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This is a Phil/Renee lemon. I hope you enjoy it.

"Baby, I'm home," Renee shouted from downstairs. Ugh, I didn't need her right then. I had planned to fuck her daughter senseless that night and she decided to come home? Fucking bitch.

I went into the kitchen, where she must've began eating. Well, if Bella wouldn't get my cock, Renee would. Eating was good - she was going to need much energy.

"Hey... What are doing home this early? Weren't you supposed to come home tomorrow night, baby?" I asked her, pretending I was trying to make small talk, but wanting to know the answer. I had to.

What if this happened again and she would catch me fucking Bella's tight ass or her... I had to stop thinking about that, as the front of my jeans began showing how much I missed her ass. Also, as much as I had to jizz inside someone that night, I wouldn't need Renee to jump on me every chance she got.

"Yeah, but there wasn't much left to do and my team assured me they could do without me. Why? Did you have to do something else?" she said, confused.

Her team. Right. A bunch of frustrated women.

At least she got that one right. I had something else to do.

"No, Renee, but I wouldn't like you to come home without announcing me. I want to take care of you and you're not allowing me to," I lied.

"Look at the house, there are clothes all over and you're eating leftovers and so on. I want to prepair everything for your arrival. You're here just a few days a month, so I want to spoil you rotten. Don't get me wrong, I love your surprise, but I wanted everything to look wonderful," I told her, praying she'd fall for it.

"Oh, Phil, that's so sweet of you! I promise I won't do that again!" she smiled.

I decided to stop the fucking small talk and get her in the bedroom.

"Renee, let's just stop pretending. You want me, I want you, so why not do it, baby?" I asked her seductively, hoping she'd be fooled. She liked that type of things.

"Oh, yes, Phil. I actually thought you'd never ask," she moaned, throwing herself at me.

While it was hot to see Bella doing that... I cringed seeing Renee.

Since that moment, I wasn't sure what happened. My dick needed relief and I acted on it. One minute I was in the kitchen and then I was in our bedroom, ripping Renee's clother off of her and attacking her with my mouth while my fingers were twisting and pulling at her nipples.

I wasn't planning on fucking her pussy, so I didn't really need to get her wet, but she'd be more willing to let me take her ass if she was horny.

As I got up from the bed and took my clothes off, Renee started playing with her cunt. She was stoking her clit and also filling her pussy with her fingers, moaning like a bitch.

I knew Bella would be able to hear us and I didn't give a fuck. She would only pretend it wasn't her mother I was fucking and listen to us. Then, she'd go to her room and fuck herself with the toys I'd helped her collect. Such a slut.

I absently started stroking my cock, thinking of how pretty Bella looked right after she came. Her skin would be flushed, her hair messed up, her lovely lips slightly open, just enough to slip only the tip of my dick in her mouth and cum right there. There would be jizz spilling out of her mouth and...

While I was "daydreaming", I didn't notice Renee take the lube from the nightstand and stating to prepare her ass and that was why she surprised me by wrapping her small hand around my cock, applying lube on it. Apparently she wouldn't need to be convinced or maybe she just knew what I wanted.

"Like mother, like daughter," my inner voice laughed and I totally agreed. Fucking whores.

I got on the bed again and pushed two fingers in her ass, making sure she was stretched enough for me, then three fingers, while my thumb was circling her pussy entrance.

She kept moaning and writhing on the bed while I brought her closer and closer. I needed her to be very close to cumming before I fucked her, because I knew I wouldn't last long.

When I decided she was ready, I got my dick closer to her ass and teased her a bit. As I was getting tired of hearing her moans, and not Bella's, I pushed the head of my cock in her ass, watching as I filled her. When I got my entire dick inside her, I paused for a few seconds, grunting at how tight she felt, then started moving inside her, also grabbing her tits

At first, it was nice and slow, still letting her get used to my size, then it was harder and faster. I could feel her pussy dripping on my balls and when I felt her getting tighter, I knew she was close.

I tried to erase Renee's image from my mind and imagined Bella. I wasn't fucking Renee, I was fucking Bella and she felt so fucking good! The only thing I had to be careful with was not calling any names. Renee wouldn't have liked it if I'd started shouting her daughter's name.

At last, she let go and came with a scream. I thrust into her twice, pulled out and rubbed my dick on her wet slit, the head touching her clit. I came fucking hard, growling and grunting, white jizz spilling out of me and spraying Renee's pussy lips.

I was barely aware of a moan somewhere outside my bedroom and as I crushed on top of Renee, I knew she hadn't noticed anything.

As my breath came back to normal, I knew I was going to take care of the other slut the next day. The only question was how.

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