"Just shoot him!" Jane screeched frantically.

Not one of the Boston police or SWAT team moved, there wasn't a clear shot of Bobby, he had her too tight. Any shot that was attempted would hit Jane as well.

"Put your guns down or she's dead!" Bobby yelled next to Jane's ear to the men pointing guns at him.

"NO! Don't! Frankie's bleeding to death! DON'T!" she yelled to her coworkers, as she reached behind her again. Trying to make them understand that she wasn't the one that needed saving and they needed to act to save her baby brother.

"Your brother is probably already dead," Bobby growled into Jane's ear.

The image of Frankie lying on Maura's table without a breath escaping his body popped into Jane's head. "NOOOOO!" she screamed as she grabbed Bobby's hand holding the gun to the right side of her head.

She pulled the gun to her right ribs just below her breast, angling upwards. She could feel Bobby's body lean over her and shift; he was no longer centered behind her. From the many autopsy she had witness Maura do, and the many Wikipedia speeches helped Jane in this quick and possibly insane decision.

As she pulled the trigger she knew the 45 mm bullet would go right through her body missing her heart, but going through her lung. But will also go right through Bobby. From his position it was going to go through the middle of his chest and through at least part of that black hole of a heart. After the gun went off she felt Bobby pull her down with him. She saw everything falling before she closed her eyes from the extreme pain coursing through her body.

Jane did not see Maura in her red and white dress exit the precinct. She didn't hear her scream her name as she pulled the trigger.

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