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I arrived at the beach, a feeling of immense excitement stirred within me. I haven't filmed for ages and I was dying to get acting again. I walked along the sand, my dress swirling around me. Ahead, there was a little shelter. This, I guessed was where I was getting ready. I reached the shelter in a matter of minutes and I was soon harshly set down in a chair and my make-up was being applied.

"ROXXXXYYY baby!" Aro yelled. He held up a wig. I was constantly replacing my wig sometimes in different styles but always in the same shade of blonde. The wig Aro was currently holding was a mass of golden curls but they weren't too wild. (A/N: For those of you who've seen Burlesque, there's this scene where she's singing the song "Express" and she's wearing that awesome curly-haired wig. That's kinda the wig I want you to imagine on Bella/ROXY). My stylist took off my current wig and gently placed the new one on my head. I had to say, it looked alright. I smiled at my reflection.

Next thing you know, I was being yelled at to start shooting. I jogged to the shoot and was explained my role. Basically, I had to save this guy from drowning and I'm meant to fall in love with him. Pretty stupid and cliche huh? Oh well.

The director, Caius shouted "Action!" I got into my role quickly:

I gracefully walked down the sandy beach looking wistfully at the moonlight. I hear a faint yelling and look out toward the ocean. I see a hand waving at me. I scream so hard my breathing begins to get hoarse. I run as fast as my legs can carry me to the water's edge.

"I'm coming! I'm going to help you!" I yell. I run into the icy water without fear. The person, a young man with long black tresses, holds onto my arm hard and painfully, almost pulling me under. I gather all my strength and lift him up as much as I can. I wade through the water with him until I reach the shore. Laying him down on the sand carefully, I touch his russet-coloured face softly.

Whispering edgily, I say "What's your name? Can you hear me?" He groans and hs eyes flutter open. He coughs and I move his head to the side so he can spit out the water he consumed.

I pat his hair gently. "There. Are you ok? Do you feel sick?" The man smiled lovingly at me. He spoke his voice hoarse from the saltiness of the sea. "What you did for a stranger was amazing. I have a theory that you're an angel. A damn-gorgeous one at that." I laughed as a tear trickled down my cheek. He continued, "I have to make it up to you."

I shook my head in defiance. "No you don't. You could've just died. You don't owe me anything." With his fingers he traced my lips and I trembled.

"What's your name sweet angel?" He asked softly

"It's ROXY." I answered.

"Well ROXY. I'm Matt. Matt perry. Will you go out with me?"

"Annnnd cut!" Yelled Caius. "That was excellent! All in one take. You guys are fabulous to work with."

I smiled and helped my co-star Jacob Black up to his feet. He was one of best friends. We've known each other since we babies. I loved him to death.

'"That was amazing Jake!" I hugged him so hard. He laughed and squeezed me till my lungs burst.


Jake grinned. "Sorry my...sweet angel."

I slapped him arm playfully and giggled. Jake was also one of the few people who knew my real identity.

"Come on Roxella! Take off the damn wig and let's get a bite to eat."

"Sure Jake."

Jacob drove us to a little small mexican diner. I had changed into a light pink summery dress that showed a hint of cleavage but I was wearing Jacob's awesome leather jacket cause it was cold and dark out.

Jacob opened the car door for me and surprised me by lifting me into a piggy back. I squealed and giggled like crazy as he carried me into the diner. Jacob once told me he loved me but I only loved him as a friend. He understood and things were awkward for a while but then we kinda made up and now we're even better friends than before.

As I was giggling and squealing on Jake's back, who do I see in the diner but Edward and his deluded girlfriend Tanya. I chose to ignore them but my heart was beating fast at the sight of Edward. Whether it was cause I kinda had a crush on him or whether it was out of fear, I don't know. Edward and Tanya turned around to see what the commotion was all about. Edward laid his bejeweled eyes on Jacob and his jaw clenched. Meanwhile, Jacob carefully set me down on a seat and we ordered. I simply couldn't keep my eyes off Edward. Tanya whispered in his ear. He nodded.

I turned my attention to Jacob who was telling me about the car he was rebuilding. I nodded along though I wasn't very interested. Jacob wasn't as oblivious as I thought because he said "You're not listening to anything I'm saying, are you? What's up?" I sighed before answering. "Edward Cullen". I pointed to Edward who was sucking on Tanya's earlobe. I grimaced.

Jacob looked thoughtful before saying "Want to make him jealous?" I looked at him in utter surprise but I unexpectedly found myself nodding. Jacob and I leaned in towards each other and we kissed. It felt surprisingly good especially because I didn't like Jacob in that way. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward and Tanya staring. I smiled in the kiss and braided my hands in Jake's hair. He put his hands on my lower back. I heard Edward growl.

I broke the kiss off. Jacob smiled at me, I smiled back. Jacob's cell rang suddenly. He answered it and said he had to go. He wanted to drop me home but I refused. I felt like walking. We hugged and he went. I decided to use the restroom.

I was in the bathroom stall when I heard someone come in. I prayed so hard that it wasn't Tanya. I squeezed my eyes shut and waited for whoever was in here to go away. I heard a scuffling at my cubicle door and my eyes popped open in alarm. My breathing became ragged. Oh no. What's happening?

Before I could gather my thoughts an awful ear-piercing cackle filled the bathroom.

"Hey bitch! Yeah I'm talking to you Smella. Don't even try to open the door! See ya slut!" It was Tanya. I couldn't make sense of what she was saying. The lights were all off. It was pitch black.

Don't even try to open the door. I hesitantly laid one hand on the cubicle door. I pushed it. It wouldn't open.

"Help, help! Someone please help me!" I yelled but there was no answer to my panicked pleas. I've always hated the dark. I have trouble breathing if it's pitch black.

Even now, my breathing became more and more pronounced. I fought to breathe properly but I was hyperventilating. My head became a daze. I looked at my small handbag, or what I thought was my handbag because I couldn't see. I opened it and grabbed my phone. I rang 911. I was on the verge of a panic attack. My breathing was hard and painful while I waited for and answer.

I heard my dad's familiar voice answer the phone "Forks ser-"

"Dad please help." And then I collapsed and hit my head on the wall behind me and I sunk into oblivion.


I couldn't believe Bella was here. And with a guy. Who woulda thought that, that clumsy ass could attract a guy. I was waiting for Tanya who was currently in the bathroom. With Bella. We've decided to play a prank on her. Don't get me wrong. I feel so guilty for hurting Bella that day but this was a little harmless prank to mess with her head.

I explained to Tanya that when Bella went into the bathroom she'd go in too. We were gonna go old school and throw wet toilet paper at her. Well Tanya was. I was in way too much trouble already. I was sipping on my coke when I began to hear Tanya's heels clicking against the hard floor of the diner. My eyes met hers and she looked very smug.

"Hey baby. Did you do it?" Tanya smiled sultrily and kissed my neck.

"Yeah. That bitch didn't know what was coming to her. And..." She layed one hand on the front of my jeans. "I might've done something completely and utterly evil to get back at her for trying to take you away from me."

Tanya wasn't making any sense. I crinkled my forehead in vain trying to get where she was coming from.

"But you did go through with the original plan, right?" Tanya smirked while unzipping my jeans and touching my junk with her hands. And I might add, those hands were unbelievably thin and claw-like. I shuddered in disgust. I've never felt like this before with Tanya. Unfortunately, Tanya mistook my shudder of disgust for a shudder of pleasure and began to rub and squeeze me.

I grabbed her hand stopping her. "What did you do to Bella?"

Just at that crucial moment, the doors of the diner burst open and in came Chief Swan and his assisstant. They were both holding guns. My eyes scanned them, wondering what the hell was happening. They ran towards the bathroom where Bella was. What could have happened. I replayed what Tanya had just said to me and I put two and two together.

I angled myself away from Tanya, anger radiating through me. "What in fuck's sake did you do to her!"

Tanya sighed dramatically. "Geez Edward. Calm down. I didn't do anything to hurt her. I just locked her in the cubicle and turned off the lights." I held Tanya's wandering hands in an iron grip.

"What the hell!" I shoved her off and ran my hands through my mass of bronze hair. This was not meant to happen.

I stood up and immediately spotted Charlie coming out of the bathroom carrying a passed out Bella. I ran up to them.

"Is she ok? Will she be fine?" I asked these questions in concern for Bella. She looked so helpless and cute. I shook my head. Cute? What the fuck am I thinking? Ugly duckling ugly duckling ugly duckling.

Charlie looked sternly at me. "Do you know anything about what happened?" I gulped. I didn't want to turn Tanya in, I mean she was my girlfriend. I'm gonna turn myself in. I started this whole prank thing. Well actually Tanya did but...

I glanced to where Tanya was sitting. She was flirting shamelessly with the waitor and displaying her cleavage to him. Gross. I've made up my mind.

"It was Tanya Denali sir." I said boldly.

Charlie looked sceptical. "Are you sure Edward?"

I breathed out, "I'm positive sir."

Charlie nodded and whispered something to his assisstant Gabe. Gabe promptly wrote something down in his notebook and said "Tanya Denali, I would like you to come with us."

Tanya looked over and her eyes widened. She shot daggers at me but obeyed the order. As she walked past me, I whispered in her ear "We're over."

Her eyes were filled with tears. "No Eddie, please. Give me a chance!" I shook my head and walked out of the diner.


I opened my eyes and sat up quickly. I was in my room at home. I could vaguely remember the events of last night. My cell phone lay on my bedside table. I glanced at it and saw I had a tonne of missed calls from Jacob and Alice. I smiled and shook my head. I was so lucky to have heaps of friends who care about me so much. On my cell, there also happened to be a missed call from a number I've never seen before. I grabbed my cell and dialed the number.

"Hello?" Said a familiar guy voice.

"Uh hello?" Hmmmm

"Who's speaking?" I know this voice from somewhere.

"Well who are you?"

"Um, you called me not the other way around." Good point.

"Uh should I tell you my name? You could be a pedo", was my fantastic reply.

He chuckled. "True. But I'm not. Your voice sounds like...Bella's. Are you Bella?"

Surprised I answered "Yes. Then who are you?" He chuckled again and I instantly recognised the velvety voice. "Edward?"

"You guess correct." I smiled shyly to myself. Why would he call me? And why do I feel so fuzzy and happy? I think I might have a crush. Damn. Falling for the enemy never works out.

"So Edward. Why did you call me yesterday?" I was awaiting his answer curiously.

"Uh I just wanted to make sure you were alright. What Tanya did was way stupid. I also wanted to ask if you wanted to work on our assignment today. We could do it at my place." I giggled at his unconscious sexual innuendo.

"Huh oh right sorry. Let me rephrase. You could come over to my place and by the way Alice is here so..."

"Yeah that'd be great."

"Cool see ya in about an hour?"

"Sure, bye."

Okay. Now what to wear. I went through my closet and found a pair of black skinny jeans. I'd worn them at a recent ROXY concert and they were casual yet chic. Perfect for studying. I paired them with a grey off-the-shoulder jumper. I sighed at my appearance in my floor length mirror. Was I trying too hard? Did I really want Edward's attention? I couldn't make up my mind.

I walked over to my dressing table and threw my hair into a messy bun. I haphazardly applied my cherry chapstick and was on my way.

I arrived at Edward's and was again struck by the beauty of the house. I knocked on the door timidly before coming face to face with Alice.

"Bellllllaaaaaa!" She squeezed the life out of me in one of her hugs.

"Hey Alice. You might want to let go before you kill me." Alice presently let go of me and her expression became one of extreme concern.

"Are you ok Bella. I know what happened. It must of been awful, you being claustrophobic and all." She gathered me into a more gentler hug and I softly cried on her small but sturdy shoulder.

"Don't worry Bella I'll protect you." I was so incredibly lucky to have a friend like Alice. She let go of me and her expression changed into unadulterated happiness.

"Bella I've got something very important to tell you. I couldn't tell Rose or Angela because it didn't feel right. But you're my best friend so I've decided to tell you."

I was so confused. "Yes Alice..."

"Jasper and I are gonna do it. Tonight. His parents are going away for a bit and Rose is staying here tonight with Emmett so Jasper's going to plan something special. Eeeekkkk! I'm so excited!" Wow. Thanks for the heads up.

"That's great Ali!"

"Are you guys done?" Edward's voice entered the lounge room and I whipped my head towards him. My cheeks turned pink at the sight of him. I didn't have a clue why.

"Uh yes we're done. Ready to work on our assignment?" Edward nodded and motioned with his head to follow him. Alice looked at me worryingly but I assured her I was fine. I followed Edward upstairs and relished at the sight of his glorious ass. Sigh.

We entered his room and I was again struck by the poster of me. Not that I'm like vain or anything cause I'm not, it's just weird seeing yourself as someone else on the wall of someone who hates you. If that makes sense.

Edward sat on a chair and motioned for me to take a seat and I obeyed without delay. I looked at him and inwardly swooned at the sight of his delectable emerald eyes. Edward smirked and I rolled my eyes.

Let's begin. "So where should we start?"

Edward appeared to be thinking about the question. "Well we could do a bit of research and then start the essay part of the assignment." Good thinking. I should've never doubted his smartness. (A/N: Is smartness a word?)

"Great idea, let's get started." Throughout the time we were working, Edward didn't say one word to me that didn't involve the assignment.

"Would you like me to start on the essay Edward?" I asked. I bit my lip awaiting his answer. Edward's eyes darted towards my mouth and he licked his lips. His cheeks turned pink and he seemed embarrassed.

"Are you ok Edward?"

"Uh, I'm fine." I shrugged and continued writing. My loose jumper sleeve slowly slid down my shoulder exposing my skin. Edward's eyes opened wide and I could visibly see him gulp. My breathing slowed. This was such a turn on. But despite the feelings of warmth and delight I was experiencing, I self-consciously pulled the sleeve back over my shoulder exaggeratingly making sure there was no skin to be seen at all.

I went back to my work, cheeks ablaze as I could feel Edward's steamy gaze on me but he too slowly returned to working.

Almost after an hour of work, I was tired and I yawned and streched my arms revealing the designer brand of my specially made jeans. Edward's eyes zoomed in on it. His gaze sharply narrowed at my face.

"These are the jeans ROXY wore at her last concert. How the hell did you get them?" My face was burning. I gulped. What do I say?

"Um, well, there's actually a shop that sells copies of ROXY's clothes so I bought these jeans from there." I hope this story saves me.

Edward relaxed his expression. "Oh. So you like ROXY?" What do I say now. I can't say no. I mean I supposedly bought these really cool ROXY jeans from a shop devoted to ROXY.

"Uh...yes. She's really...cool and unique I guess." Way to go.

Edward laughed. "So you're like a ROXY wannabe like the rest of the girls in the world." What did he just say?

"I am not a wannabe." I said with fervour. How dare he make such an accusation.

"You totally are. Your just jealous of her like everyone else cause she's beautiful and kind and everything a girl should be." Little did he know.

"Oh so I'm not any of those things?" I so wanted to hear the answer to this.

Edward hesitated before answering "No. You're not. You won't ever be like ROXY so quit trying."

Fucking idiot. He doesn't have a clue. "You don't know what you're talking about." I left the room in a hurry. A tear leaked out of my eye. How come everyone liked ROXY and not me? And I mean the real me. Bella. Isabella Marie Swan. Sometimes I really despise ROXY. I even envy her. How could I envy myself?

I was soon met with Alice and the bottom of the staircase. "Hey Bella are you ok?"

I put on a brave face. "Of course I'm ok Alice. But I should be getting home." Alice looked bummed.

"Ok. Come over tomorrow? We could have a sleepover!" Damn it. I have a ROXY meeting tomorrow to prep for my upcoming concert.

"Sorry Alice I have to go to the dentist." Then unexpectedly Alice full on yelled at me.

"Stop. Lying. To. Me. Bella, I know you're lying. You always have to go to the dentist yet you already have perfect teeth. You've never even needed braces! What the fuck is going on. You better not lie to me Bella!"

Shit! What the fuck have I gotten myself into?

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