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Find My Way Back Home- Priscilla Ahn

Her breaths came in short ragged puffs.

Silver eyes wide and crying, lady Ventress never thought she'd die so far away from home…. But then again, did she really have a home? Rattatak seemed to only hold bad memories for her.

She lost more there than she ever thought she owned.

She didn't even want to think about Dooku.

'Bastard.' She thought angrily.

It wasn't enough that she'd been bested and almost killed yet again… The Count wanted to make sure by engaging her in combat and literally kicking her out of his fleeing vessel.

Lightsaber burns marred her alabaster skin, while a stab wound burned painfully below her breast. Her back was broken and her leg was twisted at the joint in such a way that she'd probably never be able to move the same way ever again… That is if she were to live, which she wouldn't… So why did it matter that she analyze her current predicament?

It didn't…

Not really.

'Guess old habits die hard.' She supposed.

Using her arms Ventress put all her strength into turning over. The dark acolyte cried out in pain as the slight movement aggravated her every wound bringing her whole being to such a high level of pain she thought she'd pass out. After much struggle, she found herself on her back staring up into the night sky. breathing heavily.

Her body was broken and her spirit was in shambles. The night air, cool and free, carried drops of water that felt like fire against her skin, stinging her minor cuts and gashes.

'What if…What if it had all been for nothing?'

'Every ounce of pain… and death… every moment of this war…'

'What if it had all been for nothing?'

"I have n-nothing to show f-for it…" She seethed bitterly. All she had were scars, guilt and a regret so deep that it shook her to her core. Ventress had never felt so contemptible in her whole existence.

'If I were to leave this place… this life… who would mourn me? Who would have known me?' Her thoughts were making her hurt more than she thought possible.

Why did she suddenly find herself caring? She was a murderer… a wanted criminal in the eyes of the Republic.

'My own Master left me here to die.'

Maybe death was her reason for caring… It certainly was a fitting punishment.

No one would mourn her passing and why she'd want someone to was beyond her shadowed reasoning at the moment. But she did, and it made her imminent death seem so much more terrifying.

Blaster rifles and explosions sounded in the background as the rain poured harder. War was all around her… Reminding her of her sins even as she lay dying. Would she ever truly be free?

The pain that had seeped into her body was slowly giving way to an unsettling numbness. Her life force was fading. She felt like she was drowning in her own blood and contempt.

"Perhaps Kenobi had been right about me? Maybe he was right about everything all along… "

She was dying and the only person she could think of was Obi Wan Kenobi. How ironic…

The man she 'supposedly' loathed with every fiber of her being was her obsession even at the brink of death. The same man she'd tortured and cursed time and time again was the only person that came to mind.

'I really am at my lowest point.' She snorted.

The wind howled at her thoughts, and suddenly she found herself laughing at the absurdity of her fears. She was a warrior, dammit, and death was something to be expected, was it not? It came with the job description and being deathly afraid of her own death was crazy, right… Right?

Except it wasn't and she hadn't expected to die.

Laughter that sounded rough to her own ears hitched in her throat before harsh sobs took their place rocking her body. And that was how he found her: Broken and crying in the rain. .

She had been so lost in her own despair, she had failed to recognize that someone was slowly approaching her. She hadn't even realized until warm arms pulled her closer to a solid body.

Whimpering, she pulled and clutched tightly to her savior. She winced, ignoring the pain. She preferred this warm feeling over that of the cold wet ground. She had a feeling that it wasn't just anyone. She could feel her own waning force signature respond to that of Obi Wan Kenobi's.

At first, she stared up at him wide-eyed in distress despite the warm feeling coursing through her. The rain mingled with the tears she'd been crying. He opened his mouth to speak.

"I knew I'd be the death of you," he joked softly with a smile that didn't reach his eyes.

Another sob escaped her lips as warmth spread through her body holding the numbness at bay. Her hands groped blindly towards his face until her slim fingers tangled themselves in his beard.

"I'm sorry!" She cried burying her face in his chest, "I'm so sorry…" He tightened his hold on the dying woman.

"Shhhh…" He whispered into her ear, "All is forgiven…" his voice sounded strained.

"I-I'm dying… I'm g-going to die here and no one will- no one will r-remember or worry or care…" Her crying was becoming hysterical, and the Jedi master found himself frustrated that he could do nothing to change this outcome or the bitterness that nestled itself in her voice.

"Asajj… Asajj, darling," He took one of her hands placing a soft kiss to her palm, " Look at me," He commanded softly.

"I'm here with you now," he assured " and I'm not going anywhere."

Ventress found herself staring into his face, trying to memorize every line and detail. Peach toned skin with ginger hair and cerulean eyes. Raindrops matted down his hair and dripped from his beard and onto her face. She had always thought him handsome and while he wore remorse well, she decided she didn't like this look on him.

"You were right," She murmured afraid her time with him would finally reach its end. "Y-you were rr-right about me, and I was so angry at you for s-seeing through to me. I always knew I was right, and then you turned everything upside down."

She stroked his cheek with the shadow of a grin ghosting her lips. "I'd become so obsessed with you." She laughed at this part. Though it was weak and it sounded like it hurt her immensely, he could see the realization in her dulling eyes. She was telling him things she was discovering for herself as well.

"You were everything I knew you weren't…. it was like the more I fought you, the more you proved me wrong. It was… maddening…"

He snorted in agreement. After he'd escaped from her, she had become somewhat of an obsession to him as well.

"Master!" The voice of Anakin Skywalker startled the two. "Obi Wan!"

Ventress' eyes widened in fear as she held on tighter to the man that held her. "Obi Wan, please!" She pleaded frantic that he would leave her. "No…no, no, no… please don't…" Crystalline tears formed and fell from silver irises. "Don't go…" Her hands clutched and grabbed with the same intensity. He calmed her trembling form by placing a gentle finger to her lips shushing her.

"Calm down, darling, I promise I won't leave you." He reassured her, sending calming waves through the force. The two held their breaths until Anakin's voice faded in the opposite direction.

Obi Wan sighed in relief when he realized Asajj would have her final moments in peace. He felt his heart wrench at the thought. Oddly enough, she had become important to him.

A spasm of pain ran through her body, causing her to jerk and hold tighter to him. She moaned rather loudly as she buried her face in his brown robes once again. The Jedi master squeezed her hand placing a kiss to her temple.

The attack left her breathless and weak. He could feel her fading and he knew she knew it too.

"Why?" She asked faintly, as he wiped away her tears "After all I've done… Y-you never thought I was a lost cause?"

"No, darling… I-I never thought you were a lost cause…" he spoke huskily cupping her face gently with his hand. "Everyone deserves the chance to redeem themselves should they really want to." Her voice was just above a whisper and her eyes were beginning to lose focus.

"You're a fool Obi Wan…" she murmured, "Pure and noble… The worst kind…"

He smiled as he lowered his face to place a chaste kiss on the corner of her mouth. Lingering for a moment, he gingerly moved his lips until they fused gently with hers. The kiss was soft with the faintest taste of salt and rain. Running his tongue along her bottom lip, she moaned as she allowed him entrance beyond her lips. Their tongues explored and stroked each others mouths. He held her tighter deepening the kiss, giving all he wished he could. Ventress found herself groaning from both pain and pleasure.

A multitude of emotions coursed through his system as he literally kissed her breath away. He found himself wanting to do so much more than hold and kiss her. He wanted to… well you, know. But even more than that, he wanted to love her. To protect her and help her through it all. The thought sent shivers down his spine. But he knew he couldn't and would never, because in moments she'd be one with the force.

The former sith apprentice whimpered when he pulled away sucking softly on her lip as his mouth broke contact with hers.

Her world was ending and all that mattered was this one moment with him. She opened her mouth to speak, but he covered her lips with his again. Plunging his tongue deep into her mouth, he groaned when she felt her lips meld with and around his.

"I wish…" She gasped into his mouth as he pulled away "I wish… we could've been different…"

He smiled watching her face as he absently stroked her jaw. "Close your eyes," He whispered placing a light kiss at her faint pulse, "just rest now."

Closing her eyes, she reached for his hand, holding it tightly. He watched as her chest rose and fell in labored succession.

Moments later, her grip went slack as her head lolled back- he could no longer feel her force signature.

It would appear that Asajj Ventress had died. The rain beat down with a new found intensity. Staring up into the sky, Obi wan clutched her body closer to himself as a wail of despair ripped from his throat.

It was then that he realized he was crying.

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