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"Oh, yes, yes, Phil, harder, baby, fuck me harder…" I was moaning like a bitch, desperate for my stepfather to take me harder.

Phil was my mom's husband-who caught me masturbating at fifteen, three years ago.

The feeling of my fingers inside me, my thumb on my clit…I was trying to be quiet, but it felt oh-so-good! Renee wasn't home, but Phil was downstairs. I knew he couldn't hear me from there, but if he decided to come upstairs…

I was so fucking close…when the door opened and Phil came into the room.

At first, I was mortified, but just until I noticed the lust in his eyes…

We didn't talk much, he just made me cum with his long fingers, then with his hot mouth. In return, I sucked his nine inches cock and let him jizz on my tits.

I loved the feeling of his cum, so I decided to rub it all over my tits. He groaned when he saw that and then, me licking my fingers clean. His cock hardened again and he fucked me.

I was a virgin, so I didn't enjoy too much, no mind-blowing orgasm for me, but after that first time, I was always cumming hard…

We decided to keep fucking every chance we got. Of course, Renee knew nothing.

Now, Renee was gone. She was always gone to some stupid stuff that was her passion and that 'passion' changed many times.

I was in my queen size bed (Renee bought it two years ago, deciding 'I need space'…yeah, space to fuck her husband) on all fours, arousal dripping down my thighs and Phil taking me hard from behind.

"Baby, still so tight…ugh…yeah" he groaned, moving faster.

"Yeah, Daddy…harder…faster…" I said, knowing he had a thing for being called 'Daddy'.

"Isabella, you little slut, you love getting fucked, don't you? I'm gonna fuck your sweet pussy and your tight as hell ass so many times that you won't be able to walk for a week, whore!"

I moaned loudly. Phil knew how much I loved being called names and how much I loved dirty talking.

Though there were just five minutes or so since I came for the third time (yes, Phil had an amazing stamina), I could feel an orgasm building again. My walls tightened around Phil's big cock and he knew how close I was. He took one hand off my hips and started rubbing my swollen clit.

"Yeah, cum, you fucking slut, cum!"

It was so good and I exploded around his dick, my walls gripping him tightly. Phil kept pounding into me, driving me insane. The pleasure was too much, I was barely breathing and I couldn't stop myself. After a while, I'm not sure how long, I was too busy with cumming to tell, Phil slowed down and I was able to come down from my high.

Phil got out of my still soaked cunt and I whimpered at the loss, but I moaned when I felt his lubricated fingers around my back entrance. While he prepared my ass for his dick, he kept talking to me.

"You fucking whore, you're insatiable. Look at you, after four orgasms you're still acting like a bitch in heat, dripping wet for my cock. What would Renee say if she knew what kind of slut she raised…maybe she'd ground you…but you'd find a way to be fucked, wouldn't you? Yeah, 'cause you can't live without a cock, can you, bitch?" he groaned in my ear, now having three skilled fingers inside my ass, pushing them roughly, stretching me.

I was almost on the verge of cumming, again, when the head of his cock made his way inside me.

"Aaahhh…please, Daddy!"

He pushed himself forward, groaning, until he was all the way inside me and then he spanked me.

"As I said before, Isabella, you're a dirty girl. You must be punished." he moaned, spanking me a few times, making me even wetter, then he pushed a vibrator inside my pussy and turned it on.

I knew I couldn't hold on any longer and I came, this time bringing him with me. I moaned and writhed under him as he stilled completely and spilled inside me.

After riding out our highs, he pulled out his cock and the dildo and lied down with me. We were both too exhausted for a shower, we could take it later…and I loved feeling his cum on me. Call it messy, but it was great for me.

"Sleep well, baby. You were amazing" Phil whispered, spooning me.

I fell asleep in seconds, sexually satisfied.

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