Heyy yall! this is my new story-"my double life". it will be long. its rated M just to be safe not to mention all human and and Edward/Bella story. i hope y'all enjoy it!

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My name is Isabella Marie Swan. But I go by Bella. I may look and act like your typical 17-year-old but in fact I'm not. I am the teenage pop star ROXY. I produce my own songs, sing, act and I star in my own television show. I live in the lowly town of Forks with my dad Charlie, who is also my manager. Nobody in this town knows that I am ROXY, cuz I have wavy dark brown hair while ROXY has straight blond hair.

I am practically invisible at school. I hang out with Alice Cullen, Rosalie Hale and Angela Weber who are pretty popular but nobody notices me. Ironic huh, how I'm like the popualr teen star and I'm basically invisible at school.

I wake up and realise it's monday. I hate mondays. The beginning of an ordinarily boring week. I grab a pair of tattered skinny jeans and a white tee. i slip into my black converse and rush t school with a quick goodbye to Charlie. I hop into my rusty, tattered red truck and drive the empty roads to Forks high. Parking my car, I adage a silver volvo and automatically sneer. It was my enemy... Edward Cullen. He was totally gorgeous of course shiny, touseled bronze hair and emerald green eyes with perfect pale skin, not to mention lean and muscular.

He had come to school with his brother Emmett and his best friend Jasper Hale who was Rosalie's twin brother. I like Emmett and Jasper, it was just to bad they hung around that piece of shit. I tuned my eyes to Edward. He turned my way as if sensing me and locked me in his gaze. He had a look of pure hatred on his face. I smirked and headed off to find my friends.

Alice, Rose and Angela were sitting down at a bench. I walked over and took a seat. I loved these guys but they didn't know my secret. I looked at my friends with delight and jealousy. They were all so beautiful I totally felt left out. Alice had short black hair in a pixie cut and was so short she could actually pass for one. And Angela had pretty long, straight dark hair with tan skin and bejeweled purple eyes that were mesmerising. she wore glasses but they looked sexy on her. Rosalie was just like OMG! She had long blond hair that fell in waves and icy blue eyes that were intimadating yet calming and plus she had a great body. And me? I had long dark brown wavy hair and dull brown doe eyes and pale starchy skin and I'll admit it, a few curves (A/N: I'm just saying that Bella has low self-esteem which means she's actually really pretty and has a gorgeous bod and btw everyone pretends shes invisible because she is enemies with Edward not that they don't notice her)

"Hey Bella, what's up?" Alice asked

"Oh nothing much, same old"

Alice suddenly giggled, "Edward brought Tanya over to meet our parents this weekend." We all laughed in response.

"How did it go?" perked Angela.

"I don't think my parents like her. Heck, I don't like her. I mean shes a bitch and why the hell would Edward put up with her for 2 years?"

Rosalie looked mischieveous "I think I could figure out why", she said while waggling her eyebrows. I as always blushed when the subject of sex was mentioned.

Alice decided to take advantage of that. "Aww does little Belly Welly wanna do it with Edward?" Angela looked at me sympathetically as I blushed furiously.

We headed off to classes which were deadly boring. I highly anticipated lunch. No rephrase; i highly anticipate the end of the day.

Lunch came and I headed to the cafeteria line and guess what? uh-huh i tripped. God I'm a loser (sorry God). I before i could land on my face I was saved by an angel, a saviour a knight in shining armour a- Edward?

I looked up into Edward Cullen's smirking face. I couldn't stand looking at it so I did what I had to do. I spat on his deliciously lovely face. He instantly dropped me. I landed on my back, pain shot all down my spine. I let out a piercing cry and Edward lked at me and as he did I thought I saw a flicker of sadness or guilt but it was gone in a flash so I ignored it. Angela ran toward me looking anxiusly at me. She was so sympathetic sometimes, I could cry.

"Are you hurt Bella?" she asked

I winced at the pain. "I'm sure I'll be fine", i answered while shoting glares at Edward. I got up, groaning the whole way and sat at my table alone. Rosalie, Alice and Angela were at cheerleading practise and went there every lunch so I sat by myself. They didn't know the hurt Edward and Tanya caused for me every lunch. I almost wished I was in cheerleading with them. Almost.

I began eating my turkey sandwich when Edward and Tanya came over. I braced myself for the pain.

"So Bella," began Edward, "A little birdie told me you wanna fuck me." I turned abruptly to look at him. He was looking so cocky I could fucking punch him right there.

He turned to Tanya "Babe, look at this sick creature. She's obsessed with me but baby I'm yours. Are you gonna give her shit or what?" There was a lump in my throat, I tried to swallow it down. His words hurt me more than they should. Look at this sick creature. I shouldn't have to put up with this. I was ROXY the teen star, princess of all things teen and pop.

Tanya spoke in her nasally voice "You better watch it swan. Remember this: you're a nobody. you will never be." And then she swished her strawberry blond hair and poured tomato sauce all over my head. I yelped at the contact. Edward laughed evilly along with the bitch. And to make matters worse, Edward got my lemonade and poured it over my shirt and to make matters even worse my tee was white and showed my lacy black push up bra I had on underneath. After that Edward stared at my chest and his eyes went wide. I crossed my eyes and glared. He actually blushed and then he walked away.

I got myself cleaned up thugh my shirt was still see-through and because of it, I was recieving more attention than usual which made me uncomfortable. I took my cursed seat next to Edward as we had assigned seats starting from today and it was just my luck to sit next to HIM. We locked eyes briefly then looked away. We always ignored each other in biology but he still tormented me and embarrassed me in front of the class. Thankfully Mr Banner walked in to begin the class.

"Class, you will be getting an assignment today in which you'll have to work with your lab partner. But due to our jam-packed class schedule I will be asking you to work on it outside of school."

Oh shit! I'm in fucking shit! I am so not working with Cullen. No way, nt in freaking hell!

I glared at Mr Banner and saw that Edward was doing the same. I turned to Edward.

"Ok, let's get this straight Cullen. I hate you and you hate me so it will be hell working with each other but I want a good grade for biology and I don't want you messing this up. Capiche?"

"Damn you make everything sound so complicated. Get a life!" I wanted so badly to tell him that I did have a life. Two actually. I led a double life but I knew I couldn't tell him. So I just ignored that comment. Why did I make everything sound so complicated? I have to work on that...

"So", I began with an edge of defiance in my tone, "where are we going to work on this?"

Edward looked deep in thought then shrugged "I guess you could come to...my place?" Woah there. I had never been to Edward's place even though I was BFF's with Alice, I avoided going there because of Edward.

"I guess", I answered but I sounded unsure.

Edward shrugged again and then whispered to me "Hey are you ok? I mean you know in lunch and stuff?" Was THE Edward Cullen being nice and asking me how I was? I felt a flutter of joy in my stomach. I pretended to act nonchalent and shrugged. Edward nodded slowly.

The bell went not long after and I rushed home after saying good bye to my friends. I took a shower and put on a violet coloured singlet top, tucked into a floral skirt. I put on some dainty crean-cloured wedge heels. I straightened my hair, put on make-up and rushed to my truck and drove to the studio to record my new song. Right now I was transformed into ROXY queen teen of pop!

Kay y'all! hoped you liked it. i'm gonna make chapter 2 longer so don't worry. this is just the intro. Guys I want reviews! Remember reviews are better than working with Edward in biology!

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