Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call,

Caught you in the morning with another one in my bed

Don't you care about me anymore?

Don't you care about me? I don't think so.

Six foot tall

Came without a warning so I had to shoot him dead

He won't come around here anymore

Come around here? I don't think so.

Maroon 5-

"Oh come off it Harry you do" said Ron Weasley

"He's Right mate you do," said Seamus Finnegan

There were, Harry Potter best friends had been since before he started school here at Hogwarts, seven years ago.

"Come on guys, my life is not perfect," said Harry smiling and shaking his head at his two best mates as the walked to the Great Hall for breakfast.

"Like bloody hell it isn't" said Ron, "I mean you have the perfect grades, you're head boy and you get to room next to the gorgeous head girl, you have a fit girlfriend and two loving rich parents. I mean people actually want to be you Harry," said Ron as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"Including me, you're not a bad looking bloke either mate, but of course I'm the best looking one out of the group," said Seamus puffing his chest out mockingly.

"And modest too mate" said Harry.

"Seamus you prick, you most definitely are not the best looking one of us" argued Ron, as the three of them reached the Gryffindor table and sat down to eat breakfast. Ginny and her Ravenclaw friend Luna came and sat down as well. Ron and Seamus continued to argue as Harry piled food on his plate.

"What are you two on about then?" asked Ginny as she helped herself to some pancakes. Ron turned to his sister whom had sat down beside him and Seamus turned to her from where he was seated next to Luna across the table.

"Well you can help us then Gin, who's the best looking out of us blokes" asked Ron

"That's easy, Harry" Harry smiled a little.

"See I told you I was the…wait a minute, Harry, Gin you're not even going to take up for your brother" asked Ron a little offended.

"I'm just telling the truth, that's what you asked for," she said innocently.

"That's just her nice way of saying, that I'm the better looking one," commented Seamus.

"No you're not, you slimy git," said Ron with a huff.

"If I didn't know any better I'd think you two fancied each other" said Ginny motioning to Seamus and Ron.

"Sod off" said Ron as he started to eat his breakfast.

"Besides Ginny dearest my heart belongs to you and only you," said Seamus wiggling his eyebrows.

"You wish," said Ginny

"Oi that's my sister you prick," said Ron angrily, Seamus shrugged but then got a look of awe on his face as the doors to the Great Hall opened. In walked Hermione Granger; probably the hottest Ravenclaw that school had seen. She was also the head girl this year and she was easily the most beautiful girl at Hogwarts, with her long curly brown hair, her hazel nut eyes and her curvy, but not too curvy figure. She was intelligent too the smartest witch of her age.

Many blokes were trying to go out with her, but for some odd reason she had taken herself off the market a few months ago not accepting any dates from any one. She didn't have a boyfriend or many friends for that matter, they would all get jealous of her so she didn't waste her time. She did find a friend in Luna and Ginny though but she was always very guarded and never let the two of them in to close.

"I'd give my left nut for a night with her" said Seamus eyeing her up and down as she walked over to the empty side of Ravenclaw table. Harry laughed into his pumpkin juice. Ron just stared over at her dreamily nodding in agreement with Seamus. Luna stared off into space not really listening and Ginny looked discussed.

"Very charming Seamus" said Ginny sarcastically.

Cho walked over to the Gryffindor table to greet her boyfriend. Harry stood up as she arrived. She gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek.

"Morning Love"

"Good morning" he said in return not wanting to let go of their quick embrace "Can I walk you to class"

"No, no sweetheart get back to your breakfast, I was just going to meet Marietta somewhere, I just wanted to say good morning" she answered him with a smile ignoring his friends.

"Well good morning" said Harry again with a goofy smile on his face. Ginny rolled her eyes, she never did like Cho, and Seamus was busy trying to look down her shirt as she was showing a bit of cleavage this morning. Ron was eating with Luna gazing at him lovingly.

"I'll see you in class love" she said kissing him on the lips quickly.

"Alright then" said Harry watching her go. After she disappeared through the Great Hall doors he sat back down with the goofy smile still plastered on his face.

"I still don't understand why you like her so much," said Ginny

"I still don't understand why you dislike her so much Gin," he countered as he finished his breakfast.

"Because Harry, she's a bloody slag," said Ginny angrily. Cho really was rather awful to those she didn't acquaint herself with, it seemed like she lived to humiliate others. The only person she was intimidated by was Hermione Granger.

"I will not sit here and let you talk about my girlfriend like that," said Harry outraged by Ginny's description of his girlfriend. Harry got up and decided to go to class early.

"Great Gin, now look what you did" said Ron as he finished off a sausage and hurried after his best friend. Seamus followed suite and Ginny yelled out.

"Well she is, the sooner he figures it out, the better."

Later on that night Harry, Ron and Seamus were patrolling the corridors.

"Blimey Harry are you still ticked at Gin for saying what she said" asked Ron

Harry remained silent and Seamus spoke up.

"Bloody hell man, get over it, it was just a stupid comment"

"You guys don't agree with her do you," asked Harry feeling a little insecure. Ron and Seamus looked away uncomfortably.

"Oh come on you two, she's honestly not that bad once you get to know her"

"Yes mate, but she only wanted to know you, not us" Harry rolled his eyes when they heard some moans coming from a third floor classroom.

"Well I know what'll cheer you up" said Seamus, "Since we can't be in here snogging, might as well bust somebody else for it yeah?" he asked smirking. Harry folded his arms as Ron and Seamus quietly opened the door and looked in then both of them backed away quickly.

"Well what the hell are you two doing go tell who ever it is to get out"

"Um, maybe we should go," said Ron. Seamus nodded catching on,

"Yeah, I have an arse load of homework to do mate," said Seamus. Harry pushed past them and opened the door; the sight that greeted him would forever haunt his dreams for a while.

"What the bloody hell!" he shouted. The two teens he was shouting at broke apart quickly. "Cho, what the fuck is going on here," he said motioning towards her and "Malfoy, you're shagging that fucking prick Malfoy of all people" asked Harry as the two scrambled to get their clothes on.

"Harry I can explain" but before she could get much more out than that Harry was on Malfoy fast, punching every inch of him that he could get to. It was hard for Malfoy to get away with his pants around his ankles. Ron and Seamus got Harry off of Malfoy and told him to run. He did so as quickly as he could, while trying to pull up his pants all the while.

Ron and Seamus decided to wait outside the classroom and give Harry time to talk to Cho.

"How could you, Cho, how could you fucking do this to me!" he yelled. Ron put a silencing charm on the classroom.

"Look I'm sorry ok, but you weren't exactly willing to help me out in that department" said Cho, referring to Harry's celibacy.

"Yeah and I gave you a bloody damn good reason didn't I, just cause I wasn't trying to shag you, you go out and find the first fucking person that will"

"Like I said Harry I'm sorry, I never wanted you to find out this way"

"Well for fucks sake Cho how exactly did you want me to find out?" he asked completely livid.

"I'm sorry, but look I don't think we should see each other anymore"

"Oh no, bloody hell, you don't get to do that, you don't get to say those fucking words to me" said Harry pacing the classroom now.

"I'm sorry Harry, things just got predictable and boring with us, I mean, we're only seventeen and we act like an old married couple, I wanted some excitement"

"With Malfoy"

"I'm sorry," said Cho walking past him out of the classroom. Harry slumped down next to the door and Ron and Seamus came in to cheer him up. Harry put his head in his hands and fought with himself not to cry in front of his mates but he couldn't help it, the tears started pouring.

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