Isabella's Life Story

It was a warm summer night when Esme discovered something she thought was impossible. Esme discovered she was pregnant with child which in her whole life as a vampire never heard of something like this happening. As the days went by her stomach kept swelling that by her 4th month of pregnancy she was ready to give birth. Carlisle finally managed to get the baby out and when he did he was surprised because this baby looked exactly like Esme when she was a human. When Esme was a human she had soft brown hair and deep chocolate brown eyes that were so beautiful. Esme as soon as she held her daughter decided to name her Isabella. As the months went by Isabella slowly grew normally and not at the rate Carlisle thought she would grow. When Bella's 1st birthday came it was the best day of there lives until a vampire interrupted them and attacked Bella. A few hours later after the Cullen family got rid of the rogue vampire they had a family meeting while Bella was sleeping, they all came to a decision that they had no choice but to give up Bella and that is when Bella's Life Story begins.