Secret Valentine – We the Kings (3:28)

The wine left her head muddled and fuzzy. It was beginning to become difficult forming coherent thoughts, let alone coherent sentences. She didn't normally allow herself to achieve such a drunken stupor. Honestly, she didn't. But it was difficult for her to refuse Auggie's abrupt invitation to his apartment after a round of drinks and a late dinner at The Tavern; she had never seen his apartment and she was curious—of course she accepted.

She was a bit tentative intruding upon his apartment, but easily relaxed after sharing a few laughs—and wine of course. Who was she to refuse good wine? Especially when it was Cabernet Sauvignon paired with a special screening of Public Enemies on his sleek, leather couch.

So now here she was, her head nestled comfortably upon Auggie's broad shoulder and her arm looped casually through the crook of his elbow. His cheek was pressed against the crown of her head as he attentively listened to the film, or at least she thought he was. She carefully sipped her wine and tried to focus on the film, but it was becoming difficult; her mind was sluggish.

The movie slowly came to an end and the credits began to roll; she looked up to see if Auggie noticed that the film had ended—he didn't. Hesitantly she lifted her head from his shoulder, careful not to accidentally bump his cheek with her head. She looked at him, his eyes were closed.

"Aug—" she began and he turned to her, abruptly opening his eyes. They were wide and unfocused, yet glazed over either from the alcohol or something else—she didn't know. She was suddenly aware of how close he was; she could distinctly smell the wine on his breath now. The warm puffs of air that escaped his lips lightly grazed her cheek causing a stray hair of hers to brush against her nose. She laughed, it tickled.

He cocked an eyebrow at her, a smirk forming on his lips. "Did I say something funny?" He asked, his voice slightly husky from keeping quiet during the film, or maybe it was the wine?

She felt her face flush at his tone. "M-my hair." She stammered lamely, quickly unlinking their arms so that she could brush the damned thing out of the way.

But he beat her to it. Cautiously, he placed his hand on her face, cupping her cheek lightly before slowly—and agonizingly—tracing his fingers to where the stray hair was before tucking it behind her ear tenderly. His thumb softly brushed across her cheekbones. She licked her lips.

"Aug—" she tried again, but he stopped her by brushing the rough, callous pad of his thumb against the corner of her lips. She glanced up at him through her half-lidded eyes; his eyes were dark with desire mixed with alcohol—a dangerous combination.

To hell with it, she thought before losing her inhibitions and sliding her eyes closed as she leaned forward to place a soft kiss upon his lips. He groaned, his fingers entangling in her hair, her arms intertwining around his neck.

After what seemed like several minutes, they finally pulled away from each other. He was breathing heavily against her cheek. She hadn't even realized he had turned out the lights. His hand released its loose hold on her hair before languidly moving down the column of her throat to brush across her collarbone and dip further down.

She shuddered with anticipation.

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