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The blade never landed.

He stood there, arms folded across his armored chest, eyes shut, as though he were simply taking a nap. The blade had not penetrated more than a centimeter into the suit, and as the attacker blanched at the realization, a low hum reached his ears. His eyes widened as the source of it became evident. There, curled around the base of the hilt, was a thin wire, nearly invisible to the naked eye. His gaze followed it to the right...


Tied around his own legs.


He murmured blood red eyes snapping open, one hand sliding forward. Bound as he was, the assasin hadn't the chance to move. He doubled over now, vomitting blood as the warrior extracted his hand, leaving his would be killer with a gaping red fistula where his chest had been.

"Thanks for the gold."


(One hour later)

"You stink." She sighed, sitting down on the log beside him. He glanced at her once, then continued to polish the thin chest plate that lay at his feet, dissasembled with the rest of his as always in a black leotard with that chain belt worn around her waist, the dark well as a blue cloak, with boots of the same color. Even after all this, her fashion style hadn't changed any. Instead of having normal pigment coloration, she still had light gray skin, violet-blue eyes but her shoulder-length violet-blue hair had grown a bit, now perfectly framing the corners of her face.

"Raven." The man spoke, his voice light and amused, in contrast to the corpses that riddled the taken campsite. "I take it you caught up to the stragglers, yes? Or is that your own blood that you reek of." He ignored the iron glare she leveled at him, chuckling as he set to his task.

"We have fifteen hours before word gets out." She stared at him, trying to peer into the folds of his cloak. When this failed, she frowned and reached upward to pull the garment away from his visage. Exposed was a whiskered, chiseled face with blond hair, and stern sapphire eyes.

"Naruto, do you have to wear that thing?"

"This?" He flipped the hood back up swiftly. "I like it. It suits me."

"So did orange, and we both know what route that took."

"Yes," He grinned toothily, tilting his head to expose the scratched headband looped around his neck. "We do, don't we?" At the same time, he brushed a finger across her forearm, revealing a similair object strapped there, though its symbol was so worn and faded it could not be seen.

"I'll take the first shift then."

"Nope." Naruto shook his head.

"Fine, you can have the first-

"That wasn't, what I was talking about."

Raven said no more, but she didn't have to. Suddenly, he draped an arm across Raven's shoulders, pulling her into his chest, and the folds of his cloak, before his fellow psychic could offer further protestations. In the darkness of the starless night, her face was a flush of deep red scarlet.

"H-Hey, careful now...

He held her tighter, refusing to speak.

Raven shuddered into him, and nuzzled her face into the crook of his neck. He reeked of sweat and testosterone, but to her, they could have been a bouquet of black roses for all she cared. She gasped as his lips ran over hers, one hand caressing the small of her back in slow gentle circles, the other cupping her cheek with the greatest of delicacy, as though she were made of the finest china and the slightest effort would shatter her.

She smiled into his mouth and shoved, pushing the blond from her perch and falling atop him into the shadows. They tumbled in the dirt for a moment, cloaks and garments falling aside this way and that as they made their way toward one of the few remaining tents in the encampment. Five hours later, he rose from the thin cot, and began to dress himself, just as she started to stir beside him.


"Forgive me." He whispered, his voice a mere shadow of its former self as he pulled away, breath warm on her face. "I really need to get out there and see if anyone heard all of that." Raven flushed scarlet, but sat up all the same, clutching, wrapping the thing blanket tight about her body.

"Come back soon."

"As if I have a choice." Naruto grinned as he slid his slacks on, and was already halfway outside as he donned the metal plating of his mesh vest, narrowly evading the pebble that was telikinetically hurled at him. He'd made it about three steps before he'd realized he'd forgotten something.

Digging the heel of his open toe sandal into the dirt, the former shinobi performed a swift about face. He'd remembered to bring his knife this time, but at the same time, he'd forgotten a very important object. Swearing softly, he backtracked through the trees, wasting no effort to secrecy.

"Ah, shit, my shuriken-

He paused on a weak branch for a moment, to adjust his footing.

It saved his life.

Fire exploded before his vision as a wall of flame consumed the camp, snarling and snapping at his face before engulfing him as well. It was as if a giant hand had heaved him into the air, for when he slammed into the ground, stars crossed his eyes. Stunned, Naruto could only stare upward as a hulking figure, clad in the distinctive red and black garment that he knew all too well, loomed before him, brandishing a massive blade.

'Ah shit, shit shit how in the hell did this happen...

"Finally found you, nine tails."

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