My first Flowers for Algernon fic. Well, actually, it's a poem for an English project. It's a bunch of haikus put together. I know haikus are not supposed to be so straight forward but I'm just not good at that stuff, okay? Oh and if you didn't notice, my summary is made up of two haikus.

I do not own Flowers for Algernon

Reverting the Inevitable

I can feel it drain

Like a sponge on the sidewalk

Sitting in the sun

Please don't let it go

I need my intelligence

I am not aging

Younger and younger

Turning more and more child-like

Why Algernon, why?

I want Ms. Kinnian

No, I mean I want Alice

I want to love her

To hold her once more

I want to relate to her

Why did I do that?

I turned her away

With my advances to Fay

Who should I love, choose?

The unique artist?

Or the delicate teacher?

I only love one

I'm like a puppy

Blindly glad, I tried to please

How stupid was I?

Very dumb indeed

I want, no, I need to know

When it will happen

It's not a wonder

I know, for sure, it will be

Please don't let it go

I want to be smart

I don't want any ridicule

Not the empty smile

I'm forgetting words

Pronunciations and all

And my own research


Like the rising sun and death

I can only wait

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