A/N: Due to an insane lack of this awesome pairing I have decided to contribute some of my own stuff to the Alice/Claire shippage. I wrote this in maybe 2 hours, I have no beta and I'm kind of sleepy, so be aware, there are probably loads of grammatical errors. This takes place after Resident Evil: Afterlife. The narrator is a character i made up (just one of the survivors on Arcadia at the end of the film) If this ends up being a series I assure you, you will not be seeing the character 'Grey' again, I will use only canon characters if i continue.

Rating: K+ (May change in the future)

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Summary: Moments between Alice and Claire through the eyes of those around them. Takes place after Afterlife.

Through the Eyes of Another-

I can't really say that I'm thrilled to be on this ship still. Even with the new clothes it all feels like we're cattle or something, and I don't think I'm the only one who's feeling the fences.

That woman, Alice, the one whose been doing the broadcasts and letting us take pit stops for clothes and supplies. On the outside, yeah it looks like she's just making sure us survivors are well at ease with everything we need. But if you watch her long enough, you can tell she feels the cage worse than anyone. She'll pace for hours when she thinks no one's looking. She restlessly fidgets with her weapons. Compulsively checks them and cleans them. It makes you wonder just why she's here. What's keeping her?

A few hours later the sun finally comes up and as usual, my fellow occupants on the ship begin to stir. It makes me grateful that we all ditched those pristine white getups, it felt nice not walking around like some experiment and feeling my own clothes against my skin for once. I take in a deep breath of the crisp ocean air and bundle deeper into my jacket, not really paying mind to the young girl who's making her way over to the side of the boat where I'm currently sitting. She smiles and I give a slight nod as she plops down beside me and holds out her hand.

"Hey, I'm K-mart." She smiles warmly along with her greeting and introduction.

"Target," I greet in response, shaking her hand. Her eyebrow goes up and she smirks at my teasing. I grin.

"Sorry, couldn't help myself. Names Grey, pleasure to meet you K-mart."

Her slightly annoyed look vanishes and a small smile takes it's place, she giggles and crosses her legs beneath her.

"You're strange."

I shrug.

"Yeah, sucks that you guys got stuck with me. What a shame one of the last survivors on earth is a weirdo." I sigh dramatically. She laughs and I can't help but start chuckling along with her. It was nice to laugh for once, felt like ages since jokes didn't leave a bitter taste in ones mouth.

After a few moments she calms down and then looks back over at me, the wariness she had at first was starting to wear away just a bit. I've never been the best with people though; I just give her a small smile and turn my eyes back out to look over the deck at the few who are already up. Alice is one of them. She's currently on the opposite side of the boat, sitting cross-legged near the side guardrails. She looks over the side of the boat and up at Chris and Claire occasionally while she hands diligently clean the barrel of one of her shotguns. Meanwhile, Claire and Chris are up at the bow of the boat. They look as if they're half-heartedly arguing over something, their words peppered with chiding remarks that you'd expect to see between two siblings. Chris jokingly ruffles his sister's reddish hair while he makes some joking comment that goes unheard, earning a begrudging smile from his younger sister. I catch Alice looking back in their direction briefly. If I'm not mistaken, I saw a fond smile on her face before she quickly turned her attention back down to what she's working on. Suddenly a small gloved hand obscures my view.

"Hey, earth to Grey." K-Mart says jokingly. I shake out of my daze and turn back to her.

"Uhm, sorry about that. Zoned out a bit."

K-Mart grins and looks between the three who had previously held my attention.

"So, where were you before Arcadia?" She asks conversationally. I tense up for a second, a lump in my throat forms instantly. K-mart looks over at me, her eyes sympathetic.

"Oh, I'm sorr-"

I shake my head. "Nah, it's fine. Uhm…It was just me and my sister for a while….Then it was just me." I finish, giving her a weak smile and a shrug. K-mart rests a comforting hand on my shoulder blade, she doesn't say anything though. It's kind of a weird unspoken thing between everyone nowadays I guess. No one really bothers with the 'I'm sorry for your loss' or any other cold comfort lines that were customary back when the world wasn't such a nightmare. We've all lost a lot. That's just the way it is.

"So what about you?"

K-mart smiles and looks back over in Claire and Chris' direction briefly.

"There was only me for a long time. Then Claire found me and it was us and a convoy of others for a while. Eventually Alice came along, telling us about this Arcadia place that was free of infection, and well, here we are."

I blink a few times and raise an eyebrow in disbelief.

"So, wait….This was all Alice's idea?"

K-mart gives me a funny look and nods as if saying 'duh'.

"Weird…" I mutter under my breath.

She laughs incredulously. "What's so weird about it?"

I shrug. "Well, it just seems off. Alice looks like a caged tiger half the time I see her."

K-mart giggles and shakes her head.

"That's just Alice, she can be kinda um….intense."

I can't help but laugh at the severity of that understatement. K-mart playfully smacks my arm and begins laughing along with me.

"Shut up, you know what I mean." She manages to get out between giggles.

"She's really great once you get to know her. Her and Claire are a great team together."

I nod and glance back across the boat. Alice has again turned her attention back towards the bow, her normally set gaze has softened considerably as she gazes at whatever has caught her interest.

I try to follow her line of sight the best I can, but its impossible to tell if her eyes are set on Chris or Claire. I look back and forth between the three for a few moments, trying to decipher a thing or two before looking back to K-mart.

"So you think she's happy here? Being stuck on a boat constantly looking for survivors?"

K-mart looks deep in thought for a few moments before meeting my eyes again, genuine confusion reflects back at me.

"Now that you mention it, I don't really know. Alice was always the big 'lonely hero' type. She's usually off on her own looking for survivors by now. It's not really like her to stick around for a long period of time." K-mart drifts off then turns her gaze back to the water, a comfortable silence falls between us.

I look back over at the strip of land behind us and slowly turn to look back up to the bow. Only Chris seems to be occupying the area now. The large, rough looking man gazes serenely out towards the lulling waves of the ocean.

I turn to look back at where Alice is sitting to find Claire has since joined her. Now, the usually stoic woman is sitting side by side with the red-head. They both exchange a few words that I don't bother to try and make out. Alice tilts her head up and the same fond smile is back in place as she faces Claire. There is something definitely rare about the softness in her features as she gazes at the woman sitting so close to her.

Not once do I see Alice turn her attention back to the bow. Slowly the pieces start to fit together.

K-mart's voice breaks me from my thoughts suddenly and pull me back to attention.

"So you think, she may be taking off again soon? If she's so bored and all, whats to stops her?" I pick up a hint of sadness and fear in k-marts tone at the idea of Alice's departure. She seems to really look up to the strange, stoic woman.

I just smirk and steal one last glance over at Alice and Claire. At that moment a cold breeze blows past us. Instinctively, Claire's hands go up to cover the exposed skin of her arms from the biting cold. As if on automatic response, Alice slips out of the jacket she was wrapped up in and lays it over the woman's shoulders. Claire protests briefly but is quickly silenced by Alice who gives her a tender, reassuring smile. Claire returns the look and glances down at her lap as if out of embarrassment or perhaps even shyness before looking back up at Alice, her eyes reflecting the the same softness, a sweet smile tugging at her lips.

I turn to K-mart and give her a confident smirk. The pieces are now all neatly in place.

"I wouldn't worry about Alice leaving. Now that I think about it, she seems to have every reason to stay right where she is."

To Be continued...?

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