The Other Mockingjay


When I woke, I couldn't move. My hands were tied, as were my feet. My vision was blurred, and my mind raced, trying to figure out where I was. I was no longer on the beach. There was no sand under me. There was only the cold, clean, unmistakable feel of stainless steel. The Capitol had me. Needless to say, I was confused. I should be back on the beach – back in the arena of the seventy-fifth Hunger Games: The Quarter Quell. Hadn't I just shot an arrow into the force field that surrounded the arena? Hadn't I been electrocuted? Hadn't I died?

Of course. The Capitol thought I was dead. That's why I was here. They were collecting my body. But I wasn't dead. I had to think of a way to escape.

My wrists strained against the metal cuffs that secured me to the bed. Even though I felt stronger than I should after being electrocuted, I was still no match for these bonds. I lifted my head to try and get my bearings, but all I got was a head spin. Dizzy, I let my head fall back. How was I supposed to get out of here? How was I supposed to help Peeta now?


My lips mouthed his name, but no words came out; only a hoarse whimper. Then it dawned on me. There was nothing I could do for him anymore. There was nothing I could do for me. It was all over.


I was still calling out for Katniss when the hovercraft picked me up. Despite my confusion, I continued to scream her name. By now, I was sure she was dead. A man dressed in grey pulled me back from the open side of the hovercraft, but I resisted. My fingers clutched at a metal safety bar next to the opening, and I pulled myself towards it and away from the man. I looked down at the arena under me, and assessed the distance between here and the ground. It was too far. Trying to jump back down to get Katniss would only result in my death – something that would be of no help to anyone. I released my grip from the metal bar, and let out a howl.

In the distance, I could see another hovercraft. Probably collecting a dead body. Probably Katniss' dead body. I only got to scream her name one more time before I felt a sharp jab in my neck. Then everything was black.

When I woke, I was in a bed, and dressed only in a thin robe. A person sat by my bed. Haymitch. I was sitting in an instant.

'What-' I began, but Haymitch cut me off.

'Peeta, lie back down. You shouldn't do anything too extreme in your condition. There's a lot of things to talk we need to discuss.'

'Where's Katniss? Why are you here?'

'We don't have Katniss. The Capitol does. And you're here, because we rescued you.'

'Is she alive?'

'We don't know,' Haymitch replied.

I groaned in despair.

'Why didn't you take her instead of me?'

'We couldn't get to her. The Capitol got to her before we got a chance to.'

'Who's we?'

'The Rebels. You're in our care now, Peeta. We're on our way to District Thirteen.'

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