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Song: Wild Horses
By: Natasha Bedingfield


Chapter 1: Couple of Crazy Kids.

A school yard was filled with teens at the secondary level. This school was for the elite, a private school for those of families with high standing seeking to give their children a head start with fine arts. The music program was topnotch, the best in the area. That was why Michiru and Haruka had been enrolled by their families. The school was strict, and promised to polish teens into refined young ladies and gentlemen. Upon completion, it was a given that the young men were sent off into the elevator school for boys, the girls were sent to a finishing school.

Most of the kids were rich snobs or families of the like.

Because it was a school for the elite, it was an assured fact that only those able to prove themselves worthy were admitted. School entrance tests applied to all of the students, not all of them based on academics. A student would be graded on many things from their knowledge of table wear to fine art along with dancing. Some students took extracurricular activities such as horseback riding and fencing. Either way, there wasn't much room for a delinquent such as Haruka.

In her younger years she had been enrolled because her parents though her to be far too rebellious for her own good, often gallivanting around in her slip refusing to put her dress on. Since her father had the money to spend and a daughter he wanted to show off he had sent her to this academy, hoping to make her more like the young woman she should have been. Back in those days her hair was long, usually unkempt. Surely someone would help her with it, but she would promptly mess it up as soon as she could, as soon as she got older, she hacked it off with a knife, if only to further aggravate the man that was known as the wealthy bastard who raised her. The school hadn't been fond of her either.

It went unspoken, but highly implied why most of the students hated her. She was the girl who played around with mud. A pig skin and a grassy field meant more to her than the ideal of a finely crafted sword or a frilly gown of lace. Never mind the fact she'd rather drink coffee from a thick chipped mug than she would to sip tea from fine china. It only added insult in injury that her troublesome smile found itself aimed at the women of the school. She had no interest in the men.

That was likely why Michiru had been attracted to the female upstart of the school in the first place. Haruka was known for highhandedly angering even the most refined of teachers, breaking the most simple courtesy and law, and on top of all of that, she was infamous for rutting around in the mud the first day of class. She spent her lunchtime at the stables playing with the horses. That's how it had started so long ago; at least, that's how Haruka remembered it.

~~~~Haruka POV~~~

The stable, my only place of freedom and yet, I was merely cadged and couldn't escape. I was unable to reach such an ideal. I knew nothing of the dangers of the outside world. I knew everything of being stifled, trapped, and enclosed in something I couldn't break free of. Those horses, I often wondered if they felt free. I wondered if they minded the stable or if they would rather a cold night someplace else for the gift of seeing the sun rise in the morning. I wondered if they would endure the rain willingly if given the chance to graze without seeing the iron fences around them.

I feel these four walls closing in
Face up against the glass
I'm looking out, hmmm
Is this my life I'm wondering
It happened so fast
How do I turn this thing around
Is this the bed I chose to make
There's greener pastures I'm thinking about
Hmm, wide open spaces far away

I knew my life and my intended future. I was the only daughter among many brothers. Of my siblings I was also the youngest and most forthcoming with my displeasure in my father's choices. My brothers were raised to be most disciplined young men and I defied all the laws easily and without a care. I could be whipped, beaten into the ground if father so desired to tan my hide. I could have cared less, sometimes I wish he would have raised his hand and treated me as my brothers. Then I would have been equal, and then I would have likely felt accepted.

I was a young lady, and I was to be treated as such. My brothers would be scolded for allowing me to join them during the times of play. Women did not belong with the men, they belonged in the kitchen. Learning to sew, cook, clean, these were the tasks of a woman. To learn how to be a devoted wife came first and foremost, a loving mother became a close second, everything else mattered not. A woman should be wise and have an education, however they should also know when to use it and when to keep quiet. These were the things father's teachings engraved into me and my brothers.

I hated it so much that as I grew I detested such a theory. It became an unwelcome thought and I felt as if I had to escape. Even death could have offered me more freedom. The cold blade of a knife could feel warmer than the harsh winter that had become my life. I wanted to fight him and so I did. My every move, my every word, my total rebellion consumed me and I decided would make or break myself. As a teen, unable to fight off adults who apparently knew better, it had been the latter outcome.

All I want is the wind in my hair
To face the fear but not feel scared

Many would laugh at me today if they knew the person I had been years ago. I was just a stupid teen, a dumb kid, who didn't know a damn thing in this world. That's what I had been told, that's what I had learned. I felt angry for such things, impossible lies to be claimed as truth. It was a sickening feeling. One I hated to accept. I refused to accept it and so, I denied the adults their wish, becoming even harder to tame, beginning an active threat to everything primed and proper within this world. Drugs became a haven, tears flowed rivers at night that even my brothers could not quell. Father never knew of them for we, his children, did not speak of it.

wild horses I wanna be like you
going closer to the wind, I'll run free too
Wish I could recklessly love like I'm longing to
I wanna run with the wild horses
Run with the wild horses, oh

I fell, and when I did it was the hardest thing anyone imagined. It did not fall into the ground, or into a pit of hell spoken of by most. I fell into a world of solace; loving arms gave me an embrace. I found love and fell head first, rather, ran head first, into a world I had always known, and had always hated. A girl came to seek me out. That girl was Michiru. I don't know why I felt as I did; perhaps it was because she was the first one of my kind, the first person with a rich family such as my own, who fully accepted me.

Whatever it was, a new insight came to my mind and I realized I wanted to be near her and she wanted to be near me. Nothing else mattered, at least not in my eyes.

~~~~~Michiru POV~~~~

That girl was reckless. She was such a rebellious girl. I was unsure if I should even speak with her. She was suspended almost weekly, her father's bribes were the only thing keeping her here. From my classical music club I could see her. She looked so odd in a baggy dress shirt and a pair of baggy pants. She ran freely in that fenced in enclosure. The horses would often be free from their saddles and reigns and a part of me wondered who this girl was. She looked to be a boy from a distance, but she was the one.

whoahh Yeah, oh oh, ye-yeah

She would often sneak food in her backpack. Tossing in apples or carrots to the tall animals at will she paid no heed to the signs advising not to do so. She got close to them eagerly, and as it turned out, I found myself less interested in my music and more interested in the sights the window next to me gave willingly. Sometimes she would fall in the dirt, other times she'd sit in between the bars of the fence where there was the space. She handed them oats without worry, cleaned their water daily. She was not a caregiver, she was a friend.

I wanted that. Perhaps not fully. I didn't think of it to be a fun idea to play around in the dirt and hay that the horses used as food and bedding, I saw no need to fling oats as wildly or break the rules…however there was something there. I couldn't tell you what exactly it was, or why it was there. She had this look about her that by the distance appeared to be a deep well of understanding. I know now it was nothing more than a look of utter idiocy, but when one gazes upon something from a second story window it was bound to be mistaken.

I see the girl I wanna be
Riding bare-back, care-free
Along the shore
If only that someone was me
Jumping head-first, head-long
Without a thought
To act and damn the consequence
How I wish it could be that easy
But fear surrounds me like a fence
I wanna break free

I wanted part of what Haruka had. I wanted to allow myself to just say no to my obligations. To put down my violin for only a moment and run free at my own will. I always liked the water and I felt as if I had to just dive into her life like I would a vast ocean, the waves untamed and unclaimed. Violent at whim, cool and calm at call, unbidden by will…I wanted so much to be near the girl that acted so much like the place I loved most. Then I realized, she was nothing like the water, she was something far different.

That was why I went to the stable. I had to know what this woman was like, I had to understand. I did, ever so slowly; she showed me the brash action of the wind in my hair, the wild action of the unseen. In reposed answer, I taught how to be a real woman. The ocean with the unseen depth, answers miles under the surface, I showed her music, I quelled the anger. The ocean I longed for? It was there, along with the adventurous wind I never knew I needed.

All I want is the wind in my hair
To face the fear, but not feel scared

It was new to me. Her actions were aggressive the first time I got near her. She shot me off as another rich floozy after money. She told me I was attractive, yet I would be nothing more than a good lay. That was what she had told me at first and somehow, I felt as if my dreams would be dashed to bits. I feared that this girl would not care of me and leave me alone. I stayed with the horses that night instead of returning to my dormitory.

The next day when she returned to feed them she noted me and my unkempt appearance. If it was out pity or her way of apology I still remain unsure even years later. Whatever it was, I thank the gods she gave me that chance, that ability to teach her, to grow close to her, and finally to love her.

Oooh, wild horses I wanna be like you
Throwing caution to the wind, I'll run free too
Wish I could recklessly love like I'm longing to
I wanna run with the wild horses
Run with the wild horses, oh

It was a slow start, but once that start happened she took my breath away. Soon I was just as bad as she was. I skipped class, ran around in my slip, although I never dressed as she would, I felt free for the first time. She smiled lightly and I remember with great fondness how she would dirty the piano keys with crumbs of food. The teacher in charge of out club hated that, but for me it was just another way for Haruka to defy the world, and, to teach me that sometimes it was alright to do so.

My parents often wondered why this girl, who often dressed as a man, walked me home on the weekends only to escort me back to my dorm before school on Monday. Back then, I hadn't an answer to give. I was fond of her, but I did not answer much. My parents didn't know well enough of her, and thus, they allowed me my freedom to spend my time with her. For once I was happy and I don't think they minded the cause at the time.

I wanna run too.
ohhh ohhh

Haruka had taken the girl I was, and made me into a stronger person willing to be myself. I taught her how to calm her warring emotions and within this, we found our love. We ran for each other, with each other, and during those days, even if we never said a word about it. We knew. It simply was…no more, no less.

~~~~Haruka POV~~~

She was so stunning. So captivating to me. She was like the music she so loved. Sometimes she was elegant, light and airy, dark and mysterious, sad and lonely, happy and contented. Michiru was all of those things and more. It all depended on where she found herself. In class she was still that well to do woman who aspired into making it big in the music career, with her parents she was the daughter who would follow in the footsteps of her mother.

recklessly abandoning myself before you

With me…she didn't have to be anything…in my eyes she was already everything.

~~~~Michiru POV~~~

She made me feel complete. I had the answers I didn't have before. When I was at her side I was alright. She asked nothing more than what I could offer, and she was at my side when I felt I had nothing else. In the darkest of days and the coldest of nights she was there to protect me. It didn't matter to her who would stand in our way. She promised me that one day we would be free of the constraints of our world.

I no longer sought wealth. I sought to be by her side. I would have been happy living in a shack with little bread and hardly any water for the rest of my life…as long as I could be with her. We never said what we were back in those days. We had no name for whatever it was. Love? Devotion? Companionship? We never said what it was, and yet…I think I had known.

I wanna open up my heart tell him how I feel
woah woah

Even if I wanted too, I spoke not a word of my true thoughts and real feelings.

~~~~~~End POV~~~

And so they ran. They graduated from school and then they decided enough was enough. Their plans for their lives included each other, and that meant defying all the logic that had been placed before them. Michiru, who had been promised into a marriage, would need to break it off. Haruka, who's father refused her any sort of boyish nature, would need to yet again rebel against him.

They would need to tell their families, and both of them knew it would lead to trouble.

Wild horses I wanna be like you
Throwing caution to the wind
I'll run free too
Wish I could recklessly love, like I'm longing too
I wanna run with the wild horses,
run with the wild horses, run with the wild horses
ohh woah ohh woah

I wanna run with the wild horses

Their dreams, aspirations, desires, and needs had changed since fate had crossed their paths. If the red string really did exist, it was tying them together and making them stronger. What they sought was almost unreachable, and yet, they decided that they both wanted it. They wanted to speed ahead without fear of the repercussions simply so that they could fly into the heavens happily one day.


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