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Chapter 13

Rachel starred at Finn's truck in shock – her jaw literally dropping at the sight of the red and black smattering of paint across the hood and windows. She gathered her shawl closer around her shoulders as she felt the tears welling up in her eyes. The words on the blue Ford were hastily written, but as clear as day – all variations of the same phrases: TRAMP. FUCK-UPS. WHORE. PROUD PARENTS. She heard shouts behind her – unsure if they were the voices of friends and buried herself in Finn's chest.

"Why –?" She heard Finn stuttering through his response – like her, seemingly unable to express himself. She could feel him trembling beside her from rage or shock.

"What's going on, Finn?" She heard Noah ask as the voices finally came into focus. The others were laughing – much like she and Finn had been just a few moments ago. She didn't look at the others, her gaze was preoccupied with following the black paint as it dripped languidly from the graffiti to the asphalt.

"What the fuck, man?" Noah had finally reached the car and now he was walking around, staring at the paint with disdain. "Who did this?"

"I don't know." Rachel whispered, finally gathering her words as the other Glee club members poured into the parking lot to meet up after Prom. They were supposed to be going to the Fabray's summer house on Lake Erie for the rest of the weekend.

"Oh my God!" Brittney's voice cut through the chatter of the other students in the parking lot. Though she could still feel Finn trembling as he held her, he'd yet to speak or even move and Rachel was at a loss as she clung to him. Hadn't everyone already made their point when it came to her and Finn? Hadn't they already done enough damage?

"Say something." Kurt said, inserting himself between her and the truck as he tried to break the spell that the destruction held over them.

"Why?" Rachel heard the words exit her lips in a scream before she was even aware of them. The sobs began racking her then, cutting through her words until she could barely form them. "Damn them! Why do they keep doing this to us?" Looking around, she found herself suddenly standing by the truck, nearly five feet separating herself from her extremely stunned husband. Her screaming had begun to draw a crowd, but she didn't care. "Cowards! They send anonymous hate mail and vandalize our property because they don't have the courage to face us!" She couldn't tell if the people in the crowd were more shocked by the vandalism or the screaming pregnant girl. Finally, she heard a familiar voice in the crowd.

"Rachel?" It was fortunate that Mr. Schue had been a chaperone at the Prom that night because he inserted himself in the moment, quickly taking in the damage to Finn's truck before ushering the Glee kids into the choir room and away from the crowd that had gathered. Even once they were inside, Finn had still hardly spoken, but when he sat on the step, he gathered her into his lap.

"Are you okay, Rach?" She heard his voice in her ear and felt her rage crumbling. She nodded feebly as she felt the tears again, pouring down her face and splattering black mascara all over her pale pink dress. "It's just paint. I'll have it resprayed." Rachel nodded, but it was never about the truck and she was sure that Finn knew that.

"Why though?"

"I don't know, Rach. I wish I had an answer." Rachel noticed that the rest of the New Directions was silently staring at her – at the expectant mother who'd finally snapped.

Nearly five hours later, though the images of the truck and the graffiti were still fresh in her mind, Rachel was smiling again as she and Finn settled into their bedroom at the Fabray's lake house. Before they'd left, Mr. Schue had called the police and they'd taken a report and promised to let her and Finn know if they found anything, but Rachel wasn't stupid – she knew that it was unlikely that the vandals would ever be found.

It was nearly four in the morning now – having spent two hours dealing with the police before the three hour drive to the cabin. Rachel was sitting on the edge of the bed in the room she would share with Finn for the weekend while the others were in their own bedrooms. Eight of the twelve New Directions members had made the trip – having left behind those who couldn't get away because of parents or work or other reasons.

Rachel pulled out her phone to text Daddy and Burt and let them know they'd arrived. They'd obviously had to call Burt and Carole about the truck – Burt had actually promised to have it resprayed before they got back and she'd also called Daddy and Papa to warn them about the possibility of more trouble. She watched her phone for a few moments, but she didn't really expect them to respond at such a late hour.

"I bet you're tired, Rach." Finn whispered, sitting down beside her as he tucked a few wisps of her hair behind her ear.

"Me? I'm okay. You must be tired. You drove the last hour of the trip." Finn looked ready to argue his point again, but Rachel laughed, wrapping her arms around Finn's chest and pulling him down beside her. "Let's just assume we're equally tired."

"That sounds pretty good." Finn replied, wrapping his arms around Rachel and pulling her as close as her growing stomach would allow. As she nuzzled her head into Finn's shoulder, Rachel realized that it was nearly May – only a few short months before the twins would be born.

"What are we going to name the twins, Finn?" Rachel had thought about that very question a million times, but they'd never really discussed it – it had always felt like the decision was years and years away.

"I don't know, Rach. I mean, I've thought about it. Have you thought about it?"

"Of course I have, I just haven't really decided on anything yet." She turned to look up at Finn, her arms around his chest.

"I was thinking about naming our son – that sounds weird, doesn't it? Our son? Anyway, I've thought about naming him after my father."

"Really? Even with everything you found out about him?" Rachel sat up a little to look down at him, her hands still resting on his chest.

"I've been talking to my mom about him a lot lately. She says he was a good man – even if he wasn't a war hero." Rachel smiled as she looked down on him, but she felt her eyes swimming with tears. "I mean – we don't have to do it. I just thought –"

"No, I think it's a beautiful idea." Finn looked up at her, smiling her smile, and Rachel melted into his embrace. She would have bent down to kiss him, but she he saved her the trouble and sat up on his arms, pressing his lips to hers – the touch of their lips like a spark of lightning through her skin. She wrapped her arm about his neck to hold him there in her arms.

"God, I love you, Finn." She whispered against his lips before capturing them again with her own. She trembled into his embrace as he nudged her back onto the mattress. Finn hovered over her, covering her in kisses until the weight of the twins on her spine insisted that she pull herself upright to lean back against the headboard. Finn didn't skip a beat, reaching forward to pull her into his lap as if she weighed nothing so he could kiss her again and again. Far sooner that Rachel would have liked, Finn sat back and looked at her, suddenly serious.

"Rach – are you sure this is okay? I mean –" Rachel pulled him close and silenced him with her lips to his.

"I'm not due until July, Finn. It's fine." Finn didn't hesitate a moment then – drawing her into his embrace and covering her with kisses – not letting her go until much later in the morning.