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Chapter 10

Dean shifted and then blinked groggily, lifting his head to see Sam practically lying on him as he slept. Dean smiled at the sight, happy that Sam was willing to cling to him even in sleep. He just wished he could undo all the damage John had done. He shifted a hand to gently run through Sam's hair and Sam rubbed his face against his chest, making a small noise of contentment. Sleepy hazel eyes fluttered open and Sam blinked at him, making Dean smiled. "Morning Sammy." He murmured.

"Good morning Dean." Sam answered softly and Dean was happy that he didn't even start to call him 'Master'.


"No." Sam answered and Dean nodded content to just lie there for a while. Sam stayed where he was; it was comfortable and safe feeling to be so close to his Master. He knew Dean would protect him. He hadn't felt like this since he'd been taken from his Mom and he barely remembered her anymore. He shifted slightly, one hand moving shyly and Dean smiled, twining their fingers together, squeezing gently.

"Okay?" Dean asked and Sam nodded, this felt nice. He could feel that Dean was aroused, normal for first thing in the morning, but it wasn't threatening. He knew Dean wouldn't do anything, Dean had made that very clear and Sam believed him. His own body was starting to react occasionally too and it was embarrassing but Dean was always great about it, never doing anything to draw attention to the issue.

They stayed in bed for a while longer before Dean had to get up and use the bathroom, Sam cuddling into his pillow for warmth. He watched lazily as Dean moved around, getting dressed for the day, happy that Dean didn't seem to be in pain anymore. He still got the shakes occasionally but he was doing a lot better too, that's why Dean had started teaching him again. He liked it when Dean taught him things; it made him feel useful, like a normal person. Maybe if he wasn't what he was….if he was normal then he and Dean could have been friends or something.

"Going to get up today?" Dean asked teasingly and Sam rolled over, getting up slowly and stretching. He headed back to his own bedroom to get dressed while Dean went to make breakfast.

Dean leapt over the lounge as the dishes crashed to the tiles, grabbing Sam before he could land among them. He held him gently as he shook, waiting for the vision to end as he whispered encouragements to him. He hated seeing Sam like this, in pain and so lost, especially since there was nothing he could do to help him. Sam gasped and clung to him as his eyes refocused on the real world and Dean rocked him gently. "It's okay Sammy, I've got you." He whispered as Sam buried his head in Dean's shirt. "Shh, it's alright." He ran his fingers through Sam's hair and felt him slowly calm down. He never rushed Sam into telling him what he saw, figuring it would make more sense if Sam had time to think over what he had seen and calm down. And it's not like a few minutes would make a difference to the outcome. Bobby was very good at passing on the information to other hunters to deal with. The older man understood and was totally okay with Dean taking a break from hunting after the last few hunts he'd had as well as what John had done.

Dean grinned as Sam lowered the gun in shock. "Great job Sam! I knew you could do it." While not all his shots had hit the right spots on the targets enough had to be impressive. Sam smiled shyly at the praise and then went through the steps Dean had made him memorise before even going near a gun. Dean nodded and stepped back a bit as Sam took aim at the targets again. Dean blinked in awe as Sam did even better his second go. "Okay do you have some weapon learning power?" He asked and Sam shook his head.

"Is that really that good?"

"Oh yeah, took me months to get that good. You're a natural Sammy."

"Thanks." He blushed slightly and Dean grinned.

Sam shifted restlessly in his bed; it felt sort of weird to be sleeping alone again in his own room. It had been his idea though, he felt like he was asking too much of Dean to sleep with him every night. Dean was a healthy adult, he needed the freedom to pursue company of a more pleasurable nature and he couldn't do that with Sam clinging to him every night. But Sam wanted to stay with Dean, he felt safe with him. "Not sleeping?" Sam looked over at the door to see Dean there, dressed in loose sleep pants and nothing else and felt his cheeks colour slightly, thankful his room was dark. "You can still sleep with me Sammy, I don't mind." Dean told him before heading back to his room. Sam stared up at his ceiling in the dark. Should he? He hesitated a bit more before slipping from the bed and down the hall to Dean's room, sliding under the covers beside Dean. He sighed as Dean rolled and wrapped an arm around his waist, cuddling closer to the strong body holding him. He blinked when he felt Dean kiss the top of his head. "You're always welcome here Sam." The hunter whispered before settling down to sleep and Sam closed his eyes, giving in to his need to feel safe.