Do Better – Say Anything (3:51)

Auggie couldn't help but let out an indignant snort at Jonathan's or whatever-the-hell-his-name-was snide remark. Snide remarks were his thing. It wasn't even that funny anyways.

Apparently Annie thought otherwise. She was giggling. Giggling! She only chuckled at his jokes. He was pretty sure she was touching his arm lightly when she said "Oh Jonathan," emphasizing his name dreamily, "you're too funny." No doubt she was flashing him that coy smile of hers that drew men in droves.

"Shall I get you another beer, Annie?" He asked politely. Of course he did.

"Yes, please." She giggled flirtatiously. It was like he was in high school all over again.

"I'll have shot of patron while you're at it!" Auggie shouted at his retreating back. "Prick." He mumbled under his breath, blindly reaching for the remains of his beer. He cringed as he downed its contents. He needed something stronger.

"What was that?" Annie piped curiously.

"Nothing." He said innocently, placing the now-empty glass on the table with a dull clink.

"No, pretty sure I heard a 'prick' in there." She teased, chuckling ever-so-slightly.

"I said 'you could do better.'" He blurted out unexpectedly. He hadn't meant to, honest! He was just so damn fed up. He'll blame it on the alcohol later anyways.

"Jonathan's a nice guy," she huffed, "he's very sweet and thank God he is nothing like Danielle's insipid set-ups." He could almost hear her cringing at the thought of Danielle's unpleasant 'selections.' "Besides," she digressed, picking up her beer and idly swirling around what little remains were left, "better like whom?" She asked innocently enough, downing the final contents of her beer.

Auggie heard the dull thud of her elbows coming in contact of the table. An overwhelming scent of Miller Lite and Jo Malone Grapefruit permeated the air; he was then suddenly aware of how close she was. The little minx was leaning towards him. Her chin was undoubtedly resting on top of her interlaced fingers. Her interest was piqued and she was going to get an answer, whether he liked it or not.


Navigate Me (Through Your Body) – Cute Is What We Aim For (3:19)

The predatory look Auggie had in his eyes was scaring Annie—and she liked it. It was like he was actually staring right at her with those half-lidded, lust filled eyes. His breathing was labored and his chest was heaving as he slowly made his way towards her.

She felt her own breath catch in her throat as she shifted slightly on the bed, further entangling her legs within the sheets. She clutched the thin sheets to her chest tightly; she could feel her heart beating erratically through her knuckles.

As he slowly crawled towards her on the bed, her breathing began to pick up. The way he was creeping towards her was almost predatorily, and here she was like his sacrificial prey, entangled in his little trap of bed sheets and well—him.

Blindly, he reached for her forearm and traced a path from the indent of her elbow to her white colored knuckles that held the bed sheets captive against her chest.

"These sheets aren't stopping me, Annie." He said, easing her grip on the sheets, allowing it to fall around her—leaving her bare.

She felt her toes curl with excitement and her throat grow dry.

"They aren't?" She licked her lips.

He smirked as he slowly dragged his body against her, the bare flesh causing rough, desirable friction that left both of them aching for more. He began to place kisses on the sweet indentation of her waist before slowing moving up her navel.

She moaned.

"Navigate me"

Diplomat's Son – Vampire Weekend (6:01)

"You didn't have to say yes." He nagged in her ear. He seemed to be doing that a lot lately when it came to guys.

"Auggie, I had no choice." She sighed; she was beginning to feel exasperated.

"You always have a choice." He lamented. "Besides, you didn't have to go on a date with him."

She scoffed. "First of all, it's not a date. Secondly I did not have a choice." She replied through clenched teeth. Why was he making such a big deal out of this?

"When you're wining and dining at the Bistro Francais it's a date." He was goading her.

"It's lunchtime! Who drinks wine at lunchtime?" She cried. "Besides, I'll have you know I'm enjoying a delicious ham and cheese sandwich, so how's that for a date!" It took a little self-restrain not to shout an indignant "Ha!" into the earpiece.

"What no escargot and steak tartare?" He chuckled. Annie Walker never ceased to amaze him. She was dining at one of the nicest French restaurants in Georgetown and instead of enjoying the "savory" escargot in butter-garlic sauce and the "to-die-for" steak tartare, she was eating a damn sandwich; that put a smile on his face.

"Ew, snails and raw meat? No thanks." She blanched. "Oh! Gerard's coming back. I have to go. I'll talk to you later, Auggie." She said quickly before her attention turned to Gerard.

Auggie sighed. Damn diplomat's son.

A/N: This is actually part of the iPod Shuffle Challenge. However I cheated and didn't write during the duration of the song. I wrote during the duration of 3 songs…on repeat. Oh well. I've actually written about 3-4 more drabbles (to this challenge) but I've yet to revise them, so they'll go up later tomorrow hopefully. Sorry if the grammar is bad, I'm a bit out of touch! (It's been 3 years since I've last written anything so tad bit rusty here, folks!)

EDIT: I've actually revised a bit and fixed a few grammatical and spelling errors. Also I'd like to make note of a few things:
- Navigate Me – Cute Is What We Aim For: I'd like to clarify, in case it didn't make any sense, that they lyrics of the song actually go
"I'm creeping your way
And these sheets aren't stopping me
Because I'm gonna meet you face to face
And I'm gonna start from your waist
Up through your navel
I know that you don't actually go up from one's waist to their navel (you go down of course, especially in the position that they're in) but let's just bend the rules this one time.
- Diplomat's Son – Vampire Weekend: I'm actually from D.C. and visit Georgetown often and Bistro Francais is a legitimate, real French restaurant. It is absolutely divine. If you live in the area I suggest you go to it! If you can't stomach snails and raw meat, I absolutely suggest the ham and cheese sandwich, it's surprisingly good.

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