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Busy rabbits in a giant palace in a green forest under a blue sky. It was a sight that few besides the residents of the mansion and the travelers looking for medicine there saw with any frequency, but there were exceptions. For instance, even though it was a summer afternoon that was far too hot for aggression Mokou Fujiwara found herself at Eientei.

After a welcoming from a superficially indifferent Kaguya and the pointed ignorance of her servants she found herself being treated more or less as a guest. Some who had only a partial understanding of the situation, like the mansion's only moon rabbit, might be inclined to consider these visits strange. However, they would probably be too young to understand the way that some days have a type of fleeting beauty whose end is certain, and that the two immortals might feel a little less melancholy when they were in each others company on days like that.

Of course the two couldn't acknowledge this to each other, and especially not to themselves, so they were forced to find a pretext on which to keep company without hostility or the dangers of introspection.

After an hour of taking vague interest in the work of the servants and the stores in the kitchens the two immortals wound up on the floor of one of the many spacious rooms in the Palace of Eternity. Mokou sat at a low table that held a growing pile of orange peels beside an almost-empty bowl. The Princess was lying beside that table, adjacent to Mokou's side, drifting in and out of the half-sleep that can only be achieved while lying in a sunbeam. Both had become lost in their own musings thanks to the silence and the lack of interruption: only insects had made themselves known for at least two hours, and the frightening premonition of a lonely future that surfaced when they were in each others company was making steady progress through the fog at the edge of their thoughts.

The brief but definite sound of footsteps through the panel walls brought both out of that reverie, and they realized that they had been holding their breath. Jolted back to the present, Mokou felt her senses rejoice as they remembered the perfect day. She was pleased to find a half eaten, fully peeled orange still in her hand and she took a segment in her mouth, holding it first between her lips before letting her teeth break the flesh to expose the wet, sweet inside. As the warm flavor of acid citrus rolled along her tongue to the back of her mouth the thought occurred to her that if she had to choose a taste to complement this moment she could do no better than the balance of sweet and sour found in the fruit. Eientei's food, even the simplest, was always exquisite.

Drunk on her senses, she offered the dozing princess a segment before she realized what she was doing. Her arm was already outstretched and an uncommon pleasantness had overtaken her, so she decided not to withdraw it. Besides, they were Kaguya's oranges after all.

The Lunarian's cognition seemed to be suffering a similar sensory barrage. Delirious from the warm breeze and the cool floor, the brightness that lit up her eyelids, and the sounds of the insects and the smell of juice that complemented the natural, summer scent of her house, her mind went blank, and with no impulse to think before acting she reached for the offered section of fruit not with her hand, but with her lips.

By the time awareness overtook the pair it was too late. Kaguya's eyes had snapped open on Mokou's shocked expression, and paused there just a second too long. Neither had pulled back yet and far too much time for a reasonable explanation passed with one's lips in contact with the others sticky fingers. Only once the silence became unbearable and the noise in her head too loud to deal with did Kaguya finally pull away, and the two spent all of their effort trying to avoid acknowledging each other. The thin sheen of sweat under her clothes suddenly became itchy and uncomfortable, and impossible to ignore.

Flustered, Mokou turned her gaze on the only thing that might reasonably demand it: the two sections of orange still in her other shaking hand. Her awareness of the tips of her fingers that had been in contact with Kaguya's lips was so acute that those few nerves seemed to demand more attention than all of the others in her body. She made the mistake of sneaking a glance at Kaguya, whose position hardly allowed her to turn her flushed face away. Mokou saw the Lunarian involuntarily lick her lips, apparently unaware of her gaze, and she coughed on the orange as she tried to swallow it. She hadn't tasted it at all.

A moment passed like this, becoming more and more tense every instant, until Mokou finally broke the silence with one stammered word:

"Ka, Kaguya…"

The Princess's eyes opened and she looked in the direction of the other immortal, only to find one of Mokou's red cheeks turned to her. But her attention was quickly drawn elsewhere: another small piece of fruit was suspended by an outstretched arm before her face.

"Mokou…" Kaguya whispered, surprised to hear how quiet her own voice sounded. She thought she might forget to breathe. Willing her body to respond to her mind she put her lips back around the new segment of orange, overshooting her target of incidental contact and landing with her bottom lip around Mokou's thumb. Now that both were back willingly in this intimate position, the point of no return long behind them, they made eye contact again and an eternity passed in silence, each digesting the apparent intentions of their companion. They were mutually aware of the rivulet of juice that was slowly rolling down Mokou's thumb and onto Kaguya's chin, and the fluid sensation seemed to make their contact even more conductive.

Kaguya sat up slowly, moving deliberately. She had to ensure that Mokou's fingers did not lose their importance in suspending the fruit that was already almost fully inside her mouth, lest the girl gain reason to remove her hand. When she was finally sitting on her legs with her hands in her lap, much closer than was necessary even for the reach of Mokou's arm, she closed her eyes and began to eat.

Mokou sat frozen, with open eyes that hardly saw anything. All of her awareness was centered on her fingertips, and the slender tongue that was tracing a path along her longest finger in search of the end of the fruit. When that tongue finally found it and pulled it in it dragged itself over all of the foreign skin it could find, seemingly enjoying it as much as the food. Mokou couldn't stop her fingers from involuntarily squeezing the slick muscle before it slipped away.

Kaguya reached up with the hand that mirrored Mokou's and took the other girl's in her own. Pulling it clear of her lips, she intertwined her fingers with her fellow immortal's, letting the webbing of her own slide along the entire inside length of Mokou's, spreading and becoming wet with the sticky mixture of fruit juice and her own saliva. Mokou could barely think.

The two had managed not to break contact since Kaguya had eaten the second orange slice, and now that that danger had been averted Mokou decided to direct her attention to more pressing matters. Kaguya swallowed and finally opened her eyes. Blushing and tilting her head, she squeezed Mokou's hand to show she remembered that she held it. Her usual regal demeanor had disappeared, and she managed only to smile.

Mokou didn't respond, but she decided that the timid beauty that Kaguya was exuding would likely explain the raging lust that had plagued her suitors. She had been blindsided, but what little of her mental faculties remained were telling her that this was quickly in danger of becoming the climax of the moment, and Kaguya was too busy relishing what little contact they had to notice. Since she was crushed by the possibility that their intimacy might be about to end, she put her free hand around Kaguya's back and pulled the docile and dumbly happy princess onto her crossed legs.

A thousand surprises seemed to pile onto each other in the very narrow space between their faces. Things they had noticed but had never experienced with this depth of sense and things which had somehow escaped their awareness entirely all seemed to decide that now was the time to be fully acknowledged. The princess was light and small and shy enough to seem like she belonged in someone's lap, and the exact color of Mokou's bright hair in the orange sunlight seemed to possess impossible depth: one might get lost in it if it were not so courteously surveyed and marked with those little red ribbons. A cacophony of indistinguishable observations filled each one's head, as though the only things worthy of thought were the traits of the other, all invariably adorable.

Before either had the time to digest these realizations Kaguya had started to lick Mokou's sticky fingers as the other Immortal watched, entranced. Her breathing catching in her throat, Mokou found it impossible to avoid comparing Kaguya's behavior with that of a cat: she responded with such genuine affection to every impulse. Eventually Kaguya took each of Mokou's fingers entirely into her mouth, one by one, and very deliberately and efficiently licked away the remaining sweet flavor. When she was done she wiped Mokou's hand on the front of her shirt and returned it to grasp her own. Sweat was beading on Mokou's brow.

What followed was a dance of exchanges that lasted a few minutes. The pair found that once they had made a point of contact, they were adamant in maintaining it, as though to lose it would mean that it would be lost forever. Mokou's other hand was still in the small of the princess' back, and Kaguya didn't dare to shift her position in Mokou's lap lest it inadvertently reduce their proximity. Their fingers remained entangled, and their gazes were locked. While the two understood that to break any contact would end the moment, neither wanted to be the one responsible for giving more tangible evidence to their intentions, so actually making incidental contact became difficult. By randomly exaggerating the natural motion of their bodies they were able to "accidentally" touch more and more, which resulted in Kaguya's hand finding a home at the back of Mokou's neck while their torsos came into full contact. Eager to maintain the position they didn't let their hands wander, but only pushed or squeezed wherever they could with increasing pressure to secure their embrace, as if that pressure might make the contact even more real.

They had arrived at a point where they knew they inevitably would, and now they were taking every measure to avoid eye contact. Their faces were too close, mere millimeters apart, but neither was willing to let that first touch be theirs. The only sound that could be heard was their breathing as they made infinitesimally small advances and withdrawals. When finally one lip grazed another, it took a full second for recognition of the sensation to occur, they were so engrossed in their motion.

The realization that their lips were touching, only brushing, maybe, but still touching, caused both of their bodies to seize entirely. Every muscle down to their toes flexed hard, and feeling the same reaction in the other exaggerated the response. Well beyond letting thought impact their decisions, they both pulled back too far.

Their eyes snapped open at the first loss of contact, and as soon as the look on the other's face came into focus they crushed their lips together. Kaguya was in the better position to maneuver Mokou's head, so she tipped it back and stretched her own back to make Mokou look upwards, her jaw more vulnerable to opening. The overpowering flavor of oranges that Mokou had forgotten since she had offered that first fateful segment returned in the taste of the Princess's invasive tongue, stronger and sweeter than even the original fruit had been. She reciprocated Kaguya's generosity by pushing her own tongue past her lips, and the Princess responded by arching her back into Mokou's chest. Awareness of the rest of their bodies rushed back into the forefront of their minds, and they could sense all of the warm flesh and cloth that their companion wore all compounded by the heat and humidity and the sensitivity of their own damp skin: impossible to ignore, but no longer uncomfortable.

The kiss had deepened quickly, and the two paused to enjoy the feeling of the their conjoined mouths. In that lull they noticed something that quickly sobered their intoxicated minds.

One panel of the wall on the interior side of the room had opened to admit an audience. A familiar rabbit stood there, seemingly unable to decide how to respond to the situation which she confronted. It wasn't the first time something like this had happened, but it was the first time that it had happened at this point: to put it another way, she was late. More surprisingly though, the reaction from the two interrupted girls did not mirror the surprise felt (or perhaps feigned) by the rabbit, and before the little youkai could reach the conclusion that they had been expecting her interruption it was too late. Mokou had borne her to the ground in flight.

It wasn't very often that something unexpected happened to Tewi, and this had the effect of making most shocking things very very shocking. This was no exception.

She was dragged, squirming, to her master's arms. Kaguya held her in a tight hug and spoke with an eerie cheer and an eerier smile. "Hello inaba, don't run or speak, okay?"

And Tewi was trapped. Bending the rules was one thing, but both Tewi and the Princess knew that even she wouldn't disobey a direct order.

Kaguya smiled at Mokou and gestured to the doors, all of which Mokou closed. After sealing the room, she sat at the table and began peeling another orange in silence. Kaguya stood up, and with Tewi's hand in a firm grasp, she walked to the wall that opened on the forest and the sunny sky, and gently pushed aside the panel. She only opened it a little, just over a hand span, and sat in the narrow beam it cast. Tewi, in turn, was held firmly against her master's chest, forced to look backwards over Kaguya's shoulder at the snacking Mokou.

Nothing about this new predicament was settling in the least. Mokou and Kaguya had become far too comfortable with each other for Tewi's own comfort, she would have sworn that their awkward show had been authentic. No, she thought, it had been. It must have been.

"Tewi," began the Princess, "I accept that by living with servants some level of privacy must be forfeited, and there are certain things that will always fuel gossip and rumor." Kaguya's first words seemed reasonable, maybe too reasonable for someone whose privacy had just been so thoroughly violated. Mokou seemed to be enjoying the flavor of that orange a little too much. "And you know that I am happy to have all of the inaba here, even when you don't always do what you're supposed to." Okay, an obvious jibe at the mischief that Tewi had a propensity for causing. "But you've been giving us trouble lately, in one specific kind of situation."

That was true, even though it hadn't really been the little rabbit's fault every time.

"And Somehow Aya heard about it."

Okay. That was Tewi's fault, and the fact that her master seemed to know was enough to start her leg shaking. "Now I'm not even that mad about that. Everyone would probably have ignored it if the story hadn't been so vehemently denied by one of its… alleged participants."

Mokou shot a glare at the back of Kaguya's head at this, but decided that since Tewi's wide eyes were exposed the rabbit might be more worthy of it. Tewi's other leg was shaking now, and the princess could definitely feel it against her torso.

"To be honest, it isn't exactly happy, but it's true that I'll outlive them all anyways, so even if they pile up I can always escape by just waiting."

Okay, thought Tewi, creepy thing to say, but where are you going with this?

"What's been troubling me is that for a lucky rabbit, you haven't been bringing much luck whenever you've shown up around us. So I was wondering if you had to be here from the start, or in plain view, or something like that to work. But either way, there's no way it can fail if I'm holding you, right? That would just be ridiculous. So I'm gonna try keeping you here, and then my luck should change."

Oh, was all Tewi could think. This was bad. Mokou had stopped moving, and while Tewi couldn't see her master's face she could feel her erratic pulse (if it wasn't her own), and judging by that it was likely that Kaguya wore a blush and an understanding smile that mirrored her companion's.

"So I guess I'll just have to wait and see if anything lucky happens." The nonchalance that Kaguya had been aiming for was betrayed by an inadvertent pause before 'lucky', and Mokou recognized this as her cue. She took two short steps over to where Kaguya was sitting and joined her on the floor, Tewi's head between theirs. The little rabbit followed Mokou's every motion with shocked eyes and gradually opened her mouth further in disbelief. Having totally lost the ability to predict their behavior she resigned herself to accepting the few little breaks as they came: Mokou just sat there in silence, which for now seemed like a blessing.

"Kaguya," Mokou began, "I wonder, how you will know if something lucky has happened? Maybe you're just having an unlucky day and her luck will just stop unlucky things."

"Hmm…" Kaguya seemed to think about it. "That makes sense, but today can't be unlucky. You came today, right?"

Mokou blushed instantly at this. Such a forward remark obviously demanded a rebuttal. "What! I come here all the time!"

Mokou quickly recognized that while her counterargument was a good one, it was at least as embarrassing as a retort as the fact that Kaguya considered her visits "lucky." She blushed even harder when Kaguya responded.

"Well, we'll be able to tell for sure if something really lucky does happen to me." Again, the slightest pause before 'lucky'.

Tewi was glad that she had been momentarily forgotten, but she would have gagged over the ridiculously sweet subtext in this conversation if she thought she might survive it. No one spoke for a while, and that little exchange just sat there fueling the little rabbit's imagination.

"Well, you know…" Mokou was trying to start with some difficulty, "I guess we might, but if you're trying to test it you should try it with more than one person."

"Oh good idea, you can go after."

"Uhh… Yeah, I guess." Mokou seemed to dislike the idea of going after, but she quickly recovered after a moment of frantic thought. "No! If she isn't working then there's no way to tell. You'll just keep holding her."

Kaguya thought about this. "I see what you mean, but I only have one lucky rabbit. There's no way to solve that."

Tewi thought of a way. She kept her mouth shut. It didn't make a difference.

"Yes there is!" Mokou shouted, too eagerly for Tewi's liking. "We just have to go at the same time! How can her luck know how many people it's helping?" Tewi blanched at Mokou's obvious ignorance of the mechanics behind her magical talent, but resigned herself to silence since she knew that Mokou was essentially right.

Kaguya looked sidelong at Mokou, and the two tried to share a meaningful look that quickly dissolved into a flushing attempt to stop smiling. Kaguya moved, and for the second time that day found herself in Mokou's lap, face to face with the other girl, while a visibly agitated Tewi was pulled between them.

"Like this?"

"Ye… Yeah." Mokou stammered. The two were trying to direct their awareness anywhere beside their touching legs. Tewi was quickly learning the difference between interrupting these moments and becoming involved in one: it was actually physically trying to observe them interacting.

"I guess now we wait."

They did.

Not for very long, as luck didn't seem to want to test the Immortals' patience. The luck of the lucky rabbit, on the other hand, went from bad to worse.

Kaguya gave in first, but Mokou's response was so quick that it made the lapse seem nonexistent. Kaguya buried her face in Mokou's neck, whose hands variably held Kaguya's head in place and toyed with the lower hem of her shirt. Kaguya's own palms were pressed at the apexes of Mokou's thighs and torso, making teasingly slow progress inwards, and tightening around Tewi's frame as she nuzzled at Mokou's collar. For Tewi there was no escape, her head was crushed between four breasts of two sizes and her vision was ensconced by pink on one side and white on the other.

The tips of Kaguya's thumbs finally met and slid between Mokou's thighs, and Mokou's reaction was immediate. She pushed Kaguya down and threw her body against the Princess's, having seemingly forgotten the little servant between them. The summer heat fueled their fevered movement, and their sweat made their clothes stick to their skin so that every point of contact produced a feeling of tension that spread across a whole region of cloth.

One of Tewi's arms had slipped free and was flailing hopelessly. The frenzied and desperate actions of the two immortals had forgotten all reservation, and Tewi didn't know whether to be glad or not of her limited vision.

This was humiliating, almost to the point of perfection, and she could only lie there, mouth agape, and wait for it to end. Somehow her master had crafted the perfect discipline, forcing upon her a secret she would never share, could never ever share, and it would serve as perfect collateral over anything she knew. If the other rabbits in the household ever heard of this she would never live it down.

It wasn't the contact or the intimacy that mattered: Kaguya routinely shared warmth with her rabbits when it was cold and they all knew her to be... affectionate. It was the fact that she, Tewi, had fallen victim to such a perfect and seemingly impromptu scheme. It even used her own power against her as a means to thwart discovery and ensure success. Her reputation would bear a permanent scar. For the first time in recent memory, she would surely become the subject of gossip.

Tewi had more or less lost feeling and what little energy she had left was being involuntarily wasted on squirming (which the two distracted immortals didn't seem to mind), but two tiny objects snapped her out of her internal nightmare and back into the real one. Both were being toyed with in her Master's hand: a little red and white hair bow that was between her smallest fingers, and the red tail and the empty golden jaw of a suspender clasp.

A muffled squeal escaped the rabbit and she went limp, succumbing to futility.

Mokou reluctantly drew herself up to her knees and looked down on the disheveled Kaguya, who was breathing heavily and exuding euphoria. Mokou, just as euphoric, suspected her own face looked similar to Kaguya's. Her pants were sagging on one side, revealing the elastic waistband of her panties and the hip that it sat on, and her lower buttons had somehow come undone. She made no move to fix them, instead helping Tewi to her feet.

"So?... It worked for both of us?" Mokou asked through labored breathing.

"Yeah." Kaguya responded and paused to catch her breath. "Now I guess we know what to do in case any bad luck comes our way." She smiled at Tewi, who was staring at the floor, blushing and shocked. The other two were obviously itching for contact, and there was no telling what they might do next. The hot air and physical activity had left them both breathing hard, and their clothes and hair stuck unevenly to their sweat-slick skin as they tried to control their feline grins. "Tewi, do you think dinner's ready?"

"I'll check!" Tewi exploded, but the rabbit quickly covered her mouth with both hands, remembering the order she had just broken. Kaguya giggled, remembering the command as well.

"Well, don't worry about telling us, I'll call for food if I need any." Tewi nodded and walked to the door, and could be heard running as soon as she shut it. It was time to be as far away as possible.

Mokou caught herself staring at Kaguya's laughing face and blushed. The girl who was on her back noticed, pulled Mokou back down by her collar, and rolled herself on top. With her head on Mokou's chest, Kaguya looked out the crack in the door at the perfectly framed, narrow slice of afternoon. Someone looking in from close enough would have seen Kaguya's eyes close as her hand disappeared towards the sagging hem of Mokou's trousers, but despite this neither of them reached out to close the door. Given what had happened in the past it may have been a good idea, but today they were just feeling lucky.


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This was inspired by several comics and doujinshi from the circle Chihagura. It is by no means a requirement that you have read them, but I would recommend any and all of his works. They should be easy enough to find with google and a few minutes of searching. For those unfamiliar with them, the basis of those comics is that Kaguya and Mokou end up in an unexpectedly tender moment, often on the verge of kissing, before being interrupted by Tewi (or Eirin, but mostly Tewi). I like his work, and his rendition of Terumoko is always sweet and light and seemingly authentic, but still artificial. This was actually hard to write, I found that bringing the carefree and distressed qualities to the characters that he imparts was hard, distancing Touhou characters from depth is not something that comes easily. This worked out okay because I needed cunning, of the kind that could thwart Tewi. This will probably be the only adaptation in which I exercise this much liberty with respect to canon. I don't even think this would be good as canon, I just wanted to have a bit of fun. It's hard to tell where appropriate writers licenses and liberties end sometimes, especially with Touhou.

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