through the air as it returned to where his master was.

The insect flew into a two room apartment and landed on the finger of a young deliquent with dull blond hair with a slight brown tinge, a pale face, unshaved with a growing stubble. He had dull eyes with two piercings on his left ear, a red piercing on his right, and a distinguished ring piercing on his lip. A chain hung from the ring onto his left ear. Another chain is worn around his neck in a more or less form of a necklace with a cut is on his left cheek. ''Master from what I seen this indivudual has unusual powers. He can stick to objects, teleport, and move at incredible speeds. I wasn't able to sense any extrodinary demonic energy from him.''

''I see. Inform Aphphis and Frimost I have a job for them.'' the demonically possessed demon informed the deliquent.

''Right away my lord.''
the insect said as it flew away.

Chapter End

Longer chapter but fight is guaranteed next chapter. I ended it here because I sometimes waste time trying to come up with what to right next when that valuable time could be used to update other stories so I'm cutting it here. Enjoy.