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Conversations I've Had With My Cat


In a quiet house, no matter how hard you try, one can ever open a squeaky door quietly. John cringed as the kitchen door squeaked loudly as he opened it as slowly as he could. The family cat looked up from her basket sitting by the washing machine and yawned before letting out a soft mew. John looked at the cat, 'I know you dumb ol' cat, I know.' He spoke softly, 'I'll only be a minute. I just gotta get something from my secret place. So you just keep your yap shut.' He squeezed his slender frame outside the door onto the back porch and pulled the door shut behind him. He let the screen door close behind him as gently as he could sighing as the door cooperated for once and closed quietly.

He turned and quickly ran out of the yard to the field that led to his hiding place. He came to a halt beside a stream bed where an outcropping of rocks were. He slid slowly into the water relishing in the coolness of the rocks on his hot, aching bare feet. (He had made sure not to wear any shoes as they would have given away his intentions while he was leaving the house earlier.) He waded quickly to his secret place between some rocks where a cave was located. He crawled in and retrieved his notebook.

Now this was no ordinary notebook, this was his secret notebook. The notebook that held all his secret conversations he held with his cat, Alexander the Great. Alex – as he preferred to be called – had gone on to cat heaven just last week and John now had only the mean old cat William the Conqueror to talk to and that cat didn't give a rat's ass what he had to say.

John made it back to the house in record time and slithered up the drain pipe on the north corner of the house closest to his bedroom window where he hoped to sneak back into the house undetected. His hopes were dashed as the aforementioned cat, Sir William was sitting on his bed glaring at him. 'Don't say anything, you dumb cat.' John hissed at the cat as he stepped over the window ledge and dropped soundlessly onto the wood floor.

The cat of course had other ideas. He howled. Loudly. Full voiced, that cat was. He let the whole house know that something was going on.

This of course caused John to cringe as he quickly shed his clothes and got under his sheet, pulling his notebook under his pillow so his Uncle couldn't see what he had and crossed his fingers that when his uncle came into the room he wouldn't notice anything different.

'What is going on in here?' Roland bellowed as he pushed the door completely open. 'Well boy?'

John rose up from where he'd been lying as he rubbed sleep from his eyes. He was putting on a real good show he thought. 'I don't know, Sir. Sir William just started howling. I.. I think something spooked him.' John said softly.

'I better not find out you dug up that mangy cat of yours boy.' Roland turned and looked at his cat. 'Come on you old fool of a cat. There's no ghosts in here. Go downstairs and go catch some mice.' He used his foot to shoo the cat out of his nephew's bedroom. 'Go to sleep boy, you have a busy day tomorrow.'

'Yes sir.' John laid down and heaved a big sigh. His secrets were safe from the rising creek and he was safe from the wrath that was his Uncle.

Chapter One

Station 51
Carson, California

Chet Kelly came across a tattered notebook as he was cleaning out the locker of his injured shift-mate. He looked at the cover and gave it but a cursory glance at first. He set it on the bench to go into the box that contained uniforms, dirty socks, half-empty cologne bottles, shaving gear and the odd picture. He knew his friend was going to be back on the job, but it was going to take at least nine months so in the mean time he was taking this stuff to him so that the uniforms could be cleaned and the other stuff taken care of or replaced with new.

Once the locker was cleaned out and the Smokey the Bear poster tacked back into place with the small tear repair with tape, his attention turned to the notebook. He sat on the bench and opened the book to see childish scrawl across wide ruled pages. He chuckled as he read page after page of what appeared to be wandering thoughts and strange conversations. After about five pages the chuckles stopped to be replaced by silence as the writing turned more serious.

'I was talking to Becky at school today and she told me that I was being held back a grade because my Uncle told my teacher to. I just don't know what's wrong with me, Alex.' My cat stared at me and purred softly. He always understood what I was thinking and feeling. I wish the rest of the people who lived here did. It's hard being the odd one in a family.

I'm getting held back because my uncle doesn't want me to be in the same grade as Ron. It's not like I want to be in the same class as he is in but to hold me back just for being born the same year? Geesh!

Alex butted my hand as I was writing today and told me he wanted to play instead of watch me write so I played with him for a while.

I was late home for dinner last night because I played too long in my secret place with Alex. I need to remember not to stay here too long. It only gets me in trouble.

Chet set the notebook into the box and carried it to the dayroom where he set it on the table. He wondered if maybe he shouldn't have opened that notebook.

Brackett/Gage Home
Antelope Valley, California

John smiled as he watched the cat lick his paws. 'Aw Whiskers, you love to clean those feet, don't ya.' He scratched the kitten behind the ears when the tiger tabby looked up from his cleaning duties. 'Yeah, you just go right on cleanin' those feets of yours. I'll just sit here and watch.'

Dr. Kelly Brackett walked into the living room and smiled as he watched the exchange between man and kitten. He knew how much of an all around animal person his lover was, but he particularly enjoyed watching how Johnny conversed with cats. 'Morning Johnny.' He walked up to the couch and dropped a kiss on Johnny's head. 'Feeling better this morning?'

'Not as achy, but I'm not going to complain.' John smiled. He'd been off of work for almost nine months due to a serious injury and had been going through intense physio the past three of those months. He was taking daily walks and working out at the local Y every day now and had been liking the results he was seeing. Because of this, he was in better shape than before the accident and he knew that when the time came for the department physical, he'd pass with flying colours. He just wasn't sure about the paramedic part.

Sure he'd been studying and keeping up to date with his partner, Roy DeSoto, but he still suffered from the odd case of insecurity from time to time and often wondered if it was really all worth the anxiety and self-doubt to continue trying if he was only going to be setting himself up to fail.

As if reading his lover's mind, Kel turned from heading to the kitchen and looked at John, 'Quit it. No negative thoughts, remember?'

'Ah, Kel. You know me too well.' John stood and headed toward his lover and some much needed coffee. 'What do you want for breakfast?'

'You.' Kel wrapped his lover in his arms and took his lips in a hot and heavy kiss.

Just as things were beginning to really heat up the doorbell rang breaking the lovers apart.

Kel laughed at the look on Johnny's face as he headed for the door. 'Coffee! Now!'

Johnny gave a mock salute, 'Sir, yes, sir!' he turned around and pulled two mugs down from a cupboard and prepared two cups. After hearing voices at the door he pulled one more mug down and filled it with black coffee and took them to the kitchen table.


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