I could only stare at the three newcomers. They couldn't be here.

They just couldn't.

I had spent the last 10 years trying to evade people like them and they happen to stumble on me when I'm trying to actually blend in.

As Carlisle continued on with the introductions, I stealthily looked them over.

His mate was-as was the pattern it seemed-a redhead. Also with a 'V' name.

His other companion was also olive skinned and had a name two letters from the previous one.

I gripped Edward's arm more tightly as his head swiveled towards me. I could feel Edward trying to act normal but it wasn't working. Edward was tense and in a clearly protective stance.

He picked up on that quickly and turned his gaze to study me.

I didn't meet his gaze straight on-surley he would see the brown eyes. But from what I could tell, he didn't recognize me.

I didn't understand how that was possible.

We had spent the last 10 years fighting each other.

"Sure," I heard Carlisle say. "Some of us were just leaving. How about first?"

He flung the baseball at the second male but the redhead was faster.

"I'm the one with the wicked cuveball."

"Oh, well I think we can handle that," Jasper said challengingly.

"We shall see." She said as they walked away.

I felt the shift in the wind too late and then my scent was blowing towards them.

I was done for. There was no way that he could not recognize my scent.

But he simply crouched down in a challenge and didn't acknowledge me as a threat at all.

Somehow, he didn't recognize me.

"We're going now," Laurent said soothingly as they slowly backed away.

James looked up and this time I met is gaze full on.

He starred at me for a full moment and I waited for the moment I would have to leap in front of Edward and meet his attack head on.

The attack never came.

He slowly straightened out of his crouch and began backing away slowly.

He hadn't recognized me.

And yet…

He had killed several humans in my range already.

Everything I was told me that he had met a death sentence by that alone.

All it would take was one thought.

One action.

And he would be dead.

But I would also expose what I really was. Not only to the Cullens but to anyone else that happened to be watching.

He had done a crime worthy of a death sentence.

But could I risk everything I had worked for- over the last few months especially- for one vampire?

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